CHK recoverers crashing

Dec 26, 2018
Ok, my dad got a new work laptop, i needed to get files from his old one to new one, we got important job ones on the new one, now we got our old picutres and stuff on the usb. I put usb into new laptop and it doesnt show anything... Ok but it shows 10gb used...Windows show their recovery crap and i click on that,doesnt do anything... I archive stuff from usb (basicaly just put it in winrar) but it still doesnt show. Use command prompt to show hidden files and now it shows all files as CHK. Now i know it was a virus. I download CHK recovery software, it crashes,download another one ,it crashes... Idk what to do now...Anybody knows what to do?
UPDATE, i removed the file on wich it always crashed, crashed again on another, removed that one. now it seems ok but slow on some files