Google Drive: Does trashing "Recent" files actually delete the real files?


Jan 18, 2019
I'm trying to organize my Google Drive (online not on the phone app) as it’s a mess currently. I was removing everything I could in the My Drive, Computer folders. That was easy. When I got to the “Recent” folder it has 100's of files. I thought they were just reminders like cookies or browser histories pointing to the files I opened recently. I moved about 400 to the Trash folder. I did some research & I saw posts saying permanently deleting the files from the Google Drive "Trash" folder would permanently delete the actual files! Is that true?! So let’s say I have 10 pictures on my laptop C: drive & they are synced with Google Drive. I open each one up 1 time so they show up as "recent" files in Google Drive. If I move those 10 files from the Recent folder to the Trash folder & then delete them from the Google Trash folder will the 10 files also be deleted off the C: drive? That would seem crazy if true. I just want to make sure I'm not permanently deleting files I want to keep on my laptop. Any help would be great!


Jan 31, 2019
It's not like in Windows OS that by removing resents you are just removing the shortcuts.
In Drive you're actually removing the originals.
Don't treat the recent tab as a folder, but do treat anything inside it as the actual original copy.