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  1. Kassy96

    Question Help, my email and Facebook account got hacked

    My email address got hacked, or rather there's been a leak. Besides some other sites, they also got access to my Facebook account. Facebook banned me because of violating the guidelines. I tried getting support but there's been some problems with the 'I got hacked' button, so I chose that I...
  2. T

    Question How to check if someone on a shared wifi is trying to hack my account

    I use Nordvpn most of the time so that should be ok. If I'm not using the VPN is there a way to see if someone is trying to hack into my account? Sometimes the system gets very slow. speedtest.net show it goes down from 18 to 2. I suspect some sort of program is running that may be trying...
  3. B

    Hacked my email

    My Google account got hacked by people over in another country in need my account back any help to where I can get my account back
  4. H

    I think someone tried to enter my computer.

    Hello i have emergency situation going on now, i think some of my roommates or people that i am living with tried or managed to enter my Laptop with windows 7 operating system. Today i returned from 3 day holiday and when i tried to power up my laptop i realized that it was put on sleep and i...
  5. N

    Solved! HELP! email account was hacked last night. I get this error message

    This morning I came and logged in. I saw that some emails werent sent. Problems is I never sent theM! I checked my sent box and yeah I sent it. but it wasnt me. I have avast antivirus always on. 1 a week I do a malwarebites and a ccleaner run too. First thing first I changed my password but...
  6. H

    Solved! Strange disposable emails appeared on my Facebook log-in box, then my account got disabled, and my PC functions abnormally

    I have some Facebook accounts. Yesterday, after using one of my Facebook accounts with Brave Browser, I closed the browser and turned my PC into sleep mode for 6 hours. It's worth mentioning that Brave Browser keeps all tabs and log-in status intact even when the browser is closed. After 6...
  7. 1

    If a compnay that created their own game used mac address filtering would it portect players from hackers?

    Would mac address filtering prevent hacking and other forms of unathroised access on a created game?
  8. T

    My android phone has been hacked. Can you help me find the bastard?

    I have various reasons to believe I have been hacked. By searching for hidden apps I found lots of suspicious files. They are all similary called. and I can not find anything about them on the internet. ex. net.LYONStudio.flower.clockpackage net.LYONStudio.flower.contacts...
  9. D

    AOL account was hacked steam info was then changed

    my email was hacked and all my stuff was changed. once i got everything back to normal on my email i looked in my trash bin to see that my steam password had been changed. I locked my account but dont know what to do now? I sent a ticket to steam support.
  10. D

    AOL account was hacked

    I woke up this morning to check my email on my phone. It said my password had been changed but I didnt think much of it. Later I went and saw that my recovery email, phone number and password had been changed. I deleted everything that was added and changed my password. for some reason I only...
  11. J

    Solved! Hacked gmail account

    I'm trying to get help on getting my contacts backs from my google account that got hacked and they changed the password so I can't get In my old phone number was on that account but I had my number changed so is there any possible to get my contacts back
  12. F

    Solved! Windows 10 virus and threat protection keeps turning off by itself

    My windows 10 threat and virus protection keeps turning off by itself. Am I being hacked or do I have a virus? Virus scans turn up nothing.
  13. G

    Hacked Android Not Yet Activated

    How could my non-activated, reconditioned, android have gotten hacked when I have no idea of the password for any of the Wi-Fi networks that show in the area?
  14. eman2002826

    Solved! Am I more likely to be hacked by a human or a computer?

    Computers will randomly guess common passwords, and combinations of words, and if they don't succeed will resort to brute force, meaning the best passwords to use against computers are long, uncommon passwords. Whereas humans are more intuitive, and can spot patterns, and use personal details...
  15. B

    Solved! all electronics in home hacked maybe?

    If this is duplicate please excuse. Cannot find my original. Something is happening in the house. House phone appears hacked, service is through router or modem, messages on base include "headset too far from base" no headset, "check phone line" . Phone is in and out of service. Not able...
  16. M

    Hacked by Youtube bots?

    Hi guys, today a bit something different. A few minutes ago, i got some notifications on YouTube. It turned out that 'I' put comments on videos. The comments were from bots, i didn't think i saw the videos before. So actually, it turns out that there were comments placed via my youtube account...
  17. Z

    Solved! Hacked router? Vulnerability Catalogue ID CVE-2017-14491

    While on my computer this morning, I noticed a small area at the bottom of my screen that said "Connecting:" and after that it was running through a bunch of words/phrases really fast. My first thought was that I've been hacked, so I ran Avast security scan and found an issue with my router...
  18. L

    Solved! how to fix my phone from being hacked?

    how to fix my phone after being hacked and keep it from being hacked again?
  19. L

    Solved! Has my Sky Router been hacked? Rootkit? Spyware?

    Today i received this email: The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296). I went around the security system in the router, installed an exploit there. When you went online, my exploit downloaded my...
  20. T

    Question Google account hacked

    How did my husband's girlfriend create two fake Gmail accounts linked to my Gmail account? I noticed on July 12th, two gmail accounts with woman's names listed under my Gmail account and picture. I do not know anyone with the female names @ gmail .com which caused me great concern because my...
  21. T

    Question how do I delete my daughter's account we can't remember the password and it's been hacked

    How do I delete an account that's been hacked and I don't know the password and it says the user email does not exist because they've been posting stuff that they shouldn't be and I would like to get us stopped and I don't know that Facebook info that I would need
  22. S

    Hacked messenger account

    My messenger is hacked
  23. S

    Hacked messenger account

    My Facebook has hacked
  24. P

    Solved! Hacked or not Hacked ?

    Hello everyone, So basically, I received a mail tonight saying I got hacked bla bla.. (the usual one) but there are minor things that tickle me considering it this time, here's the mail I received : So as you can see it's more or less the same thing over and over again, the script is the same...
  25. G

    My Steam Account Get Hacked HELP

    HELP ME PLEASE My steam account was hacked by russian. They've managed to change the email, the password & removed my steam guard mobile authenticator. HELP ME PLEASE
  26. C

    Solved! Hack fake apps

    My ex has hacked my phone. All my Google apps are apk files
  27. R

    Hacked Facebook Account

    it all started when i click a link, then suddenly i received a notif my Facebook and messenger has been session expired or it log out itself. at this moment when i try all the means to recover it but i cant. my username/email, password, recovery phone number and email address has been changed. I...
  28. A

    HELP ...been Hacked :(

    I've been hacked. New phone New SIM ..still being hacked. I've factory reset a Numerous amount of times on laptop phone ETC Plus now have 5 emails, a notebook of passwords , locked out of most social networking! And they have NUMEROUS certificates I'm CONTINUALLY CLOSING & have now invaded my...
  29. S

    Solved! My imvu account got hacked three weeks ago and whoever hacked me changed my email and password. How do i get my account back w

    My Imvu account has been hacked three weeks ago and i can´t get in at all. Whoever did this changed my email and password so i can´t do anything. .-. How can i get back my account without having to pay for a hep ticket,I don´t own a credit card.
  30. D

    How do i retrieve my facebook account with out paying money

    I was hacked on wed.oct.3 I sat up a new password and got into my account through this www.facebook.com/login/unlock.php?u=100000729310564&n=DNJTTUF8E4 I thought it was fixed today I can not get back into it I tried facebook it asks for a code the 1 I have does not work so I tried the other way...
  31. R

    Security issue for kodi

    Is it possible that the sensitive information stored on my phone will be hacked and used for having kodi installed on my phone?
  32. G

    I want call histroy of my number

    ■ Some one hacking my Number
  33. T

    My Instagram account got hacked and user changed email

    Hello, 2 days ago I got email from Instagram that someone changed my email to a new russian one. I haven’t noticed it because it came to spam. After tryig to login to my acc fb automatically created me a new one. Friends noticed my photos were on profile with new name and photo - my old acc. I...
  34. B

    How do I report that my phone is being hacked

    I keep receiving text messages from different numbers asking me to update device and update wells Fargo acct. I know for a fact that it is not authentic . How do I get it stopped and report it
  35. F

    Is anyone getting problems with Imgur?

    I can't upload images, I keep getting logged out for no reason, and lots of 403 errors. It doesn't seem to work at all. Is anyone else having this problem? Was my Imgur account hacked?
  36. C

    hacked really bad

    hi! so all of my accounts have been hacked and now the pos has somehow gained remote access to my phone and tv.H has also put me on restrictions to where if i even try to fix it i get blocked off of everything. anyways i had an app called log dog and he watches all your accounts so logdog told...
  37. D

    Help hacked facebook trouble

    I've been hacked and it logged me out both my browser and app on facebook I have not received a login code from facebook due to not having the phone number I hade My email is still up for use but it won't send the code to my email? Plz help i need to get into my Facebook I sent my own face...
  38. L

    Need advice, post - hacked and now my drive is missing

    Alright so, im just gonna be real here and state that i did in fact have teamviewer on. i had it set to a 'random' password, and thats how they were able to get in - i actually caught them in the process of trying to buy a $1499 iphone x.(like 40 minutes ago !!) VERY fortunately, i was able to...
  39. L

    I think my phone is being hacked

    When i call *#21# mmi code it shows this thing - call forwarding unconditional. Is someone listening to my calls ? Or they are being recorded ? (Android) Thanks for help.
  40. M

    need help with zte model z982

    Please can someone help me all my phone's have been hacked and this it's the one I really wanted and it's driving me crazy also bought it from metro pcs
  41. U

    Laptop suggestion needed

    Hello i am planning to buy a laptop for hacking purpose. Can your please suggest me minimum features for that kind of laptop.And what is more important for hacking latop Graphic cards or generation. Asus fx-503 Ram-8gb GC-4gb i7 7th gen Nvidia-GTA1080 or Acer Ram-8gb GC-2gb i7 8th gen...
  42. K

    Ex-boyfriend hacking my phone

    who it is that is hacking my phone as I have an ex-boyfriend who has tried to kill me two times and has been stalking me for over a year we have trial in 3 weeks I'm taking my phone to an IT Tech but I'm wanting to know how to find out who is controlling my phone my settings it seems I have two...
  43. K

    How can I get my old contacts back when someone hacked my gmail and changed my password

    I had a person hack my phone and change my Gmail account password the phone at the hat fell and broke the screen I can’t get into my Gmail account to get my contacts ported over to my new phone what do I do
  44. M

    Is my iPhone hacked

    Hi, my iPhone randomly get hot even though no other app is in the background. For example, I’m playing SimCity and it gets hot randomly. Is my iPhone being monitored?
  45. B

    Hacked I think

    My wife phone and my phone show that they are messaging each other but we are not messaging each other. Every now and then my wife says that she sees a message pop u on her screen and then disappears. We have cancelled Facebook and all security doesn’t show any faults and our phones are not...
  46. G

    21 Million Exposed in Timehop Data Breach: What to Do Now

    A data breach has put 21 million users of the Timehop mobile app at risk -- but don't panic. 21 Million Exposed in Timehop Data Breach: What to Do Now : Read more
  47. W

    relentless hacking networks

    i have been relentlessly hacked and monitotred in real time since january.if i get a new device or factory reset it doesn't matter. i fight for pages with the hackers. my app preferences and permissions are changed immediately after i reset them one by one. the toggles on my phone are set to the...
  48. R

    Can't access Facebook

    So my facebook account has been hacked. When I try to logon it says my password was changed 16 hours ago, which wasn't me. When I enter my old password facebook gives me the option to send a code or link to reset to my email address. Problem is I can't access my email as according to Hotmail...
  49. B

    Strange tab appeared on browser

    A strange tab appeared when I opened Opera, it was really strange, the page was blank and the URL was IP numbers, then "/hello" and then random letters and numbers What was that? am I being hacked?
  50. J

    My phones been hacked

    My phones been hacked and I don't know what to do I tried just buying a knew one and still the same things are happening
  51. T

    GPU hot but... not doing anything heavy - crypto scam???

    Radeon 290 idle temerature @ 75°Celsius. The gpu does nothing but a few web pages opened. I have 2 Radeon 290 Sapphire cards on a pc. The ambient temperature is around 25°C. I think this is not a normal temperature of a gpu doing nothing??? I have an antivirus ESET smart security premium. How...
  52. R

    How to reverse hack

    If you android device is being hacked ho do I reverse hCk
  53. C

    I have been hacked.i need facebook number

    Hacked support number my husband hacked 4 accounts. I set them up he hacks them
  54. F

    Is my mom safe from hackers?

    Hello, computer geniuses. My mom made a forum post a day ago and it displayed a IP address under her post. As seen in the picture below. Removed Is that our IP address and how dangerous is it to give away your IP address to strangers?
  55. O

    Samsung phone Hacked

    Let me start from the beginning. About 9 months ago now my mom was having issues with her electronics so she found someone who “fixed” computers , phones and iPods. She gave the man her phone my sisters phone and my sisters iPod ( I believe each electronic had their own each individual issue I...
  56. C

    my computer was hacked!!!

    when I realized what was going on , I shut the computer down. next day I turned it on and all my programs that I had installed are gone along with all my desktop icons. any Ideas on how to get my program back?
  57. S

    How do i Hack Phone/Hike Messenger

    Im in a Hurry my Partner Comes online texting me only once, Staying Online for further 10-20 Minutes without texting me Again, I want to spy her, Shes having an Android Device, I have Access to her Google Account which is Signed onto her Device. The Problem is I don't have Access to her Device...
  58. V

    Solved! My Gmail And LastPass Were Hacked, Should I Delete Them Both?

    Hi, I've recently had a nightmare where both my Gmail and LastPass accounts were hacked and now I'm wondering whether I should delete both accounts and not use them again? I'm not sure which was hacked first but I woke up one morning to find notifications on my phone from Gmail and LastPass...