Question Replace Galaxy s22 with S23

Apr 11, 2023
Let's start with the assumption that the phone I just bought (or will buy/replace soon) I want to keep for at least 5 or 6 years, I'm not one to change them often.

I just bought a galaxy s22 256gb for 600 euros and I'm noticing a very poor battery (I use it a lot with power saving, no 5G, 60 Hz display, not for gaming, apps hanging in the background etc). I still have 3-4 days to return it and get all my money back.

I found the galaxy s23 128gb for 670 euro (only 70 euro more than the S22 !!) and I don't really know if it's worth changing for two reasons:
1) I don't know if the battery actually has that much of an improvement to spend an extra 70 euros on it (it's bad enough that I spent 600 euros on the s22!) ... everyone says yes, but maybe you get 3-4% more per day ... that is practically nothing for my personal taste

2) the a version of the s23 670 euro only has 128gb! Subtracting about 35gb used by the system and about 10gb for the basic apps I'd install .. I'd end up with about 80gb. A bit low for a phone without expandable SD and that I want to keep for at least 5 years and with high resolution photos and videos. I'd have to use or pay for a cloud, and I really don't want to do that.

What do you guys think?

I'd really like to test the s23 to see if the battery improved so much because that's the only thing that interests me in a possible 'replacement' .. but I can't test it.

not you

May 14, 2015
I would just recommend an external battery/battery case if that is your main issue
As far as I'm concerned sd8 gen 2 is the only reason to get s23 over s22 if you don't need the extra performance no need

I just bought an s23 ultra and that definitely has better battery life than my 4-5 years old honor 10 but that isn't saying much :/