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    How to Reset Your Touch ID Settings on MacBook Pro

    The Touch ID settings on MacBook Pro are very efficient and help you unlock your computer and complete payments at speed. But Touch ID can stop responding at times, or you may get messages saying the fingerprint limit has been reached. Follow these simple steps to solve these problems. 1. Open...
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    How to Reset Your Touch ID Settings on MacBook Pro

    The Touch ID settings on MacBook Pro are very efficient and help you unlock your computer and complete payments at speed. But Touch ID can stop responding at times, or you may get messages saying the fingerprint limit has been reached. Follow these simple steps to solve these problems. 1. Open...
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    factory recovery disc

    looking for a factory recovery disc for a Toshiba satellite c75d-b, I have win 10 home edition loaded
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    Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 recovery disc

    Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 recovery disc for Visit 32 and 64 bit
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    Google account recovery issue

    I bought a used LG smart phone and after I factory reset it it said I had to put in the old Google account. I don't know the info or password. What do I do?
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    Solved! Cant turn on laptop after click recovery

    I just click recovery file to reset my laptop. Suddenly it shut down and i cant turn it on. I tried remove battery and use plug. It doesnt work. The screen on but nothing i can see. Just light behind screen.
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    How to recover my Google account without access to any of my recovery info? I don't have the phone number and can't access the

    Can't get into my Google account. And I don't have access to any of the recovery info
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    Solved! Recovery Phone Data

    Factory rest on my Phone Samsung S3 all data loss and i have no backup on my phone.l need all its possible to recover.
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    HP laptop, can't get into BIOS and BIOS recovery fails.

    I have two partitions in my SSD. A Linux and a windows one. A few months ago the windows partition stopped working after a Microsoft update. I was using Linux all this time just fine but today I thought why not try and format that partition and do a clean install. I tried to get into BIOS...
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    Tried both reset and recovery but is still messed up

    I have a Toshiba c55-b series Laptop I bought in January 2016, 3 weeks ago its Windows 8.1 OS malfunctioned and I had to do a reset of it. It was only a temporary fix since the system went from being fairly fast to slower than a snail. I got off what files I could and did a full recovery, but...
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    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320-15 IAP 80 Xr

    I'm very much in need of the Windows 10 home 64 bit operating System where can I get a Recovery Disc or Usb Recovery Sincerely Don
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    Boot Drive Error

    My Acer aspire e1-532 won’t let me log on or do anything, I get the black screen with the Acer logo until it takes to me to another which says, “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Enter recovery media and hit any key Then select ‘boot manager’ to choose a new boot device or to boot...
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    Solved! Toshiba s75t-a7217 boot problem

    Toshiba supplied recovery USB won't boot. Bios is set correctly, holding f12 down when turning machine on. Get selecting a process screen up and when I follow the steps it goes for a minute and then blue screens and says there is a problem and closes. Can anyone help me please. Thanks
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    Recovery old photos

    How can I recover my old pictures from a old cell phone someone stole? And I can't find it on Google.
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    HP laptop recovery blank screen

    I have an HP 15-1039wm that boots straight into the Automatic recovery tool. After this screen shows for a few seconds, the screen then goes blank. It stays like this for hours and doesn't do anything. I have tried to use F11 to boot into the BIOS or boot manager, but they also yield blank...
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    disk usage 100% laptop too slow to reset with windows recovery thing

    the laptop of my friend is so slow I can't reset it with windows 's recovery program. I think it is the disk usage that is the problem and i have check the forums for solution but nothing works. sorry for my english it is not my first language.
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    how can i recovery a deleted photos from audio manager

    i hv jst kept phone for deep clean n all my hidden photos from hide it pro app r lost so plz can anyone say me how to back them n even those pics i hv deleted from google photos
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    Need help fixing hwawai 6 pro stuck in fast boot mode

    My phone got water split on ot so i open it and wipe it then when i activate it the screen were turned in home boot screen mode and the arrow kept moving between recovery and fastboot and normal i can't choose
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    Recovery software help

    There's nothing but words that don't make since to me. I need help. With my gateway laptop computer. I need a drive.please can someone help me? Thank u
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    Synology Hydrid RAID file system recovery

    Hello Everyone, I was running a DS218+ with only 1 disk configuration. Everything works fine. Recently while I was adding a secondary HDD as SHR, my house had a power failure and the NAS rebooted. After the reboot, the previously installed HDD (call HDD A) was not accessible anymore. The...
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    Solved! easy recovery essentials

    hi, does anybody has got any experience with easy recovery essentials? I had to purchase it to fix my laptop, because the recovery management always failed: it says : restore failed - error code=0×3 (WIMSetReferenceFile cannot set reference files) Because my computer can't be restored by...
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    Galaxy S2 boot failure

    My galaxy tab S2 doesn't boot at all, it doesn't even shiw the start up logo and i can't reach the recovery mode after hard reset ! Do i need to downlad a reboot file ? If so , where can i find it ??!! Thanks in advance.
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    I am lost my phone no. And I want Chang recover password can u help me

    I am lost my password or sim I can u Help me Chang recovery password
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    Best Windows 10 Data Recovery Software?

    Please give me some suggestion for Windows 10 data recovery software.
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    The message on my computer says default boot device is missing or boot failed insert recovery media and hit any key then selec

    What is a thread I don’t know but I am 14 and my Avery is messed up I need help
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    Can't enter safe mode

    Hello guys . need help. My tablet won't restart on safe mode. No matter what I do. I can enter the recovery menu to hard reset . and can hard reset. I can also enter the safe mode option but will not start to safe mode . always restart on normal booting. No "safe mode" logo on the screen. Any...
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    Pic recovery fromphone

    My LG won't turn on. How do I retrieve my pics for new phone. Had no back up. New phone is a galaxy
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    Stolen phone. is forensic data recovery possible

    My phone Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission was stolen and I know for a fact it was sent to a data forensic company. I did do the erase feature on the phone and deleted the Gmail account associated with it. My question is could a data forensic company get any information such pictures, contacts, emails...
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    Solved! How to my old email I'd back photo

    My old photo recovery in this email I'd
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    Dell inspiron 5520 problem

    Cách trị mụn thâm hiệu quả bằng gừng Gừng tươi có chứa nhiều chất khoáng, các chất K, Ca, Mg, Co, Fe…caroten, vitamin nhóm B, C, E có đặc tính chống ôxy hóa mạnh. Những chất này có tác dụng ức chế sản sinh các sắc tố melamin, giảm tình trạng thâm sạm da. Gừng không chỉ dùng để chế biến món ăn...
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    locked out of fb

    fb keeps rejecting my password and recovery phone number. Having same problem with my emails.
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    How do I get my acer aspire 4250 to factory reset it’s not accepting the recovery discs and says device changes and redundan

    acer aspire trouble loading recovery discs says change in devices and redundancy
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    Can’t get into Google account

    On vacation & broke iPhone, I couldn’t get a new phone from my carrier until I got home, so I bought a straight talk phone & it issued me a new number...??? Now I can’t get into my any of my google accounts...I have gone to the recovery website....of course I couldn’t remember password, date I...
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    Samsung Picture Recovery

    So to make a long story short. I was paddleboarding and my Note 8 was in a Joto case and fell off my board and it's probably safe to say that it's now in the bottom of the lake. I have searched high and low and the pictures that were on my phone were not backed up to my drive or verizon. I have...
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    New HP Pavilion X360 upgrade to Windows 10 1803 broke functionality - HP Support is useless

    I bought an HP Pavilion X360 15 br010nr in April and recently upgraded it to Win 10 version 1803. The audio and touch screen no longer work, and I have warning triangles on my cpu cores in device manager. The touch screen doesn't even show up. HP "support" verified that it is not a hardware...
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    Hey I've lost my phone and dont remember my gmail account and the recovery email and number is not working! Is there any way a

    Hey I've lost my phone and dont remember my gmail account and the recovery email and number is not working! Is there any way around this?
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    thinkpad win 7 help

    thinkpad x121e, win7 en 64, i cleaned my c drive..cause the system broken.. now can not login... can not recovery by press f12... can not repair... just black screen. so, there may be only one way left: recovery with a usb recovery.... so, is there anyone can help:;???? how to make a usb...
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    photos recovery from gallery

    recoupholla@ @grip p I'm
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    Macbook pro 15 late 2009 problem

    Hello i have macbook pro 15. When it turns on i get flashing folder with question mark....I can not get into recovery... any startup commands does not work. I have replaced flex cable for hard drive. Before the mac got broken i locked it with find my iphone by i need to fix it....THx
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    Tired that just changes my pasword u the other email not one im trying to recover

    Have three. 4 emails that have been changed they have changed password recovery phone number recovery first email is Removed need help lost all pictures of my kids and pretty upset
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    Samsung Note 10.1 N8000 unresponsive recovery mode. Help?

    So my old samsung note 10.1 N8000 got stuck in a boot loop. I tried to go to recovery mode to hard reset the device, but strangely enough, the recovery mode selection doesn't seem to respond to the volume buttons, hence I cannot select the factory reset option by pressing the volume buttons. Any...
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    How do I Transfer my Data from my dead laptops Internal HD to my new laptop?

    So my old laptop's charger stopped working and the battery still has a 50-60 percent charge but I doubt it'll be enough for me to cut/copy paste stuff onto my external drive (it's 1TB). I have around 500GB worth of data, if not more. I'm talking about transfer data like documents, images, videos...
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    I need to restart my Acer aspire Es 15 but I don't want to do a factory reset how can I do this without the recovery disc

    I need to restart my Acer aspire Es 15 it's windows 10 I don't want a factory reset & don't have the recovery disc
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    How to use recovery disc's set on my gateway nv5214 u

    How to use recovery disc's for gateway laptop. It won't start up , pops up enter HDD password..,...
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    Solved! Help Recover Files On External Hard Drive - Recovery Disc Fail :(

    Please help. My laptop died the other day and I had to create usb recovery disc from Microsoft. I got the laptop back to working order but lost all files, this didn't worry me much. However, when I made the usb recovery disc I also had my external hard drive plugged in. For some reason, when...
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    S6 Edge Plus taking forever in 'wiping cache partition'.

    Attempted to wipe cache partition in recovery mode, but my S6 has been displaying "Wiping cache" for several hours now. Should it ever take this long ? The cache has not been wiped before during the entire life of the device's operation - over 2 and a half years. Would like to know what to do...
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    Windows 10 recovery disc made from Windows 7?

    Hi i am wondering if i can create a windows recovery disk for windows 10 but on a windows 7 computer as it is the only one i have with a disk tray. I have searched online but cannot find anything regarding the subject.
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    my phone was factory reset i cant remember my google password and all my recovery info is no longer valid how can i get google

    My phone was erased I don't remember my password to google or gmail my recovery email and phone number doesn't work any more i have a different phone number and the email is opened by account key as well which will bring me back to my gmail in which i cant sign in the only question they have...
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    what if u cant see screen at all to perform step of recovery

    my phone got light screen damage from water and is now is not problem with battery just no screen
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    Next book NX16A11264 Hard Reset

    This is directly from Nextbook. Factory Data Reset This reset will take you back to factory settings Anything you have saved onto this unit will be erased · Your unit MUST be completely powered off, not on sleep/idle mode. · Once you have verified your unit is completely powered off, Go...
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    Viewing BIOS/recovery on external display, broken laptop screen

    Hey all, I've had a Lenovo Y510P laptop with a broken screen for years, and have been using it with an external monitor. Recently it was 'bricked' from a faulty Windows update, but I can still load BIOS & boot options, Windows recovery and Lenovo recovery. It even displayed this all to the...
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    Administrative password recovery for Acer Travelodge 5710

    I need help on how to recover my administrative password for my Acer travelmate 5710
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    Hp stream crash

    I have an Up stream notebook that I tried to update to the latest Windows 10 version. Guess I goofed up cause now the notebook starts and goes to the recovery screen and tells me my notebook needs repair. I cant get to the recovery window. I just keep getting error messages. I wanted to do a...
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    Printer screen says "Recovery Mode" Now what? Epson WF 2660

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    Samsung laptop will not boot up after a recent Windows update

    My Samsung laptop will not boot up after a recent Windows update. It kept cycling and then I would turn it off and put it in Safe Mode and try to check Drive C but now when I boot up it says hit F4. So I hit F4 and it boots up in Recovery Mode. I try to backup my files on an external but it...
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    Resetting my Google account password

    I no longer have the recovery phone number or the recovery email I went to jail 5 months ago and forgot my password how can I get it back please help
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    I've got my recovery email but will let allot me to reset my password for my Gmail account and denies me any other option

    Currently locked out of my gmail address I have the recovery email address and I remember a couple old passwords but my Gmail refuses to allow me any currently locked out of my gmail address I have the recovery email address and I remember a couple old passwords but my Gmail refuses to allow me...
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    How to recover Outlook data stored offline from OST file?

    How can I get back my emails from OST file in Outlook? Is there any solution in Outlook own software or any other software or tool for OST file recovery? Suggest me with the best option.