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  1. S

    Question What is dual SIM / eSIM ?

    Hello, what is Dual SIM / eSIM? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards (electronically and/or physically)? I want to have two plans on my phone, so I need to have two different SIM cards. Do I need to buy a second phone to do this? Are there phones with 2 SIM cards? Is this an iPhone feature where...
  2. barryallen82

    Solved! Advice Needed: Need a *SMALL* Android Smartphone

    Hi there, I am in the market for a new phone; and am not at all fond of these massive 5 - 6" + behemoths that dominate the market. I'd very much appreciate suggestions for Android phones in the 4.2" to 4.8" size range. My spec requirements are modest: 1.5 - 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM will be...
  3. H

    What do you think about iOcean X8 ?

    Hi guys :) I am thinking to buy iOcean X8 and i was looking at this review here: http://www.majordroid.com/iocean-x8-review-elegant-octacore/ it looks really nice :) it has good hardware but the problem is i dont know how is really good compared with the well-known companies such as Samsung...