Question Delete D Drive


Jan 9, 2023
I booted an operating system to my D Drive. It's a one-terabyte HDD. Now in order to use it I have to go to the F11 key and select USB boot with the operating system's name. Now I don't mind that but I would like to delete that operating system and boot a new one on it. I just don't know how to delete it though. When I click on File Explorer it doesn't show the D Drive anymore so I don't know what to do to put it back the way it was so I can start over. My laptop Is an HP ENVY with windows 11. But like I was saying before it's the HDD drive which is separate from the C Drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
Did you install another OS on the system as a secondary boot option or what did you do here exactly? Did you just want a clean OS setup on the laptop?
Cleanest way to do a Windows setup fresh without any files saved is to remove any secondary drives from the system, boot off the Windows setup media and run a clean install on the single main disk. Once that is done install the secondary disk back in to use for storage, backups, whatever.