Question Thumbdrive with files from my android phone can't be read by windows 10


Jul 26, 2016

So I have this problem: recently I went on a holiday, and snapped a lot of pictures and videos of my vacation. My android was running out of space, so I bought a sandisk ultra curve 3.2 to backup (moved) my pictures and videos (I brought an OTG cable). So when I got home, I wanted to transfer the files from the thumbdrive to my PC (windows 10), and here's where the problem starts. I can see about half of my files, but the other half were just icons. (not previews) If I clicked on an icon, the windows explorer got stuck. It behaves like they were corrupted files. Same thing when I tried to 'select all - copy to pc drive', it will copy like normal for a while, then the speed drops to a halt, then an error saying 'file xyz can't be read from source'

Tried chkdsk the thumbdrive, but no errors were found. When I plugged the thumbdrive back to my android phone, my phone could read all the files normally. Nothing is corrupted. So, out of options, I did 'the dumb way', copying the files back to my phone, and then copying the files from my phone to my pc, with data cable. All files were copied normally with no errors.

What's wrong? Why can't my pc read all the files on my thumbdrive like normal? I tried deleting all the auto-created android folders, like 'android', 'sounds', 'pictures', etc, but still the same problem. I'm on android 10, btw. The thumbdrive was formatted as fat32, as my phone won't read anything but fat32.

Thank you.