Question Ipad Mini 64GB for 530€ vs Galaxy Tab S8 + keyboard cover + Galaxy Tab A8 for 630€


Dec 10, 2016
I'd like to get a tablet, I don't really need it, but I'd like to get one. I already have gaming desktop pc, 6 years old not very portable 15.6" gaming laptop (which I still use for work when I'm not home) and a "small" phone pixel 3a and I'm getting a galaxy s22 soon.

As you can see I'm not in the apple ecosystem.

I'd like to get a tablet to use around the house, in bed (my laptop gets too hot) and for when I travel or for when I don't need a full pc when I'm around.

My main use would be: youtube, netflix, movies, web browsing, social medias and discord, reading e-books and why not some gaming.

very portable I'd easily carry it everywhere, perfect size for reading, better app optimization than on android, longer support (I guess at least 6 years), cheaper, brighter display for use outside of home, minor but it has better games or better optimized games than android (afaik), center stage (not that important really)
CONS: only 64GB (is it enough?), smaller display for media consumption and general use, Ipad OS isn't that well optimized on the Mini in terms of UI sizing, extra money if I want the pen, jelly scrolling, no vanced youtube (goated app I love it)

Bigger storage and basically unlimited storage for movies on the sd if I travel, bigger (and good) display is better to watch movies and general use overall, 120Hz refresh rate, you get a pen and a keyboard (but no trackpad, idk how it is to use a tablet with keyboard but no trackpad), you get another tablet that I hope I could sell for 150€ at least, so total cost could go to 480€ but I'd probably get the 45W charger for 45€ so 525€ total (same as Ipad mini), samsung dex can make it more similar to a pc use, better multitasking, better internal camera placement (not that important really), youtube vanced, I have an android phone and I will have a galaxy s22 soon.
CONS: Less portable, probably too big for reading and especially out of home like at the beach (what do you think, is it too big?), less bright screen for outside use, worse app optimization (like discord is terrible afaik), less years of support (4 vs the many of the ipad), worse selection of games and less optimized games (none of the famous games runs at 120fps).

Considering these things and what products I already own, what would you pick and why?



This is all really your decision, there is no wrong one to pick here, all what you feel is best for what you are going to use it for. I don't like Apple products too much myself, and I'd rather have a larger screen for watching movies. 11" screen is decently big to carry around easier, it's more of a compact laptop than a smaller tablet, but that is again up to you if you think you will get annoyed with the larger size.
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