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  1. L

    Solved! Ipad Mini 64GB for 530€ vs Galaxy Tab S8 + keyboard cover + Galaxy Tab A8 for 630€

    Hello, I'd like to get a tablet, I don't really need it, but I'd like to get one. I already have gaming desktop pc, 6 years old not very portable 15.6" gaming laptop (which I still use for work when I'm not home) and a "small" phone pixel 3a and I'm getting a galaxy s22 soon. As you can see I'm...
  2. Khesh

    Remove iPad Mini Griffin Survivor Screen Protector?

    I recently bought the iPad Mini with Retina Display. To protect the iPad Mini, I bought the Griffin Survivor case for the device. It is the newer version, and has the three separate pieces. I absolutely love the design and quality of the case. However, the screen protector on the Griffin...
  3. P

    save an iPad mini that has been exposed to moisture

    Hey guys, my iPad mini was exposed to steam from a normal, everyday, warm shower, which I am grateful for and blessed to have, but I believe moisture damage was done....is there a fix? Thanks
  4. K

    LG G Pad has gorilla glass?

    Im really into buying the LG G Pad, but theres a possible setback - if it doesnt have gorilla glass. Ive watched some reviews and when the screen is tapped it seems like its "bending" down under the pressure of a tap, which my gorilla glass S3 does not at all. Similar to my ipad mini it seems...