When I do everything that's said online my laptop does not come up with HDD recovery can you hi elp I'm getting a bit ???????

Feb 1, 2019
I'm trying to reboot my Toshiba satellite laptop it says online click on HDD SD recovery but my laptop only says HDD SD nothing about recovery please help


Question from colinbarber71 : "Reboot problem no disc"

If you wiped out your hard drive, then you may have to go to a functioning computer to download a new OS boot disk from the Microsoft website.


Jan 21, 2016
I'm not so sure I understand exactly what you're trying to do either ... the more info you supply the better E.g., exact model, which OS you are running etc etc... but ...

Unless you have used a tool that actually can wipe the hard drive clean, E.g., DBAM (Dariks Boot and Nuke) or something similar then at this point I will assume that you may well have messed things up making your computer unusable as of now but that the recovery partition is still in tact.

If you are indeed wanting to go down the restore to factory "out of box" state path ... noting that yes ... you will lose ALL data, settings, programs you have installed etc ... then ... have you tried the old holding the 0 key down and powering on the machine from a fully shutdown state (I.e., if need be, hold the Power button down until you hear the machine fully shut down and then go with the holding 0 key (Note: not the 0 key on numberpad but the 0 key at the top which will also give ) symbol with shift + 0) and powering back on.

With this method you will quickly find out if you have wiped your recovery partition ... but if you get a result then follow your nose to get it working again because it's really not that difficult a feat :)

Here is a video if you wanna see the 0 key and power on factory restore in action for varying Toshiba models and should you wish to proceed this way:


Good luck mate! Let us know how you go - cheers.