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  1. K

    Google Drive: Does trashing "Recent" files actually delete the real files?

    I'm trying to organize my Google Drive (online not on the phone app) as it’s a mess currently. I was removing everything I could in the My Drive, Computer folders. That was easy. When I got to the “Recent” folder it has 100's of files. I thought they were just reminders like cookies or browser...
  2. H

    Google Drive Sync Issue

    Hi, i have a file on my pc uploaded manually to Google Drive. Once the upload is complete, i'm delete the file on pc, because the reason i'm uploading to cloud is to clear space on my pc. However the drive also deleting the same file as like its syncing with the pc, which is not..Is there a way...
  3. benjiboy180

    Google Drive Shareable Folders Structure

    I am working on a collaborative project with a large number of people (30+) mostly dealing with text documents, but I am trying to figure out a way to share links to folders and have them be accessible by different tiers of people involved, we'll call them admins and members. I know I can set...
  4. B

    Just got emails from myself with attachments from google drive

    I had just signed up to a new site and used the same password as my google account. A few minutes later I started getting emails sent from myself with attachments from my google drive account. I immediately changed my password, but I'm really worried now what this hackers intention really is...
  5. A

    New HP Laptop i7 8th 12GB running slow

    Hello, I bought a new laptop, which had problems updating Windows 1803, after this, it was very slow, it only had programs installed: Office, google drive, onedrive and megasync. I thought it was a hardware problem and the store changed me for a new one. Again I upgraded to 1803 and installed...
  6. B

    Need help restoring permanently deleted photos

    I have contacted Google drive several times with no success i have tried all apps and softwares are incompatible with my Chromebook anybelp is appreciated
  7. R

    Google drive privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

    If you use Google Drive frequently, you made and shared a lot of files with various people. While at first, you might not think too much about eventual privacy issues when using this service, there are still present. You probably encountered some already but wasn’t aware of them. Anyway, the...
  8. O

    how i recover my google drive data from one device to me

    I have lost my that device i uploded my photos , now i want to regain these photos..plz help me
  9. M

    Problem with google accounts

    I have 6 google accounts signed in on google chrome and whenever I go to google drive, it signs into one of them, whenever I go into google classroom, it goes to another one, whenever I go to my email, it goes to another one. I am signed in with my main email as the one google asks for and it...
  10. E

    Can downloaded videos be saved in drive?

    I downloaded a video from the internet but I can't find it in my Google drive. My phone is lost or stolen. I thought when I downloaded the video that it would automatically save in my Google drive along with all my other images and videos usually do.
  11. S

    how to get deleted photos from google account

    by mistake i have deleted my all photos from google drive
  12. viveknayyar007

    How to Sync Google Drive and Dropbox with the Files App

    The Files app in iOS 11 is not only limited to your iDevice’s internal storage and iCloud Drive but it also allows you to sync your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts as well. By syncing the two, you can bring and gain access to all your Cloud-based storages along with your device’s local space...
  13. G

    i logged in my gmail but the thief cant open without my fingerprint... my data and location are also truned off what can i do

    i logged in my gmail but the thief cant open without my fingerprint... my data and location are also truned off what can i do
  14. A

    can't make a copy of a file on google drive

    i was trying to download a 3gb .rar (can't open this file because it in 3 part) file but it says (too many users are trying to download this file). So i added that file to my drive and tried to make a copy but When ever i try to make a copy it gives an error "error creating copy of file xxx" is...
  15. Jhenrique

    Help: Trash with 80 thousand files. Emptying Trash doesn't work!

    I leave the Google Drive upload accidentaly all my files and it uploaded 80 thousand of files. So, I tryied delete all files in Drive, but is impossible. Because the "Empity Trash" function erase only the files in the screen (+/- 100 files), so, will be necessary "empity trash" more some...
  16. M

    Will virus transfer through google drive??

    So i have 2 pc, 1 new 1 old. I want to transfer a 30mb installer from the old pc to the new pc via google drive. The thing is the old pc is probably infected(very slow) BUT the 30mb file isnt (i scanned it via bitdefender) So will the virus goes into the google drive when i upload the non...
  17. B

    opening a docx or excel template downloaded from web, any risks?

    I mean, downloading a docx or excel template from a website, and uploading it to Google drive and execute them online with google, and do NOT execute it locally. Is there any risks of getting virus or spyware something
  18. H

    Editing a file on the cloud by a 3rd party application

    Looking for a file manager or a similar application that will allow me the following functionality: editing a file directly on cloud (google drive) by a 3rd party application. That woulb practically mean: 1. Downloading the file from the cloud. 2. Passing the downloaded file for the 3rd party...
  19. Mastermmm

    Google Account Contacts Mysteriously Disappearing

    On several occasions, for no reason at all, random contacts are deleted on my Google Account. The first time I remember this happening, I went into my Google Account and reverted to the past week's contacts in hopes to get the old ones back, and it did. Unfortunately, I was never able to figure...
  20. K

    how do i recover photos from google drive storage to my google photo app

    Wunt to down photos from Google drive storage so I can get them printed off. But don't know how to do this
  21. B

    How to restore photo s from google dr

    Restore my photos I rom google drive
  22. D

    Pictures in my Google drive

    I can't view files with pictures. How can I open them to view?
  23. H

    Google Drive virus scan

    I would like to download a .exe file from Google Drive. It is a game file from a game developer on Steam. The file is over Google's scan limit. What can I do to scan for a virus before downloading it to make sure this file is safe?
  24. J

    How to connect a Galaxy S7 to a PC over Wi-Fi

    If you don’t like cables, the ability to connect devices wirelessly is useful. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to connect a Galaxy S7 to a PC over Wi-Fi without an app to act as an intermediary. While you can connect a PC and an S7 to the same network, they cannot communicate directly...
  25. R

    Where to store important stuff

    I want folder for important stuff, like pictures or personal papers, etc. And they will be safe--- like google drive..
  26. Luciferi666

    how to encrypt email storage and when sending mail, and encrypting cloud type storage data?

    how do i encrypt outlook, hotmail and gmail stored on my accounts and also when sending emails? Also want to encrypt onedrive storage & google drive storage and other cloud type storage. Im using HP envy 64 bit laptop with windows 8.1. thanks
  27. S

    What is the best cloud storage to use?

    What is the best cloud storage to use? I am deciding between Google Drive, One cloud and Drop Box.
  28. S

    if google play shows error retrieving information from server while downloading anything from google play store ...then what w

    I use samsung galaxy ace and i want to download whatsapp messenger in my android but when I tried to get it from google play store, it shows error while downloading (error retrieving information from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 CFNR-25OX-GSW2A])
  29. M

    Is there a cloud storage product that preserves file and directory structure in the corresponding *PUBLIC* URLs?

    I have loaded identical copies of a directory structure of 500+ product images into Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. I want to upload these photos into an ecommerce platform, where the images are referenced by their public URL address, one per image. I want the URLs to look like...
  30. F

    My Google Drive is being taken up by Photos?

    Hi, I use Google Drive and I have uploaded over 10GB of Pictures. Of what I have read you get too store your photos for free so they don't take up any of your storage but mines are? Anyone know anything to help me out on this situation? Thanks, Fraser
  31. M

    Best Method/How do you - Sync/store/back up your files?

    Hello, I wanted to first ask how do you Sync your files? Whats your method? I currently use Dropbox, but am thinking of Moving to Onedrive or Google But I have one main issue When I install Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive - THEY EACH have their own seprate folder I want it so that ALL 3 of...
  32. V

    Google Drive constantly eating around 30% CPU usage on an Haswell i5

    I am having an issue with my Google drive app on my desktop. At some point while the machine is running (probably during a sync), the Google drive app starts using up around 30% of my CPU usage time. This would be fine except it stays that way indefinitely until the app itself is closed. This...
  33. S

    family safety -- block google+

    I have family safety set up on a child's account, in windows 8.1. I have web filtering set to the highest level. I allowed, because I needed to have the google drive desktop app, and it couldn't connect until I allowed The problem is that google+ and chrome store are...
  34. R

    How to Upload Documents to Google Drive

    With Google Drive, you can create and store documents online rather than on your hard drive, which makes all files on Google Drive portable and accessible from any computer. Documents can be created via Google Drive or uploaded from your computer. To learn how to upload documents to Google...
  35. J

    Reference scene with Autodesk Maya using Google Drive/DropBox like websites with multiple computer.

    Hello everyone, My team and I are currently working on a school project using Autodesk Maya and we would like to set up a way for all of us to work from home using a reference scene which would update every time someone would save his work after he has modified something. We have tried working...
  36. J

    Will this computer be good for me?

    I will be buying a new laptop soon. I need it for school and Minecraft and Netfilx. I mainly live in the cloud, not buying movies. Will the MacBook Air 11" with 8GB RAM, 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, and 128GB of PCI-E based solid state drive storage be good for me? Or should I go for the...
  37. J

    Which Macbook should I get?

    I am going to be watching Netflix, doing schoolwork on Google Drive, and recording Minecraft. Do not try to persuade me to get a PC, I don't want Windows ever since I got the higher end Mac Mini a year ago. What are your thoughts on which MAC laptop I should get? And, I want it to be the best...
  38. PS3toPC

    unable to access anything

    Hi, i have a samsung galaxy tab 3.7.0 (SM-T210 black, WIFI) and have had this problem 4 or 5 times now where i cant access the internet on apps, but on the android internet browser i can but it keeps poping up with unsecure websites(even on google & other well known secure pages), i've searched...
  39. G

    Make Cloud Syncing Work For You

    We all want to rely on "the cloud." Most of us who've given it a try (using SkyDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox) have found we don't always get it right on the first try. Here are some efficiency tips. Make Cloud Syncing Work For You : Read more
  40. G

    Google Isn't Claiming Ownership of Your Google Drive Files

    So at least for now, 'Don't Be Evil' is still operational. Google Isn't Claiming Ownership of Your Google Drive Files : Read more
  41. exfileme

    China Blocks Google Drive

    Just hours after its launch, China blocked locals from accessing Google Drive. Maybe it was over the terms of service? China Blocks Google Drive : Read more
  42. G

    Catching a Ride to the Cloud with Google Drive

    Late to the game, does Google have what it takes to make an impact in the world of cloud storage? Catching a Ride to the Cloud with Google Drive : Read more
  43. exfileme

    Google Docs and Gmail Also Receiving Capacity Increase

    Google is now increasing the storage capacity of Google Docs from 1 GB to 5 GB prior to the Google Drive rollout. Google Docs and Gmail Also Receiving Capacity Increase : Read more
  44. exfileme

    Google Drive Launching Next Week with 5 GB Storage

    A leaked draft release states that Google Drive will launch next week with 5 GB of free storage. Google Drive Launching Next Week with 5 GB Storage : Read more
  45. exfileme

    Google Drive Will Offer 5 GB of Online Storage

    Google has reportedly upped the storage capacity of its upcoming Google Drive virtual locker to 5 GB. Google Drive Will Offer 5 GB of Online Storage : Read more