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    Solved! Excel extraction (pattern)

    Hi Guys, I have a large number of excel file that I want to take and import into SQL... Now normally I would just do a simple Bulk Insert but the sheets are not all the same... But they do have a pattern to them. The pattern is that the information is in a 10 column wide grid then a empty...
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    anyone who have personal experience in this field.

    Do real-time data processing is possible with Spark SQL?
  3. A

    Uploading Excel File data into SQL database via a website

    I am using php to develop my website and I need to be able to browse for and upload an Excel sheet. I then need to store the information in an SQL database. I realise this is an relatively open question but I am have looked for information on how to do this and have not got very far. Storing the...
  4. S

    How to take user input of one form and assign it to a variable in another form in java?

    i have a textfield to get user input in my form 1.i want to get the text user inputs into that textfield from that form and assign it to a variable in form2. is this possible?
  5. S

    How to compare user input in a jTextfield with data in the database? (im using java & php)

    This is an assignment and so far this is what i have done: on this button click i want to compare user input on the textfield with the data in my database.this is my code but nothing is happening when i run it and i cant find any mistakes in this. i have been trying to figure it out for hours...
  6. M

    Visual Studio 2015

    I've installed Visual Studio 2015 and am completely new to it. I'm trying to install the Azure SDK for .NET (version 2.8.1) and every time I try to install it, I get an error. The error is, "Azure Storage Emulator requires LocalDb to be installed. You must enable Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools...
  7. ebmurray21

    sql developer / mysql

    I'm using SQL developer at Uni and i'd like to get it installed at home as well. Firstly, should I use MySQL to create a database to connect to? Secondly, what MySQL product should i download and install?
  8. T

    £500 laptop for SQL, MATLAB etc

    Hi, I currently have a 6 year old Acer Aspire 5536 with 4gb of ram running Windows 7. I am using it for web design including handling SQL operations and also for MATLAB. It is handling this but only just and is very slow. Therefore I would like some opinions for the best laptop to replace it...
  9. AGx-07_162

    What's Wrong With This MS Access Query?

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this query? INSERT INTO Employees ( Title, FirstName, LastName, Company, Department, Mailstop, Extension, City, State, Bldg, Floor, DirList, Prefix, Notes, Phone, importID, importDate, [Desc] ) SELECT Title, FirstName, LastName, Company, Department...
  10. AGx-07_162

    INSERT INTO query, MS Access

    Can anyone help me understand why I get a "Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" error with this query? INSERT INTO Employees (Title, FirstName, LastName, Company, Department, Mailstop, Extension, City, State, Bldg, Floor, DirList, Prefix, Notes, Phone, importID, importDate, Desc) SELECT...
  11. V

    Best quiet laptop for programming and sql developers

    Hello!!! I bought a dell xps l1502x because it seemed good for me. It has problems with the fan because the fan does not stop and it makes sounds like a car engine. I read a lot about it and I do not want to buy a new fan or change the heat sink. This is what dell technical support told me to...
  12. A

    restoring sql db for wordpress from xamp backup

    good morning everyone, So i have been building a wordpress website for a client, using xamp to build it offline. Unfortunately my computer died on me, so i am unable to export an sql file from phpmyadmin as I normally would. I have managed to recover the full xamp install folder from the...
  13. chugot9218

    SQL Question: Using VARCHAR variable in a query

    Hi everyone, I have a question that I hope a SQL wizard can answer for me. I am querying a DB system to try and create a report of keywords that do not have any values present. There is a single table that keeps entries of each unique keyword value with a single numeric primary key. Each...
  14. Z

    Automatically extract data from PDF and export to Excel or SQL

    This is a tall order, the policy statements for the company I work for are received in PDF format. I am looking for a way to extract specific blocks of data ( in the form of tables but they poorly structured ) from within a PDF and export them to a excel spreadsheet or sql. Are there any...
  15. fallout1

    Total Newbie - Need to learn SQL for work

    I've been given the opportunity to work in concert with our database programmer at work to assist in basic SQL queries and data pulls (we'll be using MS SQL Server). He's willing to teach and help me a great deal but I think I need to do some work on my own as well to get some background. I...
  16. L

    A programmer Needed - PHP, JS, JQ and SQL

    Hello Everybody: As mentioned in the thread's title, I need a programmer who is familiar with the next programming languages: PHP, Java Script, J Query and SQL. For those interested, send me a PM or add your reply below. Willing to pay. Thank you.
  17. D

    Help with mysql query..

    hey guys, was hoping u could help me out... ok i do know some sql, but im new to mysql... and theres this simple query that i just cant figure out whats wrong with it... i know there are a lot of variables being passed, but just using one variable atm because if it works for one, itll work...
  18. exfileme

    Report: LulzSec Used SQL Injection, XSS and RFI

    Security firm Impervia published a report based on its findings after analyzing the leaked LulzSec chat logs. Report: LulzSec Used SQL Injection, XSS and RFI : Read more
  19. D

    Error while installing oracle

    hello, i was trying to install sql on my PC,but while entering the username and password,it shows an error as follows: ORA-12203: TNS:unable to connect to destination please provide a solution for the same thank you
  20. G

    Half A Million Microsoft-powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection

    A new SQL injection attack aimed at Microsoft IIS web servers has hit some 500,000 websites, including the United Nations, UK Government sites and the U. Half A Million Microsoft-powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection : Read more
  21. G

    Sun To Acquire MySQL For $1 Billion

    Santa Clara (CA) - Sun is entering the database market and has agreed to purchase MySQL AB, developer of the popular SQL database management system SQL. Sun will shell out about $1 billion for the open source software and integrate it into its own soft Sun To Acquire MySQL For $1 Billion : Read...