What can I do to regain my online privacy?


Jan 17, 2016
I was hacked in a chat room about two months ago, and I didn't download anything suspicious whatsoever. I just clicked on two links the people in the chat room posted (one was a link to a facebook picture and the other a link to a forum). I didn't notice anything suspicious downloading on my computer after clicking on those links either. However, I know I was hacked in that chat room because the guys who did it started talking about my personal life while I was chatting there, so I quickly found out there was something strange going on.

After that, they have been monitoring my internet activity -- particularly on YouTube -- and they have been leaving messages under the YouTube videos that I watch to let me know that they are constantly spying on me.

I have already faced these trolls on YouTube and they addressed me by the same nickname I used in that chat room where they hacked me, so I don't need further proof; I know they are spying on me, and I think they have already had full access to my computer, since they have mentioned some things that they couldn't have known unless they had infiltrated my pc.

Plus, a few weeks ago, they sent me another ridiculous message on a website I used to frequent, and I don't know how they could figure out what my profile on that website was, as it was an anonymous profile that I made using a random email I created after formatting my pc in an attempt to stop these people from hacking me again.

I tried downloading the comodo firewall software and talking to a technician via the customer support chat to see if they could help me solve this problem. But they just checked my computer remotely (with my permission), opened a cmd window where there were some established connections, and then told me that the hackers have complete access to my pc, and that the only way to get rid of them is to hide my ip address. However, I noticed that the person who assisted me in the technical support chat was trying to sell me their antivirus plan, which is somewhat expensive by the way (about 190 $ a year). So I don't know if buying this plan is the best solution to my problem, or if the technician was just trying to scare me into paying for their service.

I even formatted my computer once again a couple of weeks ago, but the hackers are still there, pestering and stalking me on YouTube. I guess they know my ip and are using it to get into my pc and see all the things I do online, but I don't know exactly how they do it and what type of software they are using for this purpose.

Recently, I've scanned my computer using two antivirus programs (avast and super antispyware) and none of them seem to detect anything strange, except for some "tracking cookies," which are not a real threat I guess.

So, I hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions here: Do you have any idea of what exactly these hackers are doing in order to get into my computer and invade my privacy? What can I do to solve the problem and get rid of the intruders? Do I really need to buy the comodo or any other antivirus/firewall annual plan to protect myself against these types of attacks? Or is there a way to regain my online privacy for free? Will a vpn help me?

That's pretty much it. I haven't noticed anything weird happening on my computer lately, other than the fact that my internet connection freezes badly from time to time, and there seems to be a problem with Google chrome, which sometimes gets stuck and I have to close and reopen it. That would be it. I hope someone can give me some good advice on this issue.


Jul 22, 2007
well I am not pretending too be an expert on the subject but I have used eset smart security for many years but I may try bitdefender but you need something free or paid for these days


Jan 14, 2016
I agree with USAFRet, that a full format of your hard drive would removed all infections, its most likely those people who are harassing you are known to you, they maybe work colleagues, friendships that went sour, but these people are most probably known to you and close enough to know what you up to. By the way super antispyware is not very good.
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