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    Hello, I'm sorry I don't speak English well. I have an ACER SWITCH 10E (SW3-013) tablet. Windows 10 tablet + keyboard flash disk + 1TB disk. I replaced the hard disk which works perfectly with an SSD, it works, but when I want to use the original WD BLUE HDD hard disk on another computer, it...
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    Question Recommended keyboard (powered by a cable not battery) for Xiaomi Pad 5

    Hello, I'm looking for a keyboard compatible with my Xiaomi pad 5 on an affordable price. However, is there any keyboard around works with a cable connected to the tablet and not depends on a battery? I just want to avoid extra device needs a charging
  3. L

    Solved! Ipad Mini 64GB for 530€ vs Galaxy Tab S8 + keyboard cover + Galaxy Tab A8 for 630€

    Hello, I'd like to get a tablet, I don't really need it, but I'd like to get one. I already have gaming desktop pc, 6 years old not very portable 15.6" gaming laptop (which I still use for work when I'm not home) and a "small" phone pixel 3a and I'm getting a galaxy s22 soon. As you can see I'm...
  4. Gryphonsavior

    Question Gma passed, her Onn surf tablet pin prevent us to get pictures help plz

    My girlfriend grandmother passed away and she received her onn surf tablet but she cant remember her grandmothers pin code and she would love to have her pictures please help me it would be the best Christmas gift I could get her
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    Solved! Should I buy a laptop or tablet?

    Hi My Apple IoS tablet is approaching the end of its life and consequently I am looking to replace it, but I’m not sure if I should get another tablet, or buy a laptop/netbook instead. Ideally I need something with both Word & Excel (or similar applications such as Libre Office), and a...
  6. AlyssaPikachu

    Question My RCA tablet won't work...

    My RCA tablet works...tho here's the catch, it keeps going to the battery thing, even if I keep it on the charger for a long time, and when it goes off of the battery screen, it keeps going back to the dogs and then goes to black about every 7 seconds, is it possible that I need to go somewhere...
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    Solved! ASUS laptop won't boot up after full reset

    I have a ASUS 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet that I want to give to my cousin. So I decided to do a reset of the PC to remove all my files and downloaded software. Then I would help her set it back up as a fresh PC. I ran the reset and, although it took a while, it seemed to complete fine. But when it did...
  8. ttro89

    Solved! Voyager 3 activation code/support

    We got a Voyager 3 tablet for my daughter as a gift. I have been trying to activate it for a week. The website seems like a scam lol. I put my DiSa number in and it tells me it wasn't purchased from a certified retailer, which is false. My Aunt purchased a few of these from...
  9. tyra012

    Solved! RCA W101SA23T1 TABLET

    I have the RCA W101SA23T1 tablet and it won’t turn on, the blue light is blinking but that’s about it. Can anyone help?😕
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    Question Windows 10 Tablet stuck at Startup Repair

    I've got an RCA (Cambio W101SA23T1) 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet and a few days back I powered it to just to be taken to the Startup Repair screen. It's asking for my password and because I've always been logging in using the PIN (I've forgotten my password) Selecting the Forgot Password option...