Solved! Voyager 3 activation code/support

Apr 5, 2021
We got a Voyager 3 tablet for my daughter as a gift.

I have been trying to activate it for a week. The website seems like a scam lol. I put my DiSa number in and it tells me it wasn't purchased from a certified retailer, which is false. My Aunt purchased a few of these from Wal-Mart a while back when they were on sale.

So far I've went to their "live chat" which is actually a Help Desk where you can submit a ticket and haven't heard anything in a week. I then tried the number on their website and some recording tried to get me to sign up for Medicade. Then I emailed RCA who told me to try and if that didn't work (obviously it didn't) to try 1.888.456.3472. That number says it's not available from my calling location. Then he told me I could ship it to them and have it repaired but since I don't have the receipt there will be a $50 service fee which costs more than the tablet itself.

Can someone tell me if there is anything I can do to get some answers? Thank you.