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  1. Can You Help Me Please

    Is There Any Music Software (NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS) That Can Automatically Sync A Video/Audio Perfectly

    I am a video dj. I remix a lot of music videos in my DAWS. Usually if I can find a video that goes with the audio remix, usually I remix it in my video dj software. Currently I use Cross DJ which has great high quality video outputs. The problem is that when I record a video with the song, a lot...
  2. E

    Best program for syncing video and audio

    hey the title pretty much sums it up I am looking for a free software for beginner that allows me to sync my video and audio easily thanks :) btw I dont want to use movie maker
  3. M

    Best Method/How do you - Sync/store/back up your files?

    Hello, I wanted to first ask how do you Sync your files? Whats your method? I currently use Dropbox, but am thinking of Moving to Onedrive or Google But I have one main issue When I install Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive - THEY EACH have their own seprate folder I want it so that ALL 3 of...
  4. J

    Is 4GB of Memory Enough?

    Hello! I have been looking at this ultrabook. I am wondering, will only 4GB of memory be enough to handle the occasional game in low settings and a little bit of Sony Vegas rendering using Intel Quick-Sync? I will only need to do these things on it whenever I am without access to my desktop...
  5. R

    Simultaneous Streaming and Recording w/ Quick Sync and Shadowplay

    I'd like to know if this is possible. If so, it's going to save my friend about $100 on his next build :bounce: If it's possible, he can just get a non-k 4670 and a 212 Evo instead of a 4670k and a H100i.