Hacked? Used Phone Bought Online?

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Jan 7, 2016
I've had this question for a long time now, it's been a matter of great concern to me: when purchasing a used or refurbished phone online, are there some steps to take to make sure the phone's Operating System is legitimate and not hacked?

To clarify by way of example, I've ordered a refurbished Samsung Note 4 online:

a.) It arrived sealed in plastic from one of the refurbishment factories in Hong Kong or China.
b.) I did the button combination for a hard, full factory reset.
c.) Now the phone looks and operates like a new phone from the factory.

However, how do I really know if it's using a Hacked ROM, made to operate, act, and look like the genuine OS, but, secretly capturing my passwords, surreptitiously taking and sending photographs, etc., to a less-than-legitimate 3rd party?

Thank you.
If you are worried about it, find and download a stock ROM and flash the system again. Return the phone and buy one from a local seller that got it from a place you trust if you want to be more sure the device is clean.
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