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    Samsung Devices Can´t Connect To home Wifi

    Hi, i have a little problem We have pretty old wifi router, but every other device from other brands (father´s nokia, friends lgs and acer) can connect but me, my brother and mum have samsung (galaxy tab 2 7.0, galaxy tab 3 and samsung galaxy grand neo) and can´t connect to wifi. I tried router...
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    Original Galaxy Tab 7- Screen Stopped Auto-Rotating

    My screen recently stopped rotating automatically, and the Original Galaxy Tab 7 has a NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY. Because of this, the recommended solution of removing the battery isn't available to me. If there is an ALTERNATE SOLUTION please respond. The only thing I can think of is a hard...
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    How to Replace the Battery on a Galaxy Tab 7 Inch

    A dead battery on a Galaxy Tab 7-inch isn’t necessarily a reason to replace the device, especially if it is still performing well. Use the following steps to open up your Galaxy tablet, pull out the old battery, and hook up a new one. Step 1 If you are going to replace the battery on your...