Solved! Excel Laptop Recomendation

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Aug 22, 2018
I am an accountant, I go to clients offices, and download their accounting data to analyze and make adjustments. I must use excel because almost all accounting software exports to excel, so using a different database models isn't really an option. Anywho, some of my clients have an enormous amount of transactions which ends up with lost of rows of data. I must be able to sort and filter this data using excel. I assume this requires a high core/thread count and large amount or RAM. That is pretty much all this laptop will be used for, so I was curious about recommendations?

I have considered using a deskmini with a 3400g and a portable monitor, but I wasn't sure if that was the best option since it would be limited to sodimm...
Software has to be written in a particular way to take advantage of multiple cores. It appears that Excel is so written but needs some configuration perhaps. I did a quick internet search and found several relevant articles. Check these out.

The best way to figure this out would be to load one of these huge spreadsheets and look at what a machine is doing. Using resource monitor, you can see how many cores are in use (click on CPU). You can also see how much memory is being paged out and get an idea how much is needed (click on memory, view the Excel process and watch the numbers. Hover on the column headers to see what they represent. Lots of page faults indicate more memory would help.). I have no first hand knowledge of the numbers so I would just be guessing. You need to experiment.


Moderator Just turn off the RGB keyboard at the client's place :)

CPU as good as in the workstation laptops, and you get a decent video card and screen if you want to take up gaming.

Something like a Lenovo T or P series would also work, but to get a CPU in the same range as the gaming laptops would cost as much or more without the bonus of the video card.
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