Cannot change back end data source for front end Access 2007 dtabase


Dec 31, 2007
I recently started a new job that switched its accounting software from an Access 2007 database. As this database was no longer used, no one could remember how to access it. By trial & error I was able to locate the front end database. When I opened it, a screen opened asking to reconnect to the data source. As I needed to look at two years of records, I looked for and found the older data source database. Now that I want to exit the older year (2012) and look at the newer year (1st
qtr 2013), I can't determine how to switch the data source. The relink screen isn't showing and I haven't been to locate it. Yet.

How does one change the data source for the front end?

Database = AcctSys.mdb (names changed for security)
Data source = q:\\acctsource\2012\data.mdb
Change to = q:\\acctsource\2013\data.mdb

I thought I had found the answer. Per "Help" I opened Database Tools . Linked Table Manager and chose Select All and Always Prompt for New Location. When I next started the database I entered the path of the 2013 database, and promptly received an error the database could not relink.

I noticed the front end database is still pointing to the 2012 file location. It does appear the original database was either split into two databases or was designed from the git-go as two - the Forms front end and the data back end.

As this database needs to be retained intact for at least 6 years per state law, I'm very reluctant to do make any big changes even tho' the front end is on my C drive and not the network.

I did copy the front end from the server back to my C drive after deleting the existing copy but nothing changed. It appears the original database was written in 1998 (!) with periodic updates. I had no trouble running it in Access 2010.

I'm at a loss.


For Access, a split design is the preferred way to go. Data(tables) lives in one MDB, Forms, logic, etc lives in another MDB.

For linking to the new 2013 you have file/server/network permissions to that location? It should link.

And whatever you do, do it from a copy. Don't risk mucking up the original.


Dec 31, 2007

The problem is, the front end REFUSES to let go of the 2012 data source. I'm running the mdb from my C: drive making sure it is not anywhere near the server.
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