Best Method/How do you - Sync/store/back up your files?


May 30, 2013

I wanted to first ask how do you Sync your files? Whats your method?

I currently use Dropbox, but am thinking of Moving to Onedrive or Google

But I have one main issue

When I install Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive - THEY EACH have their own seprate folder

I want it so that ALL 3 of them use a SINGLE FOLDER? - Which Backs up and Syncs Everything -- Rather than using their "Own" separate folder?

Its a bit hard to explain. Ask questions if you don't understand what I'm saying.
You can manually select where the sync folder is at and most of them allow you to name the folder what you want.

Now why are you wanting 3 online companies to backup the same exact folder??????
Yes you get the redundancy in case you loose both your local folder AND a single online backup.
But you then have 3 softwares running using your computer resources, and not one, not two, but three places online that has your data that could potentially get hacked and taken. Seems like way more lost then gained for the 1% chance both your local and a single online source have lost the data.