Can’t get into Google account

Jul 19, 2018
On vacation & broke iPhone, I couldn’t get a new phone from my carrier until I got home, so I bought a straight talk phone & it issued me a new number...???

Now I can’t get into my any of my google accounts...I have gone to the recovery website....of course I couldn’t remember password, date I opened google was over 20 years ago, and I couldn’t use my original cell phone number because I didn’t have it & my carrier would not put on this new phone, I did remember my recovery email address and used that...followed the process received the code, nothing wouldn’t wanted me to try back again later???? I need help I’m not real computer literate..... I have tried to contact google customer service, but I really don’t think they exist, because I just can’t seem to get a live person or a chat person who isn’t trying to charge me to help me.
Please if you have any way of helping me I would really appreciate it ....thanks