Online Backup Software


I’m looking for online backup software for small business use. I’m setting up backup for multiple company computers using OS X and Windows. I like Backblaze for personal use. Unfortunately, it does not appear to offer the admin control I want.

Administrative Control:

- Worker computers must only connect as clients. I only want them to see their backup data if they check online with their username and password. No one else’s in the company. Only an admin should see all backups.
- No individual encryption. While I want the data encrypted in transit and in the account. I don’t want the worker to be able to set a passphrase that can lock the administrator out of their backup. In case they lose the password, quit or get fired and don’t want to give up the passphrase. The administrator still needs to be able to access the backup.

Other Requirements
- Reliable: Many backup programs I’ve used have been less than reliable. Either not all files are backed up or the backup stops functioning. I don’t find out unless I check it when a client has me out for unrelated work.
- Compatibility: Mac OS X and Windows is a must.
- Version history: Retains multiple revisions of files at least six months or storage limit is reached.
- Restore: Online download or hard drive with data shipped.
- No limitation on filetypes or the ability to edit this. I noticed Carbonite blocks a lot of filetypes including .exe.
- Works with database files. Ie Quickbooks, Outlook, Access
- User Folders: Backs up all user folders without having to login to each individual user and enabling.

Nice to have
- Online access to files from iOS and Android
- Either unlimited backup per computer or at least 2TB for an unlimited number of computers
1. Set-up local backup server
2. Backup that server online anyway you want.

From "Nice to have": First is close to impossible (and not really necessary). Second - find a online storage provider with "unlimited storage", and good luck with that.


2 stage configuration.

1. local server box. Linux or WinServer 20xx.
Configured however you wish.
This gives you all the admin control you could ever want.

2. Backup the server data to online somewhere, or with a data backup service.


This is actually for a client. These are the clients criteria. So, I'm looking for a cloud solution that meets those criteria. They do most everything remotely and want nothing to do with a server. Otherwise I would set one up.

So far Crashplan looks like the closest fit. It is too bad Code 42 is not available for small business use.


Crashplan will not work. I've tested it and they allow users to create custom keys. If there was a disgruntled employee, if an employee lost their key, &c. The company would lose any files which are contained in that backup. Only Crashplan PROe (Code 42 Enterprise) allows locking user settings. Unfortunately that service is only made available to large businesses.

A small business backup service which does not allow custom keys or allows the administrator to lock backup rules which prevent creation of those keys. Is the absolute most critical requirement.

Any suggestions for a service known to offer this would be helpful.
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