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  1. G

    SpiderOak One Cloud Backup: Just Too Much

    SpiderOak has excellent security and strong syncing and sharing functions. But it's too expensive and difficult to use for many people. SpiderOak One Cloud Backup: Just Too Much : Read more
  2. G

    Carbonite Safe Cloud Backup Review

    Carbonite Safe online backup works fine and has theoretically unlimited storage, but there's no reason to recommend it when other services offer the same features for a fraction of Carbonite's prices. Carbonite Safe Cloud Backup Review : Read more
  3. G

    Zoolz Cloud Backup Review: Pretty But Slow

    Zoolz Cloud Backup has an appealing desktop interface, but it's hampered by very slow downloads, pricey plans and nearly inert mobile apps. Zoolz Cloud Backup Review: Pretty But Slow : Read more
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    Backblaze Cloud Backup Review: Simple, Cheap and Fast

    Backblaze is cheap, simple, fast and easy to use. But you might want to shop around if you have multiple machines to back up. Backblaze Cloud Backup Review: Simple, Cheap and Fast : Read more
  5. velocityg4

    Online Backup Software

    I’m looking for online backup software for small business use. I’m setting up backup for multiple company computers using OS X and Windows. I like Backblaze for personal use. Unfortunately, it does not appear to offer the admin control I want. Administrative Control: - Worker computers must...
  6. JoshRoss

    How do you back-up your files?

    This could be interesting for those who are new to the forum and those who are interested in backup technologies. Feel free to post your solutions and what/how/when do you backup your data, where you store it and how convenient/inconvenient it might be. Feel free to be more in-depth about the...
  7. S

    Solved! Working cell, black do in retrieve my contacts

    Didnt save numbers to google. My phone works but how can I retrieve the info from phone because it has a blacked out screen. There has to be some way of getting this information online...come on its 2017, someone has to know a way
  8. E

    Immediately backup small files

    I write short pieces and want free online backup automatically and immediately. Any suggestions?
  9. I

    Trouble with syncing local files with dropbox

    I got the dropbox application on ubuntu. Although it seems that I got dropbox to select some files for syncing, it doesn't sync the files as and when I update them. How do I get dropbox to reflect changes to a file? PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  10. M

    Best Method/How do you - Sync/store/back up your files?

    Hello, I wanted to first ask how do you Sync your files? Whats your method? I currently use Dropbox, but am thinking of Moving to Onedrive or Google But I have one main issue When I install Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive - THEY EACH have their own seprate folder I want it so that ALL 3 of...
  11. C

    SOS backup vs other backups

    I have been doing a lot of research on online backup services and would like some advice. I have 10tb+ of data across my NAS and internall hard drives. I'd like to be able to select certain things to not sync (private folders) So backblaze is out of the question. I'm looking at SOS right now and...
  12. C

    Best online backup service?

    I'm looking for a online backup service to backup all my files i currently have. I have 10+tb of things so it will need to be unlimited storage. I would like it to use encryption and be a reputable type company. Any suggestions? I looked a backblaze but that fact that its the all or nothing...
  13. J

    Reference scene with Autodesk Maya using Google Drive/DropBox like websites with multiple computer.

    Hello everyone, My team and I are currently working on a school project using Autodesk Maya and we would like to set up a way for all of us to work from home using a reference scene which would update every time someone would save his work after he has modified something. We have tried working...
  14. G

    SanDisk's New USB Stick Has Automatic Online Backup

    We've all seen USB flash sticks, but SanDisk has a new Cruzer with an online twist. SanDisk's New USB Stick Has Automatic Online Backup : Read more