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  1. J

    Solved! Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
  2. M

    Malwarebytes Question about Updates

    (I thought Id get a less biased answer here than over at Malware Bytes) If I continue to use an older "program version" of MB, but keep the database updated, am I any less secure than using their newest interface? i.e. I'm using a version 2.0.2 of the program interface and they are up to 3.6.1...
  3. R

    i want to put date format in auto ID

    i want to create an auto ID in my database using date format e.g 20181009-00001 20181009-00002 20181010-00003 20181011-00004
  4. A

    How to access content a website downloads

    Hello guys, i know this isnt the proper category to put this question in so I won't get mad if the question gets removed. There's this website which has it's own database of quesitons. When you press the button "start the level " the website creates a custom random quiz which is donwloaded and...
  5. J

    test paper database

    hello guys !! i need your help to create a test paper info table: courseid , test paperid , date of exam , questionid , fullmark, knowledge point. thanks for your help!!
  6. D

    How can I open the 7stickynotes v1.9 database file

    I have important data which is locked in the software database. The author seems to have abandoned things.
  7. L

    Downloading model in SketchUp, SketchUp becomes really slow

    Hi, So Im very new to SketchUp. Every time I download a model from their 3D Warehouse, SketchUp becomes really slow. Is there anything I can do to keep things running smooth? Is there any features I should turn off? Or could it be my setup? I mostly use my computer for gaming. Currently I have...
  8. tarmiricmi

    App to copy whole web site with all scripts etc.

    Hi, I'm trying to offline copy complete website in order to use it when I don't have Internet access. I have tried various programs but they can't copy the site because of its structure. I am not into HTML but I guess the programs can't copy the search engine and its database (probably the...
  9. R

    Updating Location in inventory db

    I have an inventory database of approx 500 items. Items are held by stock # but also a dept 4 digit number that is barcoded on a sticker placed on the item. Our db has"last Location" as a column. Every 2 years we scan our inventory and import a file that has dept number and new location. I use...
  10. S

    I created an access database under Access 2007 for a nonprofit. Upgraded to 2016 can't get in to change prices?

    Created a database for a nonprofit, with different prices for tables, chairs, banquet, etc. created it with 2007, and upgraded to 2016. I can't figure out how to get into the formulas to change the prices!
  11. H

    Iphone Database APP

    Hey, maybe this is the wrong forum to ask a question on this subject, however here it goes. I am interested in creating my own app, this app will involve the use of a database, I am curious how I will create the database, whether I can create it on simple software like Microsoft access or will...
  12. A

    Uploading Excel File data into SQL database via a website

    I am using php to develop my website and I need to be able to browse for and upload an Excel sheet. I then need to store the information in an SQL database. I realise this is an relatively open question but I am have looked for information on how to do this and have not got very far. Storing the...
  13. V

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Data base is not downloading

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Database is not downloading
  14. J

    Event Wiever detected an attack??

    I was just looking in the event wiever as usual and found a message: svchost (76) DS_Token_DB: The database engine attached a database (1, C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\DataSharing\Storage\DSTokenDB2.dat). (Time=1 seconds) What does this mean?
  15. M

    SD Card Database Error!

    I had an Samung Core LTE with an 32GB SD Card. Now i have LG K8 LTE Dual-Sim and the SD Card kinda doesn't work. When i save Pictures & Videos on the SD Card and then later trying to play them it says 'Video Format Not Recognized'. And when i put the SD Card in a Sony Camera it says 'SD Card...
  16. S

    How to compare user input in a jTextfield with data in the database? (im using java & php)

    This is an assignment and so far this is what i have done: on this button click i want to compare user input on the textfield with the data in my database.this is my code but nothing is happening when i run it and i cant find any mistakes in this. i have been trying to figure it out for hours...
  17. I

    Software database solution?

    Im currently using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of shipments for a business but I would like something more compact, cleaner and easier to manage and something that wont become eventually unmanageable like which my spreadsheet is quickly heading towards. The data I manage is basically...
  18. D

    PhoneClean Software Discussion

    Scanned download with Sophos threats found! Basic scan removed 47MB of junk...then PhoneClean asks that you go to iTunes and uncheck encryption so they can download your database. Here's what's in the database; From iTunes; To protect backups of your iPhone in iTunes, you can use...
  19. vdicarlo

    Resource to Compare Performance of Old and New Computers

    I can find reviews and databases that compare the performance of new desktops and other computers, and reviews of computers that were released at about the same time, but cannot find a database that compares new and old computers with each other, information that seems essential in making buying...
  20. R

    Coding language for databases

    Hey all! After spending a lot of years building computers and working with hardware, I want to start focusing on the software side of stuff. I'll be starting with VBA and building some of that basic programming knowledge via program macros in excel, get used to the function, format, and style...
  21. C

    Selecting a record in MS Access to view in form

    Basically, what I would like to do is have the user be able to, in table view, select a record, and then have that be the selected record for the data entry form. So, if the user is in the table and selects the fifth record, then returns to the data entry form, the fifth record will be selected...
  22. O

    Recovering Files From ProgramData via Windows.old

    Is there a way to find/recover database files from a folder in the ProgramData directory in Windows.old? My PC had to be wiped and i'm in desperate need of some files that were installed in programdata on my old install of Windows. I see the Windows.old directory but cannot find anything...
  23. stevenvw

    Is is possible to 'restore' the database from the 'raw' .mdf and .ldf files of the old computer to the new computer / database

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post the question, but I didn't know where else to place it. I have a client that has POS software called Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) from Their old POS computer had a hardware failure, but I was able to attach the hard-drive to...
  24. R

    Football Manager 15 on Laptop

    Hi, I am looking for a Laptop that can run Football Manager 2015, if possibble above the lowest database settings, but one which is not too expensive. In the local store there is ASUS X554LJ XO001D, what do you think about that? Your help would be appreciated! Thanks and regards
  25. J

    Link Excel Sheet to Completed Database

    I have completed a database that has an excel sheet linked to it. The excel sheet is updated regularly on a shared drive. Recently it has been deleted and the database has lost connection with the excel sheet. A new excel sheet has been created, but the database queries and reports will not...
  26. K

    Crystal Reports Database Connection Error: HY000

    Hello, I am getting an error message when trying to login to my reports. It says "Database connector error hy000 incorrect password or user name. I definitely know my password and user name so not sure why this is just now happening. Any help would be great because it doesn't seem like there...
  27. A

    unwanted deleted rows from database

    Hi, I deleted by accident 28 row from SQL server 2005 database (via SQL Management Studio Express) from table ParameterDefinition with columns (Id, Name, PluginId, Description, DefaultValue). My command was: delete from ParameterDefinition where Name = 'RateOfVat'. I only wanted to delete one...
  28. B

    I can't update my Kaspersky database tried almost everything didn't work

    my Kaspersky database won't update i have tried by changing update source,i have tried turning off widows firewall,etc i think its connected to this problem that mystartsearch becomes my default new tab, homepage and search engine
  29. Rayven2

    Virus, Worm, Malware Database

    Hey everyone, So, is their such a thing? It would be real handy to find a website that gives me details on the latest viruses, worms etc. Information ranging from when it appeared, how much damage it's caused, circulation and so forth. A few Google searches didn't help me other then top 10...
  30. A

    Access Violation Error

    I have a database purchased from a specialist supplier to maintain records of my racing pigeons.When I want to print a record I get an error after I've clicked 'print. The document does print. if I ignore, the error disappears and I can continue. If I click cancel it shuts the database down. I...
  31. K

    Java virtual machine launcher error

    Hello friends i am getting error could not find the main class: prohram will exit. When i want to run dbsetup.bat file then this error througing to me. Any body which has some idea about this kindly help me. i want to upgrade my primavera P6 8.3 to 8.4...
  32. P

    Recommended Database Management Software?

    Hey team & friends, I am wondering if there are any highly recommended Database Management Software (DBMS) ? I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Thanks !
  33. N

    Rows in the Access table have no previous data.

    I am working with Access database and the database table got a terrible corruption. I don’t know how does it happen and I am frightened that I made something wrong..Ok, the matter is: When I try to make anything with records in the file, I mean insert, update and so on and so forth..then I can...
  34. A

    how to recover ms outlook data?

    I have a backup of the entire database of ms outlook. And some days ago my OS were crashed, and now my backup can't be loaded. Is there any possibility to recover my backup of outlook? Thanks so much for your help!
  35. Z

    Can I encrypt our client database so it can't be uploaded to the Internet?

    We have a client database that is used by Microsoft access. We would really like for our receptionists to have Internet access so we can use things such as online scheduling etc. but we are concerned about the security of our client list. We're not so much concerned about someone hacking our...
  36. F

    Micro SD card locked

    In my Sony Camera, after taking a video, it said "Inconsistencies found in image database file. Do you want to repair the image database file? I clicked OK. Then it said "The memory card is locked. Check the tab" What's wrong? Please help me.
  37. I

    which major to learn hacking

    Which Major is best for hacking database, Network and OS: IT CS CE thanks
  38. I

    ACT! software database

    Can I move an old version of ACT! (V8) with all my database off my old pc to a new pc?
  39. C

    my internet security kaspersky 2014 is not updating

    My settings for updateKS 2014 internet security were set at automatically .no udates for several day now It now says databases and application extremely outdate is not getting updated when I tried
  40. M

    Looking for a replacement laptop

    Hi all, thank you for any recommendations you can provide on a replacement laptop. 1. What is your budget? Trying to stay under $1,000. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Currently working on a 17.3", which is slightly too large for comfort. I think a 13-15" would...
  41. Hastibe

    Does two-factor authentication prevent access when encrypted database is stolen?

    If you store your encrypted passwords on the cloud (e.g. as a file on Dropbox or on LastPass servers, etc.) does having two-factor authentication enabled (for Dropbox or your LastPast account, etc.) protect you if hackers steal your encrypted file of passwords from Dropbox or LastPast (etc.) and...
  42. F

    switching between dual hard drives

    I have a new macbook pro and I have had a windows Hard drive installed on it so i can continue using my access databases. can i use them in conjunction with each other? I want to use the Mac hard drive but also access my access databases. do I need to switch from one hard drive to the other...
  43. C

    import web MySQL into excel

    Hello, I want to do a full analysis of our gaming community statistics, but I do not have direct access to the database. The table splits to pages of 50 records and I need around to import 250 pages, so it's kinda annoying to do it manually (copy/paste). Also, if I do it manually my excel...
  44. B

    Whats the difference between 2 databases?

    What is the difference between MySQL and service-based database from Microsoft Visual Studio?
  45. AGx-07_162

    How to Publishing Access Forms

    Not sure how complicated this might be but here goes: I have a small MS Access database that I've built some queries and forms in. What I need to do now is "publish" it in a way that the users can access the forms but not be able to modify them, queries, or tables. I know this can be done (and...
  46. kep55

    Cannot change back end data source for front end Access 2007 dtabase

    I recently started a new job that switched its accounting software from an Access 2007 database. As this database was no longer used, no one could remember how to access it. By trial & error I was able to locate the front end database. When I opened it, a screen opened asking to reconnect to the...
  47. A

    Buying laptop for online poker, database, video editing

    1. What is your budget? $1,500, prefer closer to $1,000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Doesn't matter too much. Planning on hooking it up to two new ASUS 24" 1920x1200 monitors. Anyway to get a laptop that outputs HDMI and DVI at the same time (no display port...
  48. elgranchuchu

    wamp or xamp autoinstaller

    hi, is it possible to create an auto installer so i can package up my website on a disk with xampp on it so when i install it installs my website and database's with all my data into the xampp or wamp install?
  49. viveknayyar007

    Set Unique Key in MS Access 2013

    Unlike other database applications such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc., MS Access 2013 does not allow users to set the unique key constraint that simply. However you can still do so by following a few simple steps. Although unique key works exactly the way the primary key does, it has one major...
  50. ssddx

    looking for ms access guru

    i'll keep this short and to the point.. i currently use microsoft access to manage my rather large movie collection using tables, forms and reports and while this does work well enough i would like it to have a facelift and a frontend attached. basically a frontend with three features...
  51. M

    what are these term means database, dbms, databae applications, database systems?

    i know it simple, but i'm realy confused between the meaning of these terms database, dbms, databae applications, database systems?. I really thankful to all those who will give me the answer with simple to understand examples for that terms. Thanks
  52. mjmcdonagh1

    Crystal Reports - 'Database Connection Error'

    Hello, Not sure how many Crystal Reports experts are out there but i'm looking for a bit of help if anyone could so oblige! Basically our Data Analyst/Crystal Reports Wizard/DBA/Oracle or Oracle etc left the company about a month ago and as she is yet to be replace i've been asked to fill in...
  53. viveknayyar007

    MS Access 2013 Database No Longer Displays Status Bar

    Just like other MS Office programs, MS Access 2013 also displays a status bar at the bottom of the window. The status bar in such programs allows the users to view the current status of the opened file. Also, with the help of status bar, the users can also assess the issues and errors that the...
  54. viveknayyar007

    Microsoft Access 2013 No Longer Asks Which Database to Open during Start-Up

    When MS Access 2013 is initialized, by default it is configured to display and interface from where you can select the most recently opened database, or you can also create a new database right from the scratch. Because of this behavior of the program, many users find it easier to navigate...
  55. viveknayyar007

    Import MS Excel Data into MS Access 2013 Database

    Since MS Access 2013 is a full-fledged RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) oriented application, it is nowadays widely used by almost all small to medium scale organizations to maintain their databases and the records that they contain. Since almost every organization grows gradually...
  56. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Create MS Access 2013 Database Files Anonymously

    Although you might not need this type of thing in your MS Access 2013 databases if you are confident enough that it is only you who will be working on the created files, you may still want to do so for various privacy reasons. Yes, it is quite possible to create MS Access 2013 database files...
  57. viveknayyar007

    Field Names in MS Access 2013 Tables Are Too Small

    This might be an issue because of misconfiguration in the database display options in MS Access 2013 program. As per MS Access 2013 default configuration, the field names are set to use 11pt for the font size, and the weight of the displayed font is set to Normal. There are no underlines or...
  58. viveknayyar007

    Use Custom AutoNumbers in MS Access 2013

    MS Access 2013 is nowadays widely used to prepare databases for many small-scale organizations and some medium scale companies. Since this latest version of Microsoft Access has various new features that best fit the companie’s requirements, organizations no longer have to purchase the expensive...
  59. viveknayyar007

    Set Unique Key in MS Access 2013

    Unlike other database applications such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc., MS Access 2013 does not allow users to set the unique key constraint that simply. However you can still do so by following a few simple steps. Although unique key works exactly the way the primary key does, it has one major...
  60. viveknayyar007

    Set Unique Key in MS Access 2013

    Unlike other database applications such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc., MS Access 2013 does not allow users to set the unique key constraint that simply. However you can still do so by following a few simple steps. Although unique key works exactly the way the primary key does, it has one major...