Question Lost all Opera open tabs. How do I get them back?

Dec 4, 2021
Today I accidentally deleted all my opened tabs on my Android tablet. (Tried to delete my passports and cookies, forgot tabs and history were preselected) I thought I would retrieve them from my synced account but of course for whatever reason it synced just 90 out of all my ~250 I gathered through many years(most of which I regulary visited, some were sort of like history of my train of thoughts), and couldn't really back them up, because of self filling memory issue. I tried to use "restore recently closed tab function, but it`s not showing up anymore. Now I don't know what to do, because I don't want to overwrite anything, Or risk restarting the device and loose some retrievable data.
I found this solution, but on desktop
. I may just need to know how to access similar hidden files on Android and know how they are called there..

Anyways, I would be insanely grateful if anyone could share any knowledge if there's any other simple way I didn't think of, or any programme with which I could restore the lost session, or maybe find some normally inaccesible files where all that data was stored I'm ready to risk my device If I could only restore all the tabs chronologically, including the search history of each (left-right arrow).

Thanks in advance🙏🏼


Don't think it's an option, you would use bookmarks to keep sites you want to remember not keeping browser tabs open. Browser windows are not made to not be persistent, bookmarks are.
If a web search did not help you already, nothing you can do aside from changing how you save things in the future to prevent issues like this.