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  1. G

    Solved! Yea it's an iPhone 6c that's being hacked by someone on citrix

    My iPhone has been hacked by someone who used citrix to hack it it's everywhere and I can't do anything without them knowing wat can I do about this as I need some privacy to be able to talk Txt and it's awful
  2. atomicWAR

    Phone SMS Hacked?

    Believed my phones SMS was hacked. Is it possible to inject an SMS message on a phone? And is there a way to tell who did it to me?
  3. J

    Easy solution to see if someone’s remotely viewing your computer via shared network? Please help, I’m so clueless.

    Is there a quick/somewhat easy way to see if your MacBook has been hacked? One of my roommates is incredibly gifted at getting into anything and everything he sets his eye on; hacking computers being one of his favorite pastimes. That being said he’s had both physical access to my computer (yes...
  4. D

    hacked again or still?

    I have been hacked once again. On friday the 13th. I could not get into my computer for 29 hours.i finally called a cousin and while i was telling him i was locked out of my computer a hacker or hackers were in my computer. i kept trying to start up in safe mode but could not, well finally...
  5. R

    Hacking cell phone

    How can you tell if someone hacked your cell ..are there signs like strange background noise?
  6. D

    My Site got Hacked by Raiz0WorM

    My Website got hacked by this guy i dont know sending messages about israel and poor people calling himself Raiz0WorM.I tried to login to panel but i couldn't it says also hacked by Raiz0WoRM what to do to restore my website fully and upgrade it please.. Thank you
  7. V

    Track down hackers digitally

    My bf and i have been hacked. Our 2 computers, 2 phones, and tablet aswell as all Bluetooth devices being controlled remotely. The personal fallout is yet unknown as we just caught on.i want to know how to hack the hackers. ONLY for proof of identity (and digitized proof) and legal action. How...
  8. A

    Problem in login instagram

    I can't login into my instagram account i dont know why When ever i am trying to do so a error message come saying "" SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST "" I searched on web they said your divice ip address is banned and said to login with other divices i tried doing so from my mom...
  9. B

    Please help with FB stalker

    I think a stalker has hacked my husband’s FB etc. we have FB reports and IP addresses and devices all over the place.... need help finding someone who can help us find the person or device responsible.
  10. Z

    how can i get my account back

    my account was zakyy2 it got hacked ):
  11. I

    Can I get me imvu account bck my username is XxniqqaxX2 I have been hacked !!!!

    This guy told me he would help buy me a bunch of credits but then he had stole my imvu account . I put so much work into make it . The user that stole my accounts is using my Avi Account name :Removed
  12. H

    Solved! Hacking program on my PC (Windivert.sys)

    I have recently found that I have this hacking program on my pc. I haven't really been able to find a way to actually remove it, despite my searches. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a hand with this. My specs are: Windows 8.1 AMD fx 8350 gtx 1070 gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 8gb ram...
  13. T

    Solved! How do I reset my asus laptop will it is powered off?

    My laptop was recently hacked so I powered it off. I'm worried that if I turn it back on it will give the hacker more time to get into my files. So I was wondering if I would be able to reset it will it was off. I looked and there is no visible battery compartment.
  14. R

    Is my laptop hacked?

    Hi, today ma laptop start to act by himself, I think it's hacked but i'm not sure It tries to install a unknown program start with k, acctully I was shocked so I didn't try to catch the name, but when it press on the prgram to ask to the installation permission I press no, till I turned the...
  15. S

    Can someone View my text msg. From their phone

    somebody is somehow hacked my phone so they get my text messages forwarded to them. Is that posible?
  16. M

    Really curious if my PC is getting hacked or something

    So randomly command prompt appeared on my screen while watching a video on yt(I had steam open and pubg update was running in background + bnet application).. It said something like "Win32 unsolicated" at top.. it dissapeard so fast so I couldn't react in time to make a screenshot or anything...
  17. D

    How to see if computer being hacked??

    Hi folks, What ways can I monitor my computer/sytem to see if my computer is being hacked? Is there a way I can see in good detail what is being received and sent via my Wi-Fi connection/router? I was using Audacity sound editing software yesterday and installed a plugin, then within an hour...
  18. H

    Has my phone been hacked?

    Hello, A couple of years ago I had a mobile phone with an old android version. I knew nothing about stagefright vulnerabilities and every video I was receiving on my whatsap was automatically downloaded to my phone. I received several very strange video messages from the same person. It was...
  19. M

    how Do i unblock incognito mode if my school blocked it?

    My school is very strict and they won't let us on game sites or incognito windows how can I unblock it with hacking or just doing a simple step process?
  20. J

    My Website Hacked By Black-Python

    My Website Side is hacked. it showing 'Hacked By Black-Python' and Team 'Giant's-ps' it giving message to Indian and isreal. i want to fix my website. help please. my content manger is also hacked. saying "Hacked By Black-Python" "Team Giant's-ps"
  21. S

    How do I get my kindle books back?

    I had to create a new account with amazon because my email was hacked last year. When I tried to download my new book to my kindle it would not download to my kindle library. I followed the instructions to download my new book and lost all my other books that I had paid for. How do I get my...
  22. Ceyayrox

    Have I been hacked!?!?!

    On my desktop pc I have an Intel core i7 2600 and I also heard about the data breach thing that has happened (this might relate). Whenever I boot up my pc, I pop on chrome and I get a Russian website pop up (but it only pops up when I boot) the website is called: 'gameorplay' and '.info' at the...
  23. W

    Computer typing by itself virus or I'm hacked?

    A few days ago I downloaded a movie torrent and it seems like I got something unwanted with it. First time I've had a problem with torrents so it's a big let down. Ever since then my computer sometimes types by itself but it also switches windows and pressed all kinds of buttons. When it starts...
  24. V

    How to take battery out of my Google pixal

    Hacker hacked my phone. My phone won't charge
  25. Z

    Has my Google Account Been Hacked?

    Hi, so I was recently looking at my Google security events when I noticed something strange. On Nov 24th, my Google password had been changed from a location in London. Now I have changed my password a few times in recent months out of paranoia but I live nowhere near London. It surely must have...
  26. M

    Security hacked always

    Every phone every carrier is hacked how
  27. L

    Someone hacked my fb page so i can set up another they ask for my picture i click one and me they will get back with me when

    Why when I create a fb its take a while to review my picture after somebody hacked from another state that not right. I never been through this
  28. L

    Wifi hack...please help I'm terrified

    Earlier today I connected to a WiFi network I always connect to (the one in the public transit stations in my city) It connected as usual, but within a few minutes of using it my phone started acting strange - I was browsing Facebook and my phone suddenly appeared to lock - black screen, no...
  29. C

    I just need some answers on how to remove a hacker from my home with my kids

    Alright now i know i sound crazy but i am so hacked i just purchased my dream machine for gaming and it was alot of pennies to pinch but i went to set it up was just going to use my hard drive from my older comp and use the windows also well long to short on that windows said no i bough cheap...
  30. D

    Hacked and a user was added but I can't delete it! Help!

    Hi everyone. I was hacked about a month ago and someone remotely stole my pictures. Not a big deal though because they can't really do anything with them but look at them. Anyway, they added a user account remotely that had the same name as my normal one, but I could tell the difference between...
  31. T

    My Acer laptop got hacked, they have locked me out of my computer, how can I gain access

    My Acer laptop got hacked, they locked me out
  32. S

    Hacked? Used Phone Bought Online?

    I've had this question for a long time now, it's been a matter of great concern to me: when purchasing a used or refurbished phone online, are there some steps to take to make sure the phone's Operating System is legitimate and not hacked? To clarify by way of example, I've ordered a...
  33. L

    Facebook hacked and all my paswords and emails deleted

    I want my account back asap
  34. E

    Is the i5 8th Gen Better in a Significant way than the i5 7th Gen Processor in Laptops?

    I am Planning on Buying a new Laptop for Programming, Entry Level Machine Learning and for Ethical Hacking. My Budget is Rs 62000(Max).Is the i5 8th Gen Better than the 7th Gen. I need a Basic Graphic Card(like the 940mx or mx150) but I need to run atleast 4 Vms Simultaneously. Also Plz...
  35. C

    Some one has hacked me(he knows everything)

    Hi. I’m a 17 year old kid, I built my gaming pc last year. I was filling out my Common App for college and when I got to the text box section some one took control of my computer and typed in my two frequently used passwords for every single account that I have(besides the common app one, it had...
  36. M

    My phone is hacked encrypted and

    Many apps that do stuff and send it to someone it's encrypted
  37. L

    Hacking-can someone help me understand these URLs?

    I was hacked for multiple years-many ruined pcs, smartphones, an ipad, and non-recoverable accounts. Went off the grid for awhile cause it was too stressful-unfortunately that is not sustainable in today's world. I tried to make an account here and was taken here...
  38. G

    Solved! Someone Hacked my Computer

    Hey guys so I recently downloaded this program which my friend said was safe and it was fine to turn off firewall in order to allow it to work. So I did and then the next morning I was getting charged on my CC's and scariest thing of all last night at 1am I wake up and see someone remotely...
  39. T

    clearly never been hacked since 2000

    I got hacked by a company calling themselves Coinbase this was in august 12 of this year not only did we lose the money in that account we lost all money that was set up as 2fa The details was a threat from the security team of coinbase after I told the bot they were not a currency but a...
  40. S

    Phone is hacked

    Been hacked, ppl have my google info, change my passwords frequently, it's making my life HELL. PLEASE help me
  41. DiamondxCrafting

    Eset Or Bitdefender? Which One Should I Get?

    Which antivirus should I use? Eset Smart Security Premium 10 or Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Ignoring the prices, which is the winner overall?
  42. R

    Solved! Trojan file in my android device

    I found a file related to trojan...due to this trojan file my phone being hacked?answer me!
  43. Myronazz

    Am i alright from the CCleaner backdoor?

    Hello, i noticed on a trend from Twitter that CCleaner has been hacked with a backdoor and people can access your computer with it Am i alright? Fortunately, i had CCleaner disabled from startup and it wasn't running i probably runned it 1 or 2 times As soon as i heard the news, i immediately...
  44. U

    Need suggestion after friend being hacked

    So, my friend fell for the scheme of calling the toll free number and giving them access to her laptop. They only had access for maybe 3 minutes before I was able to tell her to turn her computer off. She has canceled her credit card stuff so she's safe there. She said they did have access to...
  45. D

    so i have a black knight hacker that has hacked into one of my games on my phone and they wont leave me alone. how would i be

    So i have a black knight hacker that hacked into my phone and into my game on it. And they wont leave me alone. So how can i get rid of them fast
  46. J

    Solved! Hacking a hacker

    My Moto has been hacked and I need to know how I can get rid of the hacking apps?
  47. H

    how do i recover photos from my g mail account if i cant get in to the old email account

    I cant seem to get access to my old G mail account. like someone hacked my information
  48. H

    How to tell

    How to tekk if my phone is being hacked.
  49. M

    Can anybody teach me to code an antivirus or to code in general?

    Before i go to college i want to learn to code. Youtube i cant seem to learn from many guides on their they make everything specific like use windows explorer 7 for html. I would rather just learn to code from somebody who can explain things to me. I heard that python is a universal code that i...
  50. S

    Got my lenova hacked no passwords to log ijjrd

    His jot my laptop hacked and cannot get back in it as they have changed passwords everytime I lift the lid of the laptop it looks like they are still retrieving data please help it is a lenovo
  51. F

    Solved! My phone has been hacked

    I want to get control of my phone back but I don't know how hacker got in. I have a cheap Android A571VL model. I'm positive an apt neighbor has gotten control over my phone. I've also gotten some confirmation of that from AV software messages on the phone. Messages like Network may be...
  52. K

    i just got hacked

    i just got hacked on imvu.The account username is <<Personal information removed by moderator.>>
  53. B

    what security software to install

    OK, just a short question. For now, I have risk of my PC being attacked or hacked by someone unauthorized. What is the software / antivirus / security / etc that I should install to minimize the chance or ease of my computer being hacked, or files being stolen ? hope for free options because...
  54. S

    I got hacked

    I got hacked i need my imvu acont Back
  55. S

    Hacking From A Car

    My home wifi network has been acting strange for about two months. I've had to reboot several times, change passwords to different things, .......... not being an expert all I can say is that at various times it just doesn't perform as expected or at least as it did prior to June. No software...
  56. Doc H

    Screen consistenly flashes black for a moment - have I been hacked?

    Hello all, I'm looking for help and all I can offer in return is gratitude - or a 3D print if you'd like! I'm running Windows 8.1 on my Dell laptop and every now and again my screen blacks out, but just for a moment, less than a second, (think screenshot on your phone) and it's really weirding...
  57. S

    Think I'm hacked

    I'm an older woman and know nothing of technology. I have a HP with windows 8.1 w/Bing. I know I'm being hacked, but can't afford a tech right now. I have tried reinstalling with my disks back to factory settings 3 times and my "hacker" is still here. I can't access my admin privileges, my pc...
  58. C

    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
  59. F

    Firewall/Security software for Windows 10

    Hi all, I need a decent piece of software, been blatantly hacked for 6 months or so. Preferably a company not associated with eba*? Any suggestions? I'm in deep and have been hit hard, just wondering... FOB