Question Can anyone explain the difference between a Verizon Pixel 7 and a Google Pixel 7?


Jul 23, 2021
I would like to upgrade my phone to a Pixel 7. If I go to the Google store I can by a Verizon Pixel 7 that's configured for their network only. I can also purchase a Google Pixel 7 that will work on all carriers not just Verizon and that phone is $200.00 cheaper. Can anyone explain to my why I would want to spend $200.00 more for a Verizon phone? My guess is that the Google Pixel 7 will work on Verizon's network but not 100% like the Verizon phone but is whatever it is worth the extra $200.00 ? I do not live in a large city like New York or Chicago and until Verizon finishes putting up a new tower 5 miles from my home I live in a wireless carrier dead zone and to have decent service from any carrier you have to have a cell phone extender in your home. In fact, I'm not even sure how much 5G is in the greater Pensacola, FL metro area. My problem is that my existing phone is old and starting to have a few issues and Verizon will not cut me a deal on a new phone as I'm on the bottom tier of their unlimited plan service not their top tier unlimited plan..
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Feb 17, 2023
Pensacola Verizon announced 5G coverage for select areas of Pensacola back in March 2021.

5G is marginally better over 4 LTE service but may require a local repeater to boost and beam wide band signals to your home if you are in hilly terrain or somewhat distant from a tower, if you need fast GB per second service feeds. Most models of major phone brands are configured for 5G and so are many better brand routers.

Android has a proprietary OS software co-developed with major phone manufacturers and one or more major cell service carriers.

Those phones are sold locked for dedicated carrier service for a defined period, usually 6 mo to 1 or more years. These devices can be unlocked after a specified period of continuous dedicated cell phone service.

The phones are most often sold as pay as you go monthly installments. You can opt to purchase the phone in full at the service providers local stores, where the phone can be activated immediately, saving you from remote activation hassles.

Carriers frequently offer competitive sale prices on popular flagship models for major phone manufacturers. Lesser but not budget models are sometimes offered free when premium service is purchased either as monthly prepaid or postpaid accounts.

These carrier sold phones are configured for that carrier and have preloaded carrier software (including bloatware) with popular apps that cannot be easily removed if you don't use those apps and want to free up storage.

Your best bet might be a nearly free better but not top line phone model with prepaid month to month service, Buy extended replacement (lost stolen broken) insurance that rides on top of the warranty from the phone manufacturer as it is cheaper by half than insurance offered by the cell carrier.
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