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  1. X

    Blue screen on start up after reset via windows 10 settings

    Recovery blue screen "Your pc/device needs to be repaired" Required OS/Recovery file missing? File:\windows\system32\winload.efi You'll need recovery tools? I got my windows 10 without a disc and i dont have any recovery tools for it? All I wanted to do was wipe my pc completely and it's...
  2. E

    how cani retrieve my contacts from jan 2017

    contacts recovery from jan 2017
  3. I

    looking for recovery disk

    hi i need recovery disc for toshiba c660 -1zm
  4. E

    Need help entering recovery drive on gateway mx 8738

    i know its possible - i have done it before on this laptop. i just need to know the key combos! thank you in advance:)
  5. G

    Can't access bios on my laptop

    Basically my laptop is stuck in a loop of "All boot options are tried. Press <F4> key to recover with factory image using Recovery or any other keys for next iteration." No matter what I press it turns off and back on into the loop and and I can't access bios while booting up either. Any help is...
  6. X

    I need the password recovery wizard disc for a toshiba L305-S5933

    I have an old Toshiba laptop I cannot remember the password. admin password. To reset it asks for a reset disc.
  7. viveknayyar007

    How to Force Restart iPhone X

    What Is Force Restart? In any iPhone, Force Restart, a.k.a. Hard Reset means shutting down your iPhone forcefully and abruptly, and letting it restart normally afresh. When you perform force restart, all the apps running in the background exit without saving any data or files you’ve been working...
  8. P

    Picture and apps recovery

    I accidentally reset or rebooted my HTC one M7 and lost all my downloaded apps and all my pictures how can i get them back :(
  9. C

    Hard drive replacement.

    I have a hosed hard drive on a Toshiba laptop. I do not have any recovery software to use. The Laptop owner took the laptop to the IT dept where he works, and for some reason, they deleted the main partition on the hard drive. I attempted to install Win8 on the drive, but to no avail. I can...
  10. R

    After using copy and paste a few times it quits working. Using Microsoft Works.

    After using copy and paste in Microsoft works a few times it quits working what is the recovery for this
  11. P

    I have a Toshiba C55-B5240X laptop running windows 10 that has crashed

    I have a Toshiba C55-B5240X laptop running windows 10 that has crashed and have misplaced my Toshiba recovery cd. Can I recreate the recovery cd from my work desktop
  12. A

    how download recovery toshiba qosmio g30 to windows 10

    download recovery toshiba qosmio g30 to windows 10
  13. J

    toshiba sateliite u920t-b919

    how can i download the recovery disc for my Toshiba satellite u920t-b919?