Question Broken Phone - Need Advice on Data recovery


Dec 31, 2017
I was recently in a car accident and my phone (Galaxy S9 Plus) was a casualty. I've taken it to a repair shop that replaced the battery and the screen but still couldn't get it to power on. His next step was to order a motherboard which would take some time and cost roughly $230 for the whole repair with no guarantee of being able to retrieve my data (obviously). I told him that I would check some other options. So he put my broken screen and digitizer back on and I left. My question is, I have this broken phone and all I really care about is getting the photos and videos off of it. What are the odds that they are recoverable if the MOBO is replaced? I don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for each and every part to be replaced when I could just buy a new phone for cheaper but if I get the MOBO, screen and battery replaced for $230 AND my data back, I'm willing to pay that. Are there some other options that I haven't thought of? I don't think using software to recover the data is an option because I can't even get the phone to turn thoughts? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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Mar 21, 2023
As you mentioned above that you are mainly interested in recovering the data, replacing the motherboard might be the best option, but as the repair shop mentioned, there's no guarantee that your data will be recoverable. There are a few other options that would be helpful for you.

First, if you have previously backed up your phone data to the cloud or another device, you may be able to recover your photos and videos from there.
Second, you can try connecting your phone to a computer using a USB cable and see if it shows up as a device. If it does, you may be able to access your files and transfer them to your computer.
Third, you can try taking your phone to a different repair shop for a second opinion. They may have different methods for recovering data from damaged phones.

If these options do not work, then replacing the motherboard may be your best option😊


Dec 31, 2017
I hadn't even thought of checking to see if the phone would show up on my PC. I doubt it will but thank you for mentioning that. I may try to have the MOBO changed and see if I can bill the insurance company for the loss. Thanks again for all of the suggestions. They are vey much appreciated.
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