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  1. H

    Question Need to extract data from Logical partition of hard disk

    Hi All, I have a laptop Hard disk 2.5" with a lot of personal data in it. The hard drive has a logical partition. I need to access it's data without having to recover it. Can I simply connect the hard drive to another laptop and access the logical partition in it? Kindly help on the same
  2. P

    Solved! Lost all Opera open tabs. How do I get them back?

    Today I accidentally deleted all my opened tabs on my Android tablet. (Tried to delete my passports and cookies, forgot tabs and history were preselected) I thought I would retrieve them from my synced account but of course for whatever reason it synced just 90 out of all my ~250 I gathered...
  3. Q

    Solved! Physicall Data Recovery and donor hardisk issue

    I have problem with an old 160gb harddisk Western Digital WD1600BEVS. I could not find any donor with same model number. I found one seller with model WD1600BEVT. Do you think will work if i use this model BEVT instead of BEVS ? thanks for replying to my message.
  4. dudeawsomeness1

    Solved! can I recover data from iPhone 7 with broken screen for free?

    My brother's phone got smashed up and the screen is completely hopeless, I can't get it to respond on any part of the screen. I don't want to buy a screen for it because I don't think it's worth it. The phone seems to work just fine otherwise as far as I can tell on the lock screen and siri. Is...
  5. S

    Solved! My Samsung j2 is stuck on recovery booting

    I want to do root Samsung j2 and it get stuck on recovery boot loading
  6. C

    When I do everything that's said online my laptop does not come up with HDD recovery can you hi elp I'm getting a bit ???????

    I'm trying to reboot my Toshiba satellite laptop it says online click on HDD SD recovery but my laptop only says HDD SD nothing about recovery please help
  7. P

    Can’t find administrators password how do I factory reset without. Disk

    How fo I factory reset my Acer laptop forget password and no recovery cd
  8. M

    Solved! need recovery CD

    hi, i need Free recovery cd download Toshiba Satellite C50-B-158 cause i delete my partion hdd, can some one help me ?
  9. D

    RCA Tablet exhibiting some weird behaviour after not booting

    The missus has an RCA tablet that she plays a few games on. Had it for a couple of years. If I remember correctly it's orphaned at Android 5. Yesterday, it froze, so she forced it off by holding the power button for a while. She was unable to power it on. I said i'd take a look and took it to...
  10. B

    Solved! Need help rebooting my tab a

    Samsung tab a 8.0 not going to recovery mode will not go to safe mode or anything like that had the screen replaced the only Thing i had changed on it can someone help me out plz
  11. G

    Asus laptop gone bezerk! Cannot get to recovery...

    My Asus 2-in-1 laptop (UX360CAK) has crazy. Whenever I try and boot, It loads straight to what looks like a sign in screen. It shows a blank profile pic Labeled Administrator and says "Preparing Windows". Eventually, It loads to an all black desktop with an error code saying the location for the...
  12. C

    How to format a new blank hard drive without a disk.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that had a hard drive failure. I purchased a replacement that is blank. It has no operating system and has not been pre formatted. This PC did not come with a installation disc. I don't have a recovery drive for it either. I have the Windows Media Creation Tool...
  13. T

    The recovery don't work For my c55t series. anyone help

    The recovery don't work For my c55t series. anyone help
  14. S

    Solved! Blue screen recovery

    When I start my laptop it shows some object is there in ...... And says press ESC for uefi firmware starting Please some one help plzzzz
  15. A

    How to recovery my today dilly incoming call

    Please help me
  16. S

    Solved! Windows 10 Recovery USB corrupted!

    I am working on an old Acer laptop that was recently wiped for a reinstall of Windows 10 by the owner. She previously made a recovery USB, so we assumed that fixing it wouldn’t be difficult. Unfortunately the USB boots into the recovery environment, but after she tries to recover it, It throws...
  17. P

    Solved! Acer Recovery advise

    I decided to do a factory restore (reset) on my girlfriends Aspire E1-522 laptop. I thought the process would be simple following the instructions to create a recovery drive on a usb flash drive. How wrong i was. Whilst the laptop boots off of the flash drive and allows me the very many options...
  18. N

    Solved! Recovery mode problm

    Sir my Samsung Galaxy j2 is stuck at logo.i an enter in Odin but not in recovery mode n shows only battery when connected to charger
  19. K

    Can't loose account

    Okay so I don't remember my password for my Google account when I try to use the verification options my recovery email is missing the m on but I CAN access the account to get the code for verification that it's my account is my account and sigh account recovery address is...
  20. V

    Email recovery photoes

    Recovery all photoes by using my gmail or emaili
  21. A

    Solved! Fix automatic repair boot loop on Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite?

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop. It runs on Windows 10 operating system. This particular model does not have a disc drive. One day while trying to transfer files via Bluetooth I noticed that the Bluetooth symbol wasn't in my task tray as normal. I went into my settings to turn Bluetooth on and...
  22. S

    complete hard disk data recovery

    hi i am basic data recovery technician .. means corrupted, formatted memory cards, hdd's to recover data. ok. now i want to learn complete hard disk recover ( clicking, buzzing, not detected hdd, pcb not working) . in my area i don't have to enough sources. please help.
  23. J

    CHK recoverers crashing

    Ok, my dad got a new work laptop, i needed to get files from his old one to new one, we got important job ones on the new one, now we got our old picutres and stuff on the usb. I put usb into new laptop and it doesnt show anything... Ok but it shows 10gb used...Windows show their recovery crap...
  24. A

    Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, i lost my vaio recovery disk

    Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, i lost my vaio recovery disk how i gain recovery software for my laptop model SVE14A27CXH
  25. T

    Help Help my friends RCA Viking Pro that I reset from recovery menu

    I have pressed power button with volume up button got to the welcome screen but it requires previous email we tried "forgot email?" but it keeps bringing us back to the beginning and it says email not found on this account. Please help
  26. F

    Solved! "no bootable device found"

    This is the message I get when starting up my Acer M5-581T-6405. Also same message when using my Acer recovery disc.
  27. R

    How to get sound back on windows 8 after removing everything

    I went to the settings and clicked recovery and it had 3 options. I chose remove everything and now my sound is gone. So how do I get my sound back?
  28. A

    Root failed while rooting it said it made a back up what should i do?

    My root didnt say that it failed it succesfully rooted then went to the verification failed screen and it says i must format it, its ok if i go back to stock firmware/recovery but i dont want to lose my data help me please!
  29. J

    Question How to recovery msg my aircel no

    Msg recovery 2 yrs ago
  30. B

    How do I remove notice to Create Recovery Media for your VAIO PC from my screen? How prevent it from coming up again?

    Periodically my computer screen has a notice on a purple background in the upper right part of the monitor that states "Create Recovery Media for your VAIO PC ...." The only way I have been successful in removing it is to reboot my PC. How can I prevent this message from appearing and when it...
  31. 1

    Restorr Google password (ex made a pass to my Gmail)

    My now ex husband when we were still together he set up a new password for my Gmail and he used his # and his email address as the recovery info to my account. I somehow accidentally did a factory reset to my phone yesterday and now I'm unable to get back into my phone due to not knowing my...
  32. M

    J7 pro doing nothing when factory rest

    Hello, so I tried to factory reset my j7 pro from the settings menu but the phone opens to recovery menu and does nothing, is that a problem? Can I do a hard reset instead? I am asking because I am afraid that if my phone can't factory reset then it wont do a hard reset or somthing will go wrong
  33. R

    Solved! How To Fix Boot Loop on Android Tablet?

    So, I had forgotten the password to my android tablet and reset it using the recovery menu. I booted it up and it asked me for my google account that it was previously set up with. I didn't know it, so I went back into the recovery menu and wiped the cache and booted into bootloader. Well, when...
  34. M

    Solved! Samsung laptop stuck at samsung logo with setup and recovery but does not work either

    I try both F4 recovery but stays black screen for too long and F2 setup done everything but no use.. my model is NP270ESE
  35. I

    BIos, recovery menus and others menus not showing at startup after pressing f2, f9 etc

    HP Notebook - 15-bw055sa Windows 10 64bit Boots from HD only, can't get into the bios to change boot order Windows 10 is stuck in a reboot loop after an update and I when I press esc, f2, f0 etc at startup for the bios menu, recovery menu etc I get a blank screen with white writing at the...
  36. V

    Solved! Recovery Problem Vaio

    Hii all I installed Win 10 in my Vaio and it was on Win 7 when we purchased. After installing Win 10 now the recovery drive is showing 0 Byte and I want to recover it to old Win 7 which was actual win of laptop when we purchased. Please help.
  37. I

    Mac OS won't run when i make it as n internal drive

    i want to start a fresh installation of Mac Sierra i did from recovery on a new hardrive, which i used it as an external drive so it all worked fine, it completed fully, but when i insert it, to make it an internal drive, it fails to boot, again when i connect it as an external it works fine
  38. C

    Solved! Windows 10 recovery

    I'm looking for a Toshiba Satellite Windows 10 recovery or reboot disk.
  39. jensenthemediocre

    Canon Built-In Data Recovery

    My roommate's university issues these Canon Vixia HF R42 cameras to record lessons that they teach for the courses they're in, and he accidentally deleted one of those lessons from this camera that he REALLY needs. I offered to recover it for him, but the problem is that he wasn't using an SD...
  40. J

    Solved! Sir I need ur help sir here in my laptop something showing Windows error recovery I try all methods but it showing again lik

    Sir I am 16 years old my laptop is showing something like Windows error recovery plz help me out from this problem
  41. A

    Solved! .flv Corrupt Video Recovery?

    Hello, I am using a screen recorder to record games. It was saving files in .flv format. Today, I checked and found that about a month ago, the software started saving corrupted videos. It was working fine and then it started to save corrupt video files all of a sudden. The audio works fine but...
  42. C

    wipe all used data

    android recovery wipe data/factory reset
  43. K

    Solved! why my tecno tablet keeps on flushing on and off and when i try to recover it switches off again?

    why my Tecno DROIDPAD P701 keeps on flushing on and off and when i try to recover it switches off again? I have tried to go on recovery mode but it went off and on again
  44. N

    give me my 2017 to 2018 all old Facebook pictures

    My all old Facebook pictures I want recovery
  45. D

    Solved! Recovering data when downgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 and deleted all drives

    HP notebook 15 Before problem: Windows 8.1 Home original copy with 4 drives apart C drive which had around 500GBs of data. After problem: Windows 7 home pirated copy with only 1 drive apart from C drive which is empty. Someone please help, a novice had to replace my laptop screen & idk why but...
  46. C

    Solved! I cant access the factory reset in my MyA2 phone

    I try the steps in accessing the factory reset in my myphone myA2 when the time I choose recovery mode the factory reset wont show up I really need to reset my phone
  47. A

    My old account recovery

    Plzzz my old account give nmbr and two account block and old account give me plzzz
  48. W

    iPad stuck at activation

    I have 16g iPad air 2 WIFI+ Cell with broken screen, I was trying to sell it, so I logged out from iCloud and started resting and formatting it, after that finished, I found out the iPad couldn’t be activated saying " your iPad couldn't be activated because the activation server cannot be...
  49. P


    Dear sir I need.RECOVERY DISCS FOR SONY VIAO MODEL SVT14113CXS i WILL Pay for this..
  50. M

    Solved! Recovery pic from my phone

    I was reset my phone yesterday and now I hv losted my all pictures and vedios from secure folder in my Samsung galaxy j7 to recover the pics ..?
  51. B

    Recovery media for restoring the original contents on the HDD on HP pavilion dv6700 laptop

    Where I may obtain recovery cd's for restoring the original contents of the hard drive?
  52. V

    Solved! My Panasonic plasma to-50ps14 needs a new energy recovery circuit. Can I repair mys of

    Panasonic plasma TC-50PS14 suddenly won't turn on and red standby led blinks 6 times , indicating the Driver SOS1 (SC/SSEnergy Recovery Circuit) needs to be replaced. I don't want to purchase a new tv. Can this be repaired, and how much?
  53. A

    Gmail hacked and changed recovery options

    How can I recover my gmail account while my Recovery email en padsword is changed by someone . I have tried everything my daughter baby's fotos are on that email address Please someone help me Email removed by Moderator to prevent spamming
  54. M

    Solved! I reset a android phone and it has alot of photos in it and i forgot the email to get that back .

    recovery of the lost photos and lost email addresses
  55. M

    Solved! Hi my lenovo says Default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key. Then select boot manager

    Default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key. Then select boot manager to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media
  56. C

    how do i reset my password for gmail if i do not have access to recovery phone number or recovery email

    I can not log in to my Gmail. I forgot the password and do not have access to the recovery phone or the recovery email. What can I do besides going through the recover account through Google which takes days?
  57. L

    hp envy m6 not loading.

    ok so.. hp envy m6 windows 8(maybe 8.1) start up, the hp logo comes up it does the loading process and then goes black and the process restarts infinitely. Things ive tried: hp recovery says failed and retry every time. windows recovery (disk and usb) unable to complete, no reason given...
  58. L

    Hello I tried hard resetting my MacBook Pro, I successfully erased everything but then it said I had to contact Apple support

    As soon as it turns on it says starting internet recovery this may take a while. Then goes to
  59. P

    Solved! Phone starts but the screen has static backlight

    Yesterday night i power-off my phone as usual before going bed. Today morning when i tried to open my phone the manufacturer logo showing up but after that screen stays black with a static backlight. So android system not booting up. Screen is not broken i can say because manufacturer logo...
  60. R

    How to use Recovery Mode When Your MacBook Fails to Boot

    If your MacBook fails to boot, there are some things you can do to retrieve your data and make your MacBook work. Recovery mode is specifically designed for this purpose. Using Recovery mode is quite similar to using your usual Mac interface. Here’s how to use it to rescue your system. How to...