Question iPhone cellular not working after temporarily removing SIM card


Feb 28, 2017
I have the newest generation iPhone SE, and I temporarily removed the SIM card and put it in an older phone of mine. I took it out after a couple minutes and put it back in my original phone and I got the pop-up: "Your Apple ID and phone number are being used on another device." The SIM was recognized though, and it said I had service. However I could not make or receive phone calls or use data. I've tried resetting my network settings, removing the old phone from my iCloud account, and even factory resetting my phone. I called my provider (Spectrum), and they said that everything is working on their end, and that it's a problem with my device. Did I somehow break the SIM card? I assumed that if I had physically damaged it, it wouldn't even be recognized by my phone. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!