Question Is the Galaxy S22 still worth buying?

Feb 5, 2023
Now that the S23 dropped, prices went down for the previous installment which caught my attention since I wanna upgrade from my daily drive XZ Premium.

I wanna get the dual sim 256gb eu version from amazon cause it has both decent amount of storage space and dual sim which I am very interested in since I’m gonna use it abroad.

That being said, will I have trouble using an EU version in eastern asia, for example, or would it be a better move to buy it once I’m there?

About the dual sim, as I’ve read, you can use the second sim slot as a microSD card reader aswell. Is this some kind of "workaround" or will it properly RW data as if it was inserted into an exclusive microSD slot like in older phones? Apparently the second SIM can only be an eSIM but not an actual card since the device comes with a single card slot at the bottom. Is this true?

One last concern would be the chipset and software support. The S21 and S22 used Exynos but the new S23 switched back to Snapdragon. Is the Exynos gonna get laggy overtime due to everyday use, charge cycles, lack of OS updates...?

I’m open to hear better alternatives if any.

The use of the phone would look something like:

15% photos

35% multimedia: yt, twitch, prime, discord...

50% dap w/ portable dac/amp.
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Mar 21, 2023
Verdict. It may be a year old but the Samsung Galaxy S22 remains an excellent compact phone, with superb performance and an excellent camera being particular highlights. However, it's let down by lackluster battery life.