PhoneClean Software Discussion


Sep 13, 2015
Scanned download with Sophos threats found!

Basic scan removed 47MB of junk...then PhoneClean asks that you go to iTunes and uncheck encryption so they can download your database. Here's what's in the database;

From iTunes; To protect backups of your iPhone in iTunes, you can use password protection and encryption.

The Encrypt Backup feature in iTunes locks and encodes your data. An encrypted iTunes backup includes certain information that other backups don't:

Your saved passwords
Wi-Fi settings
Website history
Health data

Here is the problem I have with PhoneClean software, why would one want PhoneClean to download you saved passwords, Wi-Fi settings and Website History? Sounds like a clever way
to hack a Windows 7 users information. Perhaps an advertising agency looking for data.

Comments Welcome!

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