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    Solved! How to connect a new TV to an old receiver?

    I want to connect my 43” Samsung TU43DU7175U, 4K UHD Smart TV, which has no RCA output, to my 30 year old TECHNICS SH-EH60 Stereo Sound Processor, which only uses RCA. I want to be able to switch at will between the TV audio output and the speakers connected to the receiver. Is this possible...
  2. brocasplayz

    Question Samsung no300e5c laptop won't turn on and would show constant green light on battery indicator

    My Samsung laptop np300e5c-A0cin won't start after I did a shut down and the battery was even half full. Than I wanted to start it again after just shutting it down because I remembered I forgot something there. But then found it would not turn on and would show a green dot on the battery charge...
  3. B

    Question If I bought an unlocked phone from amazon should I root first?

    I recently purchased this samsung galaxy A53 5g cell phone from amazon. It comes unlocked. So when it says 'unlocked' does this mean my bootloader is unlocked and ready to be rooted? Should I root my phone before I transfer my mint mobile service to the phone?
  4. S

    Question Samsung-SM-J727V, Android version 8.1.0, how to activate the SanDisk SD Card?

    Please can someone say step-by-step on how to activate the SD SanDisk card on this phone? When i put in the card, what do i do next? How do i set up "storage" so that photos, videos, and files will be automatically saved to the SD Card? Thank you for your time.
  5. S

    Question Broken Phone - Need Advice on Data recovery

    I was recently in a car accident and my phone (Galaxy S9 Plus) was a casualty. I've taken it to a repair shop that replaced the battery and the screen but still couldn't get it to power on. His next step was to order a motherboard which would take some time and cost roughly $230 for the whole...
  6. janseana

    Question What are these yellow marks on the back of my Samsung phone?

    I discovered my old Samsung a7 2017 (A720F/DS) in my drawer and found several yellow smudges or stains on the back cover (which is made of glass). Nearly a year has passed since the phone was last used (with no battery left). Who has any idea what this is? Should I throw this away...
  7. J

    Data transfer for Samsung SCH-U340 phone

    I'm searching for a way to pull images and texts from an old SCH-U340 flip phone with a battery that won't hold a charge but will work when on the charging cable. From what I can tell, it won't have Bluetooth, isn't connected to a phone service and I've not found a cable that connects it to a...
  8. M

    Question No sound from sound bar until 2-3 seconds after content starting

    I have a Hisense U7G Android TV. I connected it to the Samsung Q600A sound bar through HDMI ARC to the eARC port on the TV. I noticed that it takes a few seconds of the content playing for sound to come out of the speaker. Or when I play a video after pausing it, it takes a few seconds for the...
  9. R

    Question A lot of photos and videos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

    Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've...
  10. JadenW

    Question Samsung tv to vizio Bluetooth sound bar

    I recently purchased a Samsung AU8000 and wanted to connect a Vizio 2.0 home theatre sound bar via Bluetooth. And they are both have Bluetooth compatibility but when I try to connect them to each other the sound bar doesn’t show up on the TV but it shows up when I try to connect it to something...
  11. T

    Question Windows 10 R9 390 PC stuck 4k@30hz on Samsung TV

    I am currently using a Displayport to HDMI 2.1 cable to connect my r9 390 PC to my Samsung TV. No matter what I try I’ve only been able to get 30hz at 4k. Over the last year I’ve tried USB C adapters, HDMI 2.0, 2.1, and multiple displayport adapters and cables. I’ve conceded to using 1080p to...
  12. Batguerra1

    Solved! Galaxy S7 Edge won't respond at all

    I own a Galaxy S7 Edge for 5 years now. Just this morning I've unplugged it from the power outlet and realized it wouldn't respond. The screen was off, however, the led in the screen was lit green, which meant it's recharging, when it is not. I've tried unlocking it, forcing reset by holding the...
  13. P

    Solved! RCA ports for surround sound on a Samsung TV

    I have a samsung TU8507 UHD and wanted to ask how if it is possible to get 5.1 surround sound using those AV in RCA connectors. It does not have 3.5mm and i dont have speakers with optical out or eARC. I attached a photo of its back panel
  14. L

    Solved! Ipad Mini 64GB for 530€ vs Galaxy Tab S8 + keyboard cover + Galaxy Tab A8 for 630€

    Hello, I'd like to get a tablet, I don't really need it, but I'd like to get one. I already have gaming desktop pc, 6 years old not very portable 15.6" gaming laptop (which I still use for work when I'm not home) and a "small" phone pixel 3a and I'm getting a galaxy s22 soon. As you can see I'm...
  15. B

    Solved! Is it possible to connect Sonos Port to HDMI sound bar

    I currently have a Sonos Port connected to a 2009 pioneer receiver, that I also use for movie surround sound. I would like to buy a soundbar and I was looking at the Samsung HW-Q950A. Alas, it only has HDMI and optical inputs The port just has RCA and digital Coax. Is there any way possible to...
  16. E

    Question Samsung 4K tv showing nothing but blue lines and snow - see pic

    I'm no expert in tv repair, so I'm sorry if this isn't in the right place, but I searched for my issue and couldn't find anything. I have a Samsung UN65JU640DF that has suddenly started showing nothing but blue lines and blue snow. Here is a pic: View Image As you can see the CC is perfectly...
  17. S

    Solved! Android 11 - Does restarting your phone multiple times a day wear the battery/SSD overtime?

    I have the samsung a32 5g. I'm frequently restarting my phone to test some apps. Does anyone know if restarting your phone frequently puts wear on either the battery or SSD overtime? Does the phone write mb to the SSD on restart?
  18. S

    Solved! Would auto sync take up a significant amount of data?

    I have the Samsung a32 5g. I am synced to 5 gmail accounts, 1 facebook account, office, onedrive, reddit, soundcloud samsung account, whatsapp and 2 twitter accounts. I only really receive a decent amount of emails from two of my gmail accounts, and some notifications some reddit. I notice I...
  19. M

    Solved! Soundbar reco for Panasonic Viera Plasma

    I am looking for a Black Friday type deal on a decent Soundbar (Budget $400) that is compatible with both my older 2007 Panasonic Viera Plasma (model TH-58PZ700U) and will still work seemlessly with a newer Samsung QLED 80T (QN75Q80TAFXZA) when I plan to upgrade in the spring. Have been told by...
  20. K

    Solved! Help identifying issue with Samsung TV display

    Today our Samsung 75" Q60T QLED Smart 4K TV (2020) started displaying two oddly shaped, very defined patches where the image is slightly darker. It is really only visible when viewing the screen from the side angle, it's not noticeable when viewing straight on. Is someone able to help me...
  21. S

    Solved! Generally ok to jog with samsung phone in pocket?

    I have the samsung a32 5g without a case. I sometimes will go out for a jog and have my phone in my pocket. There's no way for it to fall out, since the pocket is so big but it's not exactly tight against my pants. Is this generally ok?
  22. Tommy Sawyer

    Question Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) 16 Gb with no room

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) 16 GB and it has no room ... I have a 128 GB card in it, but most programs can't be saved on it. It's frustrating. I have to delete most of the apps I want. Even when I update certain apps that are saved on the card, they revert back to the hard...
  23. Niteridet

    Question SAMSUNG RUGBY 2

  24. A

    Solved! How to Connect my Wii to Samsung TV?

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to get my wii on my Samsung Tv, however it doesn't have anywhere I can plug the AV cables. I have a Yamaha A/V receiver hooked up to my TV, and I've tried plugging my A/V cables into that instead. However, I don't see anything pop up on my Samsung TV screen. Any...
  25. MDThompson51686

    Solved! Family member calls me but using a totally different number than my Verizon one?

    Hey guys I have a Google Pixel XL4 and my father has a Samsung Galaxy S5. I received a text of a Tik Tok link from what I thought was him at first but then realized it wasn't from him as my saved contact but a different number from Georgia. I also noticed at the beginning of the Text was "Dad"...
  26. A

    Question Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH Slow Performance Trouble

    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH, i7-2675QM @2.2GHz, 8GB RAM. System in great condition, largely unused over last several years. Several years ago this laptop began giving me trouble by randomly freezing, so it went into storage. Tried at one point to clean it and found some possibly-related issues...
  27. V

    Question Can someone confirm whether fixing this Samsung TV is achievable/economically viable?

    UE55NU8000T I am presuming not, but would appreciate if someone could confirm. Thanks in advance Videos
  28. J

    Question Samsung boots only sometimes

    Hey! I have a weird issue. My Samsung 350V5C-S05CZ boots only sometimes. Like one of 10 times when I turn it on. Sometimes it boots 2times in a row and sometimes it doesn´t boot even after 20th time. When it doesn´t boot Leds turn on, fan is working, but screen remains black. It seems like...
  29. M

    Solved! Volume Issues Samsung TV & Home Theater

    My circa 2018 Samsung smart TV and circa 2017 Samsung home theater system has recently been acting up. The Samsung TV remote always controlled the home theater volume (instead of seeing the TV volume up or down display on the TV, it would instead change the home theater volume control). It...
  30. C

    Solved! Alternatives to Samsung's "The Frame" TV

    Hi there, I've been eyeing a 55" Samsung "The Frame" TV. It sure looks nice, but it's much more expensive than other 55" TVs. I don't need a super flat wall mount, but the idea of the TV displaying pictures when not in use is very appealing from an aesthetics point of view. Are there cheaper...
  31. N

    Solved! My laptop turns off when internal HDD is attached

    my laptop didn't have this problem before though, it just started yesterday that when I turned it on it turns on a few seconds showing the laptop brand logo then turns off afterwards. I tried to fix it by removing the HDD and it turned on afterwards bringing me to the laptop's boot system then I...
  32. S

    Solved! Samsung Smart TV keeps rebooting after showing bettery empty image

    I have a 65 inch Samsung smart tv model UN65H6300. It had been working correctly up to this point. But suddenly I started to see the attached image on my tv appearing to indicate that a battery was empty and then it shuts down and tries to restart again. I had connected to my wifi for the...
  33. T

    Solved! Help with PS4 on a 2009 Samsung LCD TV

    So I was recently given a Samsung 2009 LCD TV B460 series (model # LN32B460B2D; model code # LN32B460B2DXZA). I’ve only been using it for PS4 and I saw online that some older TV models just don’t work with the PS4. It definitely works, but some things look off. For example, I’m playing Final...
  34. R

    Solved! Samsung s20 wireless charging does not work

    Hi, I bought myself an s20 a few months ago and I usually charge it either on cable or wireless. After like a month of using it Wireless charging stopped working completely and not a single wireless charger works aymore. Before you ask, yes wireless charging is enabled and it should be working...
  35. Cassiehunt

    Question Samsung Tab E screen wont light up

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab e that was unfortunately mistreated by someone which has caused the backlight/LCD screen to light up. It still powers on and works you just can't see the screen. I've watched YouTube videos, taken it apart to make sure all wires and strips are attached with no luck...
  36. barryallen82

    Solved! Advice Needed: Need a *SMALL* Android Smartphone

    Hi there, I am in the market for a new phone; and am not at all fond of these massive 5 - 6" + behemoths that dominate the market. I'd very much appreciate suggestions for Android phones in the 4.2" to 4.8" size range. My spec requirements are modest: 1.5 - 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM will be...
  37. shutupnabi

    Solved! Got a second hand samsung soundbar with no subwoofer

    The model number on it is HW-H450 and the subwoofer that was supposed to come with it is PS-WH450. I’m wondering if i can use a different sub instead, it’s really hard to find. What should i do.
  38. MortenElite

    Question Ps4, tv and HT-TXQ120

    Hello, I have a HT-TXQ120 and i want to connect my ps4 and tv. I already have it done by hdmi but I want to use a optical cable to. But every time I set it up, then there’s no audio at all. tried ps to tv with hdmi and then optical cable from ps to surround. And the same as the above but with...
  39. AKLT

    Question Samsung Galaxy A51 - Can we set the SD card as the primary storage?

    I'm looking to replace my mother's S8+, which often is full and the SD card is not able to set as the primary storage, which is the main reason for why im looking at this budget mid range phone. Anyone has insights if the model is able to set the SD as the main storage for apps and media...
  40. bobbyurso

    Question SD Card Problems. (SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 PRIME)

    So I have filled my phone's internal storage, which is 16GB. I have a 100GB SD card, but I cannot seem to turn it into my internal storage. Every time I go to the SD card settings, it only says "Format" and doesn't have the "Format as Internal" it should have. I am running on Android 9.
  41. I

    Solved! Samsung UN39FH5000FXZA black screen with ok audio

    I tried rebooting the tv but it didn't help. I did the flashlight test and can see very faint images, so I'm assuming the backlight is down. What component(s) most likely should be replaced?
  42. billsam

    Solved! Can a Samsung HT_j5550l/ZN play netflix in dolby digital plus in the app on it?

    Hello I want to purchase a surround system that enables me to watch netflix in 5.1 and i saw a samsung HT_j5550l/ZN with the tall speakers for 300$ used . so I was wondering if it could be able to do the task. I have an old jvc 44 inch LED
  43. B

    Solved! Playing Laptop through Onkyo TX-SR444 to a samsung smart TV

    When i plug my laptop into the receiver (Game1) it does not detect the source. Also when connected via HDMI my laptop screen flickers and mouse jumps. How do you successfully mirror PC screen on a TV using the reciever?
  44. P

    Question ARC issue with Yamaha receiver and Samsung TV

    Hello, I have Yamaha RX-A3080 and Samsung 8K QLED TV QE65Q950RBTXXH. I'm connecting HDMI cable (arc compatible) from oneconnect (HDMI3) to Yamaha receiver OUT1(arc) it seems the tv is switching to HDMI receiver but i don't get any sound. I have configured correctly both the TV and the receiver...
  45. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  46. C

    Solved! Vizio TV, Samsung Soundbar, HELP

    I have the sub and Soundbar synced. I have the HDMI out (Soundbar) hooked directly into the back of the TV. I researched and read about ARC and enabling CES and all this stuff but I’m thoroughly confused. I can control volume with Soundbar remote, but TV has no sound. Not sure if the hook up is...
  47. C

    Question Samsung 65" TV no backlight do led strips have fusible links

    Hello: I have a Samsung 65" UN65 EH6000F Screen tested fine but I have no backlight. I tested the led strips. There are 6 strips with 2 segments each. When putting power to the first segment thru the connector no leds lit. when I put power to the +/- solder points nothing lit. Then there are 4...
  48. B

    Question 55" Samsung F7100 TV turns off when soundbar is hooked up via HDMI

    I have a 55" Samsung smart TV that is turning off when i hook my sound bar up with an HDMI cord. My set up is, Xfinity box to soundbar "in" with HDMI and Soundbar "out" to TV HDMI. Not sure why but every time I turn my TV on it turns off after about 5 min. The screen is black and is clicking, I...
  49. Nicy1

    Solved! My phone won't stay on

    I have a samsung note 5 and today all of a sudden it started going off when i unplug the charger. It goes off after a few mins. I don't understand why this is happening. When it shuts down, it restarts itself, as soon as the AT&T logo shows, it goes off again. If it's plugged in, it will stay on.
  50. N

    Question Samsun TV getting every channel over antenna except for one!

    Randomly our Samsung Smart TV stopped showing local Channel 13 (CBS). I have re-scanned, turned the antenna, and re-set the TV back to factory. When I try Channel 13 it says "no Signal" check your connection. But every other local channel is coming in fine. What's even weirder is that I don't...
  51. I

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P7500) won't turn on or charge

    Hey there, I have recieved this tablet a few days a ago, ordered original samsung charger and tried charging it up and turning it on, however the tablet wont turn on (not even a battery icon doesn’t show up). I tried taking it apart, disconnecting the battery for a while connector, holding the...
  52. G

    Solved! UN65NU6070 Doesn't Appear to have HDR function (despite being advertised as such)

    Really looking for some insight here as I've not searched forums, dealt with Samsung Customer care, and have had a tech come by an visit - still to no avail. I recently attempted to test out my TV's HDR, when to my surprise, there is no setting or obvious way of telling the TV is displaying...
  53. S

    Solved! Looking to upgrade from a Mitsubishi WD-65731

    I have a Mitubishi WD-65731 that will not power all the way on. I am looking at upgrading to 4K. Found the two below as options. Which would be a better option to move to (looking at staying below 1k)? thanks Samsung - 65" Class - LED - 7 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Model...
  54. TheSLIP

    Question Sony HT-100SF Soundbar not working with Samsung Television

    This is driving me crazy. It's happened once or twice before and just seemed to correct itself. While cleaning, my mouther moved the sound bar, either hitting a button on the touch controls or perhaps loosening a connection, resulting in sound only coming through the TV. I went through and...
  55. T

    Solved! DAC converter doesn’t connect to tv (it does on ps3/ps4 though -help)

    I bought this converter and another two actually. I Tried to connect Them with my jbl es 20 speakers which are connected to the amplifier. The tv is a Samsung ue65ks8080. And changed the settings audio...
  56. B

    Question Does samsung galaxy s10+ have any known struggles?

    Hi, I'm writing this post, because i'm quite confused. For first, I'd like to notice that I live in Poland. So, I've decided, it's a time to change my phone, I'm thinking right now about galaxy s10+, but I saw something strange, the prices for same model, can be different in some stores for...
  57. N

    Solved! Sometimes my phone dont recognize charger

    My phone is samsung s9+ and sometimes when I conect my charger, nothing happens and my phone dont recognize the charger, but when I unplug the charger and plug it again it fix.I only use orginal chargers.Also when the phone recognize the charger, charging is very good and fast. The port also isn...
  58. FirstLast1234

    Solved! Which speaker is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000?

    Which speaker/soundbar system is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000? Which one is louder? Are there any qualities that one has that the other doesn't? I pretty much just want a rundown of the pros and cons of each of them, and everyone's opinions on which one is louder, better, etc...
  59. S

    Solved! samsung s10e or huawei p20 pro?

    I have to chose between this 2, since I have been 'til now an iphone user (iphone SE). I'm looking for a durable in time device , such as the battery life, processor etc. Sorry for my bad english.
  60. S

    Question No Option To Change Audio Type To PCM On Samsung TV (Model: LN46b500P3F)

    Hey everyone! A couple days ago, I bought a soundbar for my grandparents. The soundbar is a Toshiba TY-SBX130B, connected to the TV by an Optical Audio Cable, and works great and their Blu-ray Player plays audio through the soundbar no problem, but when their TV (Samsung LN46B500P3F) is on...