I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

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Apr 27, 2016
All right, ready for some fun?
TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p
A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an archive and view it. I locked said txt with Winrar and went on with life. It was a very important txt including passwords, so I locked it... And forgot the password *Facepalm*. I checked guides online and programs, except there's an issue; it's a different situation than the guides.
So here's the hierarchy.
Picture.jpg, a perfectly fine picture that I then put into an archive.
Picture.rar, with the file picture.jpg within it. Nothing else.
If I use the option "view" inside the archive on the jpg, I get a second window, displaying 'picture.jpg' composition which contains the txt file and the original picture. This txt is locked, and nothing else.
You can recreate all this within 5 minutes if you really like helping people (weirdo XD) with guides online and a paid version of winrar (ha). The file within the file within the archive is not what any guide shows (obv no one is as dumb as me). In the guides, it's the archive or the file within is locked, not the hidden file bla bla bla. So in other words, the programs and cmd's don't work, since I can't even extract the .txt to an archive or my desktop without requiring the password or try cracking the password without having to 'view' the archived picture. I've tried 123, reloaded, etc... Also tried extracting from 'unrar.exe' and a cmd, but all it extracts is picture.jpg without the hidden txt visible, since that's technically what's inside the RAR.
I know my situation is probably useless, and my next option is "that" friend with the infamous OS...
Any help appreciated, even if it doesn't fix it.
Picture.rar=Picture.jpg->OriginalPicture.jpg & document.txt (locked)
Not open for further replies.