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  1. R

    Software that displays time on screen at all times

    I want to install a software that clearly shows the time on my laptop screen at all times, irrespective of whether the desktop is displayed, or My computer is opened, or I am playing a game. Something like the white dot in iPhones that always remains on the screen. I know time is always...
  2. M

    Software installation issue

    Hi friends , I got error code 4 , while installing optitex 15 software , Some one please help to solve issue
  3. L

    Heavy Programs won't respond after using Asus Ai Charger.

    Hi Today I've installed an old software called asus ai charger because I wanted to charge my ipad quickly through my usb port of laptop. I was playing Euro truck simulator until I installed the ai charger, and everything worked perfectly. The ai charger worked too, which allowed me to charge...
  4. K

    Pictures and Video software organizer

    Hi all. I am looking for a software that finds both pictures and videos and allows me to transfer it in to a folder of my choice. Would any1 know of any good ones that a Full free version?
  5. S

    Do you Guys use BlueStacks or NoxPlayer?

    Tell me and why Thanks!
  6. kep55

    Mass Notification Software

    Our church currently uses Facebook, Instagram and our homepage to get notifications out to our parishioners. We know about REMIND, but it appears to be cell phones only. Is there anything that would do texts, email and phone calls? As I said, our CHURCH, which means we can't afford very much.
  7. aafusc2988

    Logitech Gaming Software starting up Windows 10

    I have gone into Startup Apps and turned it off, yet restarting PC put it back in the task tray and started it, and low and behold it was turned back on in Startup Apps. Is there a setting within LGS itself I need to change in conjunction with turning it off from Win 10 startup apps to keep this...
  8. K

    Is this malware

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\WafCX and the value data is sku-ween i have no idea what it is and i cant find it on google
  9. gabriel.leijonhufvud

    Asus Aura White Setting??

    Aura Sync does not have a white setting like shown in the website. However, I've seen that you can get a white-ish color by adjusting the RGB values. Don't know the values though, and I'd love if someone could help me with this.
  10. C

    New rca software

    I have changed the t-con bar on my RLED5536-UHD to fix the sound issue i was having. Since then I have a double screen. It says I need the MSD3458_4M.bin software. Is there any way you could please help me with that? Ive already done a master reset also.
  11. P

    help my phone

    i have software and apps dowloaded from garni global company how do i get it off
  12. C

    Should I put my Video Editing Software on my SSD?

    Hello everyone! I am currently downloading DaVinci Resolve Editing Software, which I have been told is very powerful. I also recently bought a 500GB SSD, which I am using with a 1TB and 2TB HDD The only thing I have installed on my SSD is my OS. I would like to know if I would see a...
  13. A

    Virus Disabled all security.

    I tried to download a Audio recording software using a YouTuber s link called Audacity. When I tried to install it I had to disable my windows defender and then everything went to shit. First software started downloading On it's own . So I turned off internet. I tried installing Malwarebytes...
  14. A

    my acer laptop do not turn on with out plug in

    while using my laptop I tried to install a software,suddenly screen turned off and become black. I tried to on using power button but it fails.when I connect charger and plugin,then laptop turned on.But when removing the charger computer turns off again and again
  15. M

    Left click on laptop broke in half

    The title explains all, my left click didn't break software wise. But the actual button broke in half, I can't really show a picture because this forum is to hard to use. I'm using an MSI laptop model GE72-2QF. I'm not sure what to do at this point I really don't want to buy a mouse, so how can...
  16. H

    RGB software compatible with my OMEN laptop that isn't OMEN Command Center ?

    I have an OMEN X laptop to be exact. My Omen Command Center doesn't work properly, I tried fresh windows installations, driver updates, re-installed the thing probably 20 times, I finally gave up and uninstalled it. Wondering if there's an RBG software that is compatible with the RGB...
  17. B

    Vegas Pro 15 crashing while loading gpu acceleration

    Hi, I've recently built a new pc and have installes VEGAS Pro 15. While I had no graphics card installed, the software worked perfectly for me. The problem is that since I installed a Nvidia GTX 770 in my system, the software has not worked. I tried uninstalling my drivers to try to disable GPU...
  18. R

    Windows Live Essentials on Windows Server

    Hi, I am trying to install Windows Live Essentials 2012 on Windows Server 2016. I've made sure that .NET framework 3.5 is installed. Whenever I run the installer, the progress bar moves all the way to 100%, but then comes up with the error in the linked picture. Any help as to what is causing...
  19. K

    I accidentally pressed volume up and power on my new Samsung Tab.

    I wanted a hard reset as I forgot my pin. Now it says its downloading software and not turn off target. What's this now?
  20. M

    How to convert a mp3 file into a video which can be uploaded to youtube?

    Hi i have some no copyright cds and tapes that i want to upload to youtube but dont have any software to convert it into video format from mp3, any suggestions of free software where i can add a photo so that its become a video format accepted by youtube or other solutions would be great
  21. S

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5095 no software or disc window 7

    What can I use and what software can I download to a phone or usb drive. Desperate answer please help
  22. R

    How to Run Windows Software on a MacBook Pro

    Windows based PCs have always been the primary choice of a lot of users due to the vast array of software and applications available for the platform and also the ease of access. However, what the MacBook provides is a whole new level of speed computing and also a variety of features and...
  23. W

    Photo data application

    I am looking for a photo software application that permits me to attach a description of the photo. For example, I have old family photos that I want to scan and then attach information such as who is in the picture, their relationship to me, where that photo was taken, the date of the photos...
  24. A

    Professional Voice Manipulation software

    Hi there. I don't really know if this is a suitable question to ask on this forum or not, but I thought I would ask just in case. Are there any professional softwares for manipulating your voice? e.g. lower/higher, younger/older so on. I'm not talking about those free-to-use horrendous pieces...
  25. T

    Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Anyone know of a PDF editor that allows for non-continous page replacement? None of the software I tried have it- Adobe Acrobat DC, and all similar alternates, insist on continuous page replacement, doesn't allow me to skip pages.
  26. D

    run Win 3.1 Dos legacy business software on micro pc like RaspberryPi

    Hi, Does anyone have any advice/experience about running Win 3.1 DOS legacy software - not games - on a micro pc like Raspberry pi. What would be the best micro platform to install and run this type of legacy software? Any help much appreciated. Thanks David
  27. K

    I need a media player for PC with these functions

    Hi! I need a media player software for PC. When I start to create a playlist of audio files only I want to be able to "tell" the software to repeat each track by a number of times, obviously diferrent times for each track in the playlist. Is hard for me to drag the same song so many times as I...
  28. M

    Nzxt Cam software wont show kraken x62

    For some reason the cam software wont show my kraken x62. It doesnt light up but i think it is working. It hows my hue and smart device but not the kraken. How can i fix this issue? Here are two pictures of my drivers in cam and dashboard.
  29. F

    MKV cant play non other then Gom player

    I downloaded MKV format from YouTube but it doesn't work at all. But it only works on Gom player, never works on video convert
  30. R

    How to Troubleshoot on Roku

    Watching TV shows, series, and movies that are accessed through the internet on the big Roku TV has easily attracted many people all over the world. The immense number of attractive options features and easy navigation makes this a popular product among the masses. There can be circumstances...
  31. N

    Trouble Shooting Youtube Live Streaming

    I'm using- Canon Camcorder Elgato Camlink (external USB 3.0) Google Chrome Windows 10 Pro I was live streaming on Youtube for 1-2 months with no trouble at all, it was working consistently and exactly how I expected it to. I can't remember if I updated Windows, or Chrome, but now it is pretty...
  32. C

    Radeon Relive lagging when recording?

    I have a Radeon RX 580 GPU which comes with a built in recording software called Radeon Relive. CSGO runs at 180-250 FPS for me. When I record the game lags or stutters, but my frame rate doesnt change. It never happens when I’m recording an offline match. How would I fix Radeon Relive so it...
  33. L

    can't update software to use Netlix - what can I do

    Connect PS4 to Netlifx problem
  34. A

    sony handy cam

    i want an software to transfare vidao and emage from may sony DCR-DVD60BE to may PC or Lap TOP . Thanx alot
  35. R

    Mystic Light Sync Not Functioning Properly

    I recently built a new PC with the hopes of a fully synchronized build. However, the Mystic Light Sync software seems to be having issues differing based on the version. When I use the version packaged with my board, Mystic Light Sync, it seems to work normally. However, when I hit the...
  36. D

    Problems with multiple chrome processes

    I have problem with google chrome processes beacouse when i open google chrome it says there is 10 more processes of google running and if i shut down one of them google closes.Is that a common thing or i have some problem with google?
  37. S

    Solved! Microphone Software Problems

    I have an aplication called voicemeeter on my pc because I want to remove backround noise from my microphone, and the application does that. But any audio in games wont work. I tried setting defaults in games but that didnt help. It seems like its hogging my headphones out audio
  38. N

    I bought a new Corsair M65 pro and my cursor will move but I cant use left or right click

    My mouse won't detect on the iCUE software and I can't use the left click, right click but the DPI, side, scroll wheel and sniper buttons still work.
  39. T

    What is the point of a third party firewall?

    Internet security software often comes with its own firewall unlike basic antivirus.Does such a firewall actually protect better from hacker attacks than windows firewall? Does software firewall is even necessary when router already offers hardware firewall with strong protection and if you are...
  40. T

    Solved! Need alternative suggestions for DBAN to securely erase external hard drives

    I am trying to securely erase my external hard drive before I sell it. However, after buying two different copies of DBAN, I keep getting the "can't open proc cmdline" message. I am not too crazy with the idea of messing with my computer BIOS. I am not at this time planning to sell my...
  41. O

    Software that replicates mouse/keyboard presses ?

    opticalillusion Basically I need software that replicates mouse keys and possibly a few keys on the keyboard 1-4 and Shift and A S D W F(but if thats impossible then it only needs to replicate one key--the left mouse button but would be better if both) into multiple windows or multiple...
  42. X

    Solved! Can you Turn off 7.1 surround on 7.1 sound card?

    I have cloud alphas and I found sound card with 7.1 surround sound. Cloud alphas doesnt have 7.1 surround sound so will it he a problem or can you just turn 7.1 sound off from xonars software? Soundcard Xonar AE. Thanks!
  43. J

    i need software update for a alba tv 40/68f mine keeps scanning over need the link can anyone help please

    i need a link for software for a alba tv 40/68f can anyone help please
  44. C

    Razer Synapse 3 makes Razer Kraken TE sound quality bad

    I want to use the THX software but whenever I install razer synapse 3.0 the sound quality from the headset becomes worse it doesn't sound the same even if i tweak the equalizer every sound playing trough the headset sounds muffled but when I uninstall synapse 3.0 everything sounds like it should...
  45. S

    how to change my edutor soft ware to android

    l want to change my software to android from educational software
  46. N

    Admin right/password on University computer

    Hi I am a postgraduate student in university. To install any software on the computer we call the IT dept as we need admin right on this computer. With few emails with approve from my supervisor we still get the admin right and have the full control on the computer. I preferred to call them than...
  47. I

    Acer ES15 freezing when left untouch/idle

    I have an Acer ES15 (running Windows 10), I have had it for nearly over a year been careful avoiding viruses and playing games that it cannot handle. I have made no changes over this time with how I have used it, using it daily for school, games, youtube. Recently it started freezing when idle...
  48. M

    How can we spy on whats app & facebook messenger calls

    Does anyone know best app or spy software without any spams to spy listen & record whatsapp & facebook messenger calls on andriod phone. Note: I am after voip calls spying only at the moment. I check other software they r giving too much information.
  49. M

    Solved! Which is better adjusting EQ from software or from speakers

    This may be a dumb question but I really curious about it. I have a PC and powered speakers that have built-in Bass and Treble tuner. In term of audio quality, from which should I adjust the EQ to get the best audio quality? From PC (Realtek driver) or from my speakers?
  50. T

    Solved! LG V30 and V40

    Is it possible to wipe out my LG V30 and replace everything with the LG V40 software apps etc...???
  51. A

    Solved! Private mode not working

    my mobile samsung galaxy c5 hong kong model 64 gb variant some day before my mobile software download after download i installed software after installation private mode not working my too much data in private mode any body tell me any solution please
  52. S

    Solved! Unotherised software is installed in my device

    Unotherised Software is installed in my device
  53. A

    Sound blaster with z906. Can't use cinematic tab.

    Hi so I'm trying to use the cinematic tab in pro studio software from sound blaster. I have z906 speakers. I am using using optical cable. Input #4 to spdif-out. Can anyone help?
  54. P

    How do I remove personal information from my Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it?

    How do I remove personal information from a Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it? Is there a hard drive I have to remove? The computer works and has Word and other software on it. I'd like to keep the software on it for the buyer.
  55. henrytcasey

    SoundCloud Just Got Way Better for Aspiring DJs, Rappers

    A partnership Serato, the kings of DJ software, looks to give Soundcloud musicians and rappers an easier way to get to influential DJs. SoundCloud Just Got Way Better for Aspiring DJs, Rappers : Read more
  56. J

    need help saving unfinished video in wondershare slideshow builder deluxe

    saving unfinished work in wondershare sideshow builder deluxe 6.1.10
  57. B

    Solved! Which Laptop's better?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop for school assignments, and I'll be using Ableton Live music production software on it in my spare time. My budget is a maximum of €600 ($683). I have been looking at the two below in particular. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  58. A

    Need software update forRCA projector model #RPJ129

    I recently bought an RCA (Curtis Int'l) projector, model #RPJ129. It's supposed to have kind of smart TV functionality, with an input for streaming apps like Netflix, etc. You do have to download the apps, but my problem is that I have nothing when selecting the streaming apps source option...
  59. A

    Solved! What is the best anti-virus software?

    Like the title suggests, what do you think the best anti-virus software is and why?
  60. C

    folder lock file .flk password forgotton

    Dear Tom, i have a folder lock file .flk file with 480mb space. i am trying to open it in folder lock software but i forgot the password. is there any way to recover my files from .flk file? will really appreciate your help.