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  1. igrk

    Question Help i just lost my data.

    setup c ssd d e hdd Hello, today i wanna to defrag my hardisk but disk e doesnt detected while i wanna try to defrag it. Later i try chkdsk /f on disk c. after chkdsk finish my laptop restart and suddenly my d and e becoming raw eith 100% freespace what should i do to return my lost data? hope...
  2. J

    CHK recoverers crashing

    Ok, my dad got a new work laptop, i needed to get files from his old one to new one, we got important job ones on the new one, now we got our old picutres and stuff on the usb. I put usb into new laptop and it doesnt show anything... Ok but it shows 10gb used...Windows show their recovery crap...
  3. V

    whenever i play any game or run any troubleshooting program ten a message appears 'The file or directory C:\Users\Administrato

    the file or directory c:\users\administrator\appdata\local is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility.
  4. agenthunk

    How do you know if your system is not changed or corrupt after removing malware?

    I fell for the DriverAgent Plus and BiosAgent Plus scam.... I re-downloaded a fresh copy of malware bytes and got the 14 day trial... already removed trojans and already did the sfc /scannow,Dism repair,chkdsk F and R commands, did the system restore error 0x80070005 troubleshooting steps.. I...
  5. K

    95%-100% Disk Usage

    I don't really know when I started to have this problem, but I only started noticing it today. My Disk Usage ranges from 95%-100% and it often gives lag spikes. This is my laptop: I've also tried many of the solutions Google...
  6. P

    Solved! Command Prompt Popping Up

    I mistakenly download some files and after i run it, it downloaded some unauthorized app in my pc and the cmd popping up, after that i run some chkdsk, malwarebytes also sfc scan now, and all the malware and virus are deleted but then command prompt suddenly popping up with something windows...
  7. C

    Can't run CHKDSK

    I got an I/O device error message when attempting to create a partition on my hdd so I tried to run CHKDSK, but after restarting I got this: The only way I am able to get system restore to work is by booting with the system recovery tool, but its saying that no restore points have been...
  8. S

    My inpage is taking more time for loading in window 10. While i have done chkdsk?

    My inpage is taking more time for loading in window 10. While i have done chkdsk?
  9. P

    Microsoft error X:/windows/system32

    /\X:/windows/system32 - can't get from here to c: to run chkdsk \f
  10. E

    scanning and repairing process had been running for a week!

    Hello, I had a problem with my HDD and had been running scanning and repair for a week now where it stuck at 27% since the first day. I'm using chkdsk r/ f/ c: to check my 1Tb of HDD. It had been too long for me. What should I do next? Should I wait the process or what? Thank you.
  11. E

    sd card blank or has unsupported file samsung note 3

    I have tried the chkdsk method but it said that the chkdsk not supported coz it type of file is RAW. how can I recover my file without using paid software or format it?
  12. CraigDMA

    Do I actually have an Alureon / TDSS Virus?

    I got this message twice now from my ISP: Cox has identified that one or more of the computers in your home may be infected with the Alureon / TDSS Virus. It's a legit email but I'm wondering how they think I have this virus? I use a VPN sometimes and I'm thinking that it's what they might see...
  13. I

    chkdsk /f will not run and toshiba laptop fails startup

    toshiba portege m800 not booting.
  14. I

    File record segment ##### is unreadable

    From my previous post, I finally got myself into installation media and opened up command prompt to do a chkdsk drive: /r and I got these messages in the process, after a few googling it's a failing hdd. What can I...
  15. S

    chkdsk vs TuneUp Disk Doctor

    Wanting to test my old HDD for errors and make sure everything is running smoothly. It seems to me that the TuneUp utlities Disk Doctor's thorough analysis is the exact same thing as chkdsk, but I've never actually used it. So can anyone tell me which is more reliable/better to use in checking...
  16. S

    Video files recovery after CHKDSK disastrous use!

    Hello! I use to do some repair jobs, involving data recovery. This time, the user tried to recover by himself, and applied CHKDSK, despite being advised previously not to do it! So, is there any app to assist rebuilding video data after this situation? (videos are essentially .m2ts and .mov...
  17. D

    Chkdsk failure HELP!

    Hello I am having a serious problem I just bought a GS60 MSI laptop a couple months ago and I recently had a kernel power critical and sent my laptop back for repair got it back good as new. However, I had one kernel power when I got it and it went away so I didn't think about it. 3 weeks later...
  18. M

    Computer crashes/freezes at Windows logo (startup)

    (TL;DR: I have recently been facing random freezes on my computer. It is not OS related as it may freeze before POST or BIOS. I concluded that problem was either overheating or PSU (previously tested RAM with memtest86 and WMD). Installed SpeedFan but it did not help so I uninstalled. After...
  19. Anna Marchetti

    Hard Disk Drive Read/Write Testing Application

    So I've got a few drives, probably bad, but I'm not 100% sure. I want to do better than just a chkdsk by having a utility that writes data and then tests the disk by trying to read it back and verifying that the data is still valid and free of errors. I've been Googling around and all I can see...
  20. T

    finally, a dos, please chkdsk???

    how do you become "elevated" when you can't get in to windows in order to run dos/chkdsk in administrators or "elevated" mode.
  21. J

    Laptop shuts down after a few minutes

    My daughters's laptop shuts down after 3 to 4 minutes. It asks to do a chkdsk when I power on. If I do a chkdsk, it will shut down somewhere in the middle of the scan. If I don't choose chkdsk on startup, then windows will completely load and it will shut down after a few minutes. I have...
  22. P

    currupted mft of ext hdd. chkdsk /f failed.

    hv got the mft of my ext hdd corrupted. chkdsk /f on windiws is not repairing it. I tried scanning it with some 3rd party tools but no use, rather my mbr is now blown. any idea how/what tool i could use to recover the mft without destroying the data on my hdd.
  23. F

    How to solve the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable error i

    During windows installation this message is appeared; The file ore directory C:\Boot is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.
  24. A

    How do I get to elevated mode?

    How do I get to elevated mode to run CHKDSK?
  25. M


    Hello, my computer has stop:0x00000024 blue screen and dont let do more ,i canot be able to run CHKDSK
  26. G

    Is my hard drive bad?

    Well , i guess I'll ask again seeming that nobody wants to verify if it is bad or not. [...] t_17819589 My ram is fine but chkdsk found a lot of bad sectors right away, and the scan took all night to finish. will a new hard drive fix this problem? (I am...
  27. J

    Checkdisk ?

    Hello, i have a dv9000 and it does not have a battery so i just plug the power cord into the 110 outlet. when i turn it on, the lighthe power button, it turns on and turns right off the last time it was on and i was going to turn it off, i noticed that checkdisk was checking the hard drives...
  28. S


    The chkdsk started on turning on the computer. We shut it down and turned it back on. It is running chkdsk and won't allow us to go into any programs, the mouse isn't even visible, is there a way to stop the chkdsk and get back to the desk top so you can continue to work?
  29. E

    Help Recovering MFT

    Hello all, Recently we had one of our servers reboot and when it started back up Windows Server 2003 started a checkdisk, well the certain individual was impatient and did not want to wait for the checkdisk to complete so they pulled the plug and rebooted cold. Now windows reports that the MFT...