Uploading Excel File data into SQL database via a website

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Feb 14, 2017
I am using php to develop my website and I need to be able to browse for and upload an Excel sheet. I then need to store the information in an SQL database.
I realise this is an relatively open question but I am have looked for information on how to do this and have not got very far. Storing the data in the SQL database is fine but I am not sure how to upload the spreadsheet such that it can be read by the website.
If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.
Here my web page is:[link removed]
Most databases and spreadsheets share common data formats for importing and exporting.

However, if you wish to directly provide a working Excel spreadsheet then that spreadsheet will need to be copied to a directly accessible folder via the webpage and downloadable accordingly. End user will need to have Excel available.

Or you could set up it up that the website would download the data as, for example .csv (comma separated values) that the end user would download and import to Excel.

Most sites with data offer the end user a selection of formats to chose from. Then your webpage accesses the data and exports it in that format.

Here is a current link to provide some additional insight and options:


Plan it out step by step and then start your development working one step at a time.

Visit other similar websites: you can often see the code behind the page - that will help you understand the mechanics of it all.

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