Question A lot of photos and videos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

Jun 26, 2022
Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've tried looking at my Onedrive, Google drive backups, but they are all showing current photos, that I can already see. I've also tried cleaning gallery and media storage data in settings or deleting .nomedia files (which cant be actually deleted), but no results. Booting on safe mode, using different recovery software also shows same photos that I already see on my phone. Tried to get help from Samsung Support, sadly they are as competent as I am, all the suggestions were already known. They did suggest to factory reset my phone while backuping everything using smart switch since there might be some malfunction and doing so all the supposedly hidden photos gonna be released. Not really trusting it though, because in backup I can clearly see that the photos that are being backed up are the photos I can already see, and no hidden files are being backed up. I've also restarted my phone like 6-7 times in different circumstances and noticed that everytime my phone boots it loads up 196 pictures in my camera roll, and then after some time the other part of it gets load up. So my question here today is: Is there anything I haven't tried and is it possible to recover the hidden/disappeared photos?

P.s. the photos that I'm concerned about is in my internal storage not in SD card.

P.s.s. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S10
If they are missing from your online backups, they must have been manually deleted and synced. If there was some corruption in the phone storage, the online files would not be touched, for those to get deleted also you must actually select delete from the menu. They may be in the deleted items for restoring, I think Google Photos keeps things for a bunch of days before they are permanently cleared.