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  1. R

    Question A lot of photos and videos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

    Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've...
  2. A

    Solved! USB transfers files to a "DEVICE" inside it and creates a shortcut to a drive

    Hello all, I plugged my USB drive today and all the files on it were missing, after enabling the hidden files view option I found out that they were moved to a invisible folder called "DEVICE" and also a shortcut to a "removable drive" was created. I suppose the drive got infected somehow...
  3. A

    Suspicious hidden user accounts

    Hi there, I accidentally stumbled across some hidden user accounts on my account by enabling hidden files. They are extremely strange, and from what I can tell have no place being there. Here is a picture with all the folders shown: I tried opening one of the files inside the hidden user...
  4. T

    Solved! Cannot Access Previously Locked Files

    A while back, I decided to lock some important documents in a folder with a lot of my backup data, including old pictures, school projects, and such. To do so, I looked up tutorial online. I can't find the exact one, but basically, I did the following procedure: Copy a "folder locking" script...
  5. N

    Solved! Looking for how to scramble the data on my computer so that no can access, read or recover it.

    I have a Windows 10 computer and My friend would be taking that computer from me (I am buying a mac machine as i love working on apple). I cant delete the complete data or wipe it as I want to keep some files but on the same machine however i want to corrupt some of the files. I want to make...
  6. E

    I moved my hidden files from my phone to my sd card. but what happened is all my files from the hidden folder is empty

    Lost files from phone when moving it to sd card
  7. C

    Found an ".rnd" file in my PC and a weird story behind

    Hello to all members of this forum. I open this topic here because i was in full cleaning of files, those that seem temporary or that remained as a sign of some program installed. The question is that I come across this file located in the "C" directory with the format ".rnd". After searching...
  8. G

    I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

    All right, ready for some fun? TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an...
  9. J

    Trouble with google chrome

    Chrome won't work in w-10 done these things When I click on chrome it goes to task bar but not to desktop for me to view. I've tried to restore to an earlier date but no help. In file explorer I have hidden files shown.I also used unhide.exe. I uninstalled chrome a couple times and installed and...
  10. K

    Device not showing up

    Hi, I am trying to connect my Sony action cam (HDR-AS20) to my ASUS X553S laptop via USB cable. It says connected on my action cam but it is no where to be found on my laptop. I am trying to look at videos I took from our family holiday. I'm not very good with technology so would really...
  11. G

    HELP I GOT A TROJEN!!!! plz help asap

    i have iscolated the files that need removed but its open (bittorrent/itibity, bs) anyway... process is hidden and it says I don't have permission to stop the service.... and anti virus said it was skeeya or something
  12. S

    Recovery of hidden files on new phone.

    I have bought a new cell phone... Installed audio manager... Bt I cudnt find my old hidden files in it...how can I get them back...
  13. J

    Desktop.ini Appeared on Desktop on Restart after Artemis! warning from McAffe

    Hello everybody, Sorry if this is long winded--please let me know if I can clarify anything So I recently tried to install this program called 'Battery Care' for my laptop. It had been positively reviewed by multiple websites so I assumed it was safe to download. I tried downloading it...
  14. G

    Malware creating hidden folder that I can't see

    I ran into some malware that created a hidden folder under my users/account/AppData/Roaming/hiddenfolder I enabled the option to view hidden files & folders but I still cannot see this folder. I can browse to it, if I manually type it in, and see all the files inside, but in the Roaming folder...
  15. club27

    thousands of photos got corrupt. Win 8

    I have a whole lot of photos that got corrupt and they wont open in any program. I'm trying to figure out how they got corrupt. And open them. Most of the files are from a Sony DSLR, in the .ARW raw photo format. I tried Recuva but no luck recovering the ones I really want back. Any ideas...
  16. N

    Missing Nvidia graphics card

    I have a problem with my nvidia graphics card, it's missing from my device manager and when I click view > show hidden files, it shows 2 hidden devices which is a Nvidia GeForce 970 an a Nvidia 980. I have a MSI gt72 dominator-216 Please help.
  17. A

    If I deleted hidden files in memory card than how can I find them?

    In my karbonn A 7+ smartphone. I have gallary lock App. In this app I saved my pics & videos. Last night an accidentally I deleted some hidden files and folders in file manager. After that, my gallary lock app is not showing my pics & videos. I m very upset for it. Than somebody tell me. If I...
  18. S

    infected sd card hidden files won't appear even after using the listed methods

    So i have an sd card that hides my files, as i understand it this is caused by a virus on the card, here is the problem though most of the methods ive found online have to do with scanning the card with an antivirus program and deleting it, then either selecting show hidden folders and files...
  19. L

    how go view hidden files on a Samsung note 2

    Someone saved a page on my phone regarding hidden files. How Can I Search My Phone For Hidden files
  20. D

    Creating batch file

    How to create a batch file that will fill the entire screen with your name with different colors? How to create a batch file that will display all hidden files in drive C:? Thankyou!
  21. B

    how to view hidden files in samsung galaxy mega 5.8

    Hi How can I view hidden files in micro sd card on my samsung galaxy mega 5..
  22. T

    Intel/MSI Driver want to install every time I start my PC!

    So, I was having problems with my USB 3.0 ports, and long thread short, I got directed to this link: http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Z87G41_PC_Mate.html#/?div=Driver&os=All where I downloaded the "Intel USB 3.0 Driver" and that helped with most of the problem, but my problem now, is that every...
  23. M

    My C drive becomes full suddenly!!!

    Hi all, My laptop faced some issues with windows update recently and I tried to fix it. Was browsing the net for solutions and found several. However, the methods i've tried still couldnt solve my windows update issue. To make matters worst, I have discovered a new issue with my computer after...
  24. aspri

    how to uninstall programs that won't let you??

    Hi I've got a couple of programs that I never use and I'd wish to uninstall. Now the issue is that neither they appear in the control panel (uninstall a program) nor there's an uninstall.exe in the program's folder. Is there any workaround?? PS: I've tried CCleaner but didn't do. I've also...
  25. G

    Uninstall clean up software?

    Can anyone name a good software that will: A. Find all the traces of already uninstalled software, and COMPLETELY removes everything related to what's already been installed and then uninstalled B. Software that COMPLETELY monitors what has just been installed and will uninstall everything to...
  26. yasserBasha

    how to view hidden files in android

    Hi guys .. So I have Sony XPeria LIVE WITH WALKMAN and I had some files that I wanted to hide, so one friend of mine did that for me, now i tried to view these file on phone but I couldn't, then I connected my phone to my PC and tried the show hidden files option from windows but it showed a...
  27. K

    SD Memory card storage

    how can i recover hidden files from my sd memory card storage?
  28. N

    SD Memory card storage

    how to find the hidden files of sd memory card storage?