Question Help, my email and Facebook account got hacked

Sep 10, 2022
My email address got hacked, or rather there's been a leak. Besides some other sites, they also got access to my Facebook account.
Facebook banned me because of violating the guidelines. I tried getting support but there's been some problems with the 'I got hacked' button, so I chose that I didn't break their Guidelines. Everytime I try to open the App or website, it's just a 'we'll check if the ban was justified' message, without the possibility to do anything else except reading that message on fullscreen.

They send me an email every day to inform that I didn't yet completed the steps to challenge my current account suspension and that my account will be delited in 16 days, as of today. If I click on the 'finish it' link, I get send to the same fullscreen message as always.

I don't care for Facebook but theres photos, contacts and general memories on there that I'd really like to get back.

Is there something else I can do? Can't find any way to contact them.
I hope you guys can somehow still help me.

Have a nice day.
Sep 10, 2022
There is nothing anyone else can do to help. Only FB can resolve issues there.

Have you changed passwords on other sites/services that you believe were compromised?
Yeah I changed every password asap. They got access to my cloud, amazon and steam too. My steam account actually got sold online. It got a new user now.
I reacted fast enough to avoid more damage though.


Yeah I changed every password asap. They got access to my cloud, amazon and steam too. My steam account actually got sold online. It got a new user now.
I reacted fast enough to avoid more damage though.
Good job cleaning up the mess to the extent you have.

FB is notorious for slow response times for matters like this. Just keep working with them, especially if they request any sort of documentation. Beware of services that claim they can help, you'll be out your money AND still have a locked account.

Good luck.
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