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  1. S

    Want to "trap" someone who will probably be hacking my email

    Hello. Currently, I'm dealing with a very complicated situation, here. My husband and I are being stalked by someone who is very dangerous, and who has had a history of hacking into various online accounts of ours (likely with help from one of her friends - she's not very computer savvy...
  2. G

    Watch How Easy It Is to Hack a Keyless Car

    A security firm can capture and rebroadcast the signal from car key fobs, letting them steal cars when their owners are up to 1,000 feet away. Watch How Easy It Is to Hack a Keyless Car : Read more
  3. M

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime taken over without physical access?

    Can someone tell me how to see a detailed report on the phone such as apps, permissions, etc., debugging maybe. I'm not really sure.
  4. C

    Ugh, Hacked Through Remote Desktop (Win 7). What to Do?

    Took me over a day or so to figure out exactly what happened after I noticed fradulent purchases from my eBay and Paypal and text message sent remotely from my phone (via Pushbullet app), but determined from talking to eBay (and finding out the orders were made from my IP address) and then...
  5. L

    Solved! boyfriend hacked me

    My cheating big hacked my phone incall ui is used by his phone I need to know how I can block him out of my phone permanently
  6. M

    Imvu hacking me

    Hello. I had been doing some extra credit sites for IMVU and somehow I go back to it and have logged me out. It kept saying un
  7. A

    Windows windows help

    I think someoned hacked my windows. now the problem is, can't find anything in my pc, How could they get in?
  8. po6pwn

    CIA Exploits - How to protect oneself

    In the light of the CIA exploits (Vault 7) which potentially affect every OS in the world, What steps can one take to protect his/her personal data and privacy?
  9. O

    How can I get my page back from a hacker?

    My account @ogcourt was hacked yesterday because the hacker said she will gift me 24k and she changed my password and email and I don't know how to get back in. Please help me ...
  10. 4cloud

    Solved! Facebook Account Hacked!

    Guys someone is hacking my friends Facebooks and posting porn on the homepage. I think its my fault cause I've gone into quite a few sites that have malware. Is it possible the hacker is watching me and messing with my friends?! please help guys!!!! Is it possible the hacker wants me to click...
  11. Johntron1

    I need a straight forward response.

    The following was posted on Microsoft Answers fourm after being told to contact Microsoft from AVG. I'm not sure what they do at MS HQ besides giving out stupid advice, but they couldn't give me an answer. If anyone could give me some advice on what's happening it would be extremely appreciated...
  12. A

    Solved! Hacked Last Night

    Please look at this Imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/riSAj This happened all last night I had not installed a single program for the past month I'm not sure how this happened This PC is used for work and online shopping. It seems the person who accessed my PC ratted me and ordered a bulk load...
  13. T

    Changed email user

    Someone hacked into my credit card account and changed both the user name and my email. They bought iTunes cards with my points and sent them to the new email address. The new email address had a 1 inserted after the user name. Problem is the email domain is one owned by my company and the...
  14. D

    I have been hacked and tracked and logged and display duplicated and watched and such

    \Device\KsecDD is just one of the many odd processes I came across trying to end task's and remove the programs and software that keeps getting remotely installed and controlled without my knowledge or permission. I have disabled all remote access I can find and I know there are still open...
  15. Q

    Facebook Account Hacked and Possibly Stolen

    I received a notification on my Facebook page indicating my account expired please enter password. Upon entering my password the account was disabled and another indication please visit the help centre (note spelling). I did just to see and the page was asking for all kinds of personal informal...
  16. Antony322

    Protecting the user account passwords from getting hacked.

    I would like to know how safe are the passwords for our accounts in the apps and different social medias and services. Recently, one of my friends who is running a fruit shop got his facebook page hacked. I am hearing numerous cases of identity theft and server hackings in the news...
  17. S

    Programs Opening Randomly and Destop Icons Re-arranged

    Hello, I was using my laptop earlier in the day, and I left it alone, on with a program running (Wot ). A couple of hours later, I remember it and went back to it. What I then saw suprised me. All the icons on my desktop were arranged in a different pattern then I left them in. Also, a lot of...
  18. S

    Can a virus emulate a wireless connection?

    Something was sapping my networks bandwith all of the sudden recently. Seemed to have happened after a bit of torrenting but not sure. Noticed an unknown device on my router "localhost" running a 5g connection. Now I'm in an urban neighborhood and I really don't think my neighbors would, or even...
  19. W

    What do you think?

    Hi guys, just saw at an advert on Facebook after the recent stories about peoples' Yahoo accounts being hacked. Do you think that Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are sufficient for Windows 8.1 and if not what would you recommend? I have had these both on my pc for quite some time with no real...
  20. G

    21 Worst Celebrity Hacks Ever

    From Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence to ScarJo and Ashton Kutcher, these are celebrity hacks that will go down in infamy. 21 Worst Celebrity Hacks Ever : Read more
  21. G

    23 Awesome Tech Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

    Here are 23 gadget-related tips and tricks that will make your life easier, from keeping earphones tangle free to boosting your Wi-Fi signal. 23 Awesome Tech Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier : Read more
  22. D

    Im scared my phone is hacked what are some signs

    So I'm starting to think that because it keeps turning off and on recently and right now my phone beeped and wouldn't stop until I holder the power button down and my phone always say send report of what happened but when I try it says error so I need help finding out what's wrong with it
  23. G

    HACKING-where to start????

    hello people,i am very much interested to know what hacking is and to learn it for sure.as i am a student i cant afford to learn any paid courses online or offline and i cant afford to loose the interest too.i have learned wifi hacking with kali linux(did not misuse it) and now i want to learn...
  24. KiL3MaNjAr0W

    Challenge by my Security+ Professor

    Okay so my professor for Net+ has offered a challenge to his students that will be enrolled in his Security+ class next semester. The challenge is getting passed his network security and obtaining his windows product code if successful we will not have to attend a class or complete an assignment...
  25. H

    Hacking/Command Line - like Program To Be Used In Short-Film

    Hello, this may be an absurd request but i'm working on a small project with some people where we're trying to create a short film about "hacking". I'm looking for a program that can generate a lot of command lines worth of text,numbers and symbols (doesnt need to make sense... it's just for...
  26. N

    HELP! I believe my security is compromised.

    Things started going downhill when my Instagram got changed into a different account. I deleted that account due to it auto-following an absurd amount of 5K people in just 3 mins from just following 450 people. So I made a new one. Still connected to the same yahoo email I used on the first...
  27. C

    Think I was professionally hacked, willing to reinstall windows, but will this guarantee removal

    I am pretty sure someone paid to have my system hacked for the info it contained. I am willing to reinstall windows, but is it possible even after doing this, there is still somewhere for the virus to hide? Also. I have two internal drives in raid (1 TB) in raid 0, but backed up. How do i...
  28. K

    How to dissociate an already-hacked computer from your real identity..?

    Let's say that you have a computer that is hiding behind a dedicated Tor Ethernet hotspot. So let's assume the computer got hacked by web browser exploit. So it is hacked, but it is still connected via a Tor Ethernet. Therefore, the hacker can see WHAT you are doing, but not WHO you are, i.e...
  29. G

    Why Can't Americans Vote Online?

    Why can't we vote online? You might be surprised, but many computer-security and electronic-ballot experts are dead set against the idea. Why Can't Americans Vote Online? : Read more
  30. M

    Hacked or virus. Am I Screwed?

    I think I have a virus on my computer. Clicked a link like a ******* idiot and a bunch of stuff came up. Adverts and then I could log back in. A massively ffffed up. I'm guessing I need to get someone in but what do I do. Is that it for my computer? Do I need to spend any money and on what? I...
  31. N

    external hard drives protected from hacking or viruses

    My computer was hacked. If I use an external hard drive for all my internet and banking am I protected
  32. R

    Am I being Hacked?

    Ok, so last night I was playing some games on my computer, with some other applications opened. When I closed everything, I saw a different background on my desktop. The background said "motivation, some people need it more than others" with a picture. You can find this picture by googling the...
  33. Forever Oleg

    How much hacking is legal?

    Okay, let's say I have the Kali Linux on a laptop used specifically for it with a secure VPN etc.\ Let's also assume that I know a person's IP Address and know what ports he has open. So, how much hacking is actually legal? What am I allowed to do? Or will I ever get caught if it is to be done...
  34. F

    Got hacked, how do i restore to factory settings

    I did my first build this year and I got hacked last week. My computer is glitching unable to use microsoft and other programs. I want to start from scratch, Since im doing that I would like to set up OS on the SSD instead of the HHD. this time around after its all said and done i will save...
  35. E

    Hacked on Facebook

    Hello, Last night, my Facebook password was suddenly changed. I was notified about this on my smartwatch initially. When I was hacked I was using Google Chrome and was just browsing usual sites such as YouTube etc. I was able to change the password, but then someone changed the password again...
  36. J

    windows hacked maybe?

    (No Subject) Actions jev1968 jevbrowser 12:50 PM Flag this message To: jev1968 jevbrowser I have this crazy pc problem and I’m not sure how to solve it. Here are the symptoms that began about 2 weeks ago and occur about once or twice per day almost every day (there is no more...
  37. X

    need help. keylogger

    hi guys. my mmo game has been hacked recently. i am thinking to buy the best anti keylogger but my friend told me anti keylogger only protect my website password it doesn't protect my mmo game password from hackers. is that true? if its not true please intro me the best anti key logger for mmo...
  38. G

    Computer may have been 'hacked'

    Lately I've had some spare time and have started playing an old FPS multiplayer game every now and then. I randomly checked the games folder in my C drive today and there was a jpeg added to the games main folder 3 weeks ago titled 'noob'. The screenshot is of me playing in game. I never added...
  39. R

    I was hacked by a cs go hack , HEELP

    my brother had downloaded some hacks for cs go from my computer,today when i arrived home and my computer just uploated some aimbot hacks videos to youtube ,what shoul i do,help
  40. D

    PhoneClean Software Discussion

    Scanned download with Sophos Home....no threats found! Basic scan removed 47MB of junk...then PhoneClean asks that you go to iTunes and uncheck encryption so they can download your database. Here's what's in the database; From iTunes; To protect backups of your iPhone in iTunes, you can use...
  41. A

    plz!!!help me to recognize what is this ....a virus or bot?

    so one person on my facebook friendlist sent me a link "www.sxi<REDACTED>" i thought it was suspicious and might be a phinishing site and then i open the link in tor browser .......then viewed the source code and this is it : " <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1> What were you...
  42. ambam

    How do I retrieve my email if it gets hacked?

    Is there any way to retrieve an email account if it gets hacked and it's password gets changed? I'm not sure yet, but I think this might have just happened to me.
  43. M

    how to know if iam hacked ?

    is there any way to know that even it was a professional hacker ?
  44. Salvis

    Brother is hacking into my Pc

    Soo, my brother somehow managed get into my pc with a phone and a usb.. And i really dont like that, because its my personal computer and i dont want anyone to go and play video games on it. Soo, because im tired of it and i dont really know what to do about it i searched alot of forums and...
  45. S

    YAHOO EMAIL HACKED through Dropbox hoax email

    Hi! earlier i received an email informing someone shared a file with me on dropbox. I opened it and it asked for my email and pw. I really thought this was normal since I wasn't logged into my dropbox account. anyway, I asked for a phone number and alternate email so I gave an old unused...
  46. S

    help I've been hacked

    Tell me how to stop a remote hacker
  47. L

    3 cell phones and laptop hacked, help?

    My husbands laptop and cell phones are being hacked by a friends ex bf, (psycho), he intercepts texts, emails, listens to phone calls, and I ran Netstat on the laptop and saw where he is listening, local police no help, How can I stop him? He plans to plant information on all of her contacts who...
  48. S

    how do i reset a toshiba satellite L750-A7283 my computer was hacked and password changed and i can no longer access anythjing

    my computer was hacked and password changed and i can no longer access anything i tried to do a simple reset but was unable to recall enough info so microsoft wont reset me. Please help!
  49. A

    iphone snapsave lost pictures

    hi, my friend had an app on his iphone that saved snapchat pictures he received (yeah those ones), but he can't login into the app annymore because they abandoned it. Is there anny way to get the pictures back? I have the data on my computer but i don't know how to possibly open it up. btw he's...
  50. D

    Will Malwarebytes scan all drives in system, or just #1?

    Have 64bit Win 10 system on Dell Vostro 220s, also hacked (dead) hd on 32bit Vostro 220. Can I move 220s hd to 220, and scan both? Both Motherboards have same serial numbers. and what determines the bit-rate? Thanks Don
  51. C

    I am running a virus in a vm!???!

    I want to say that i am using vmware fusion 8 in os x el captain in pc.... all works well but then i have opened a youtube channel and i want to test viruses so the question is that can be able to run the viruses belonging to windows family in os x and also disabling all the shared options like...
  52. Thealchemistx

    So my friends email account got hacked

    As the tittle states his email account got hacked,and trough it many other accounts such as steam ,origin and who knows what else,also the intruder is mocking him sending emails to himself,what can he do until the local or government authorities take over the case,the country is Croatia and the...
  53. B

    Is avast secureline worth it?

    Hello, I have been using Avast AV free for a little while now, and I'm just wondering if this Avast Secureline that they keep advertising is worth it. What does it actually do? If it only blocks websites that track me on the web, I already use Privacy Badger for that, so I'm not sure if I...
  54. N

    What can I do to regain my online privacy?

    I was hacked in a chat room about two months ago, and I didn't download anything suspicious whatsoever. I just clicked on two links the people in the chat room posted (one was a link to a facebook picture and the other a link to a forum). I didn't notice anything suspicious downloading on my...
  55. D

    Facebook hacked everything changed except email

    My account has been hacked and the hacker changed everything from password to photos and friends. I am still trying to report my account and there is no way to do that. I really detest Facebook for allowing this and I don't even care for account anymore but I just want to shut this account or...
  56. M

    Samsung Note 2 got hacked

    Hello! My galaxy note 2 has been hacked after opening a link. in a message. The hack wasn't obvious. But the hackers stole all photos and warned me to pay them money. The device is running on andoid 4.2.1. If i factory restore the phone will it be fine to use it again? since it's offline atm...
  57. firefoxx04

    Windows Server being brute forced.

    Hello, I have a server that is exposed to the internet. Currently only ports for remote desktop and FTPS are available from the outside. Sometimes I get someone trying to get onto my FTP. This is easily mitigated because their IP is logged and then I manually block it at the router. I have...
  58. I

    Could I be Hacked?

    Hi since yesterday I am experiencing an extremely slow surfing times without any apparent reason. What is making me suspicious that someone overtook my connection is that I get the message "Secure Connection Failed" when trying to access pages and it is happening sometimes on every site. I mean...
  59. K

    Hi, I rlly nd help. Im being tracked, hacked, accts a money stolen from my accts. phone # frwrded, my calls monito

    Hi, I really need help. Im being tracked, hacked, accts accessed calls forwaded & money stollen frm accts. Calls "especially" w/ husband (whose fighting Floridas court to get home) are monitored in real time. Coments made, "mans voice says, wait watch him freak." Which my husband did, over...