Question Could "SIM 2 not allowed" notification indicate region lock still active?

May 1, 2022
I have a Samsung S9 bought in 2021 (refurbished). I'm in the Netherlands. I have never used it in another country so far. I'm planning to go to Thailand soon and therefore already inserted a Thai SIM card (that I still had from a few years ago) into the SIM 2 slot.

After restarting the phone it now gives the notification "SIM 2 not allowed". It does recognize the card as in the settings it shows the correct provider name (True mobile) and also in the top right it shows two signals. It could very well be that this SIM card is already expired and/or that it can't operate at all from the Netherlands (never tried to use it here before).

I just need to know if this "SIM 2 not allowed" notification is because of these reasons or that it could mean that the phone still somehow is region locked and that I won't be able to use it in Asia. I also tried inserting my Dutch SIM card in SIM slot 2 and the Thai SIM in SIM slot 1. Then I got "SIM 1 not allowed".

In case it is a region lock issue, I read somewhere that region lock automatically unlocks after 4 phonecalls in the country where the phone was bought, but I also read that the SIM 2 slot may need to be region unlocked separately since it has its own IMEI number. Is this true and how could I do this?
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