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  1. M

    Is there a way to know if a zip files contain virus?

    Hello, Its been a long time since im here, like 1 years ago? Have been taking a good care for my new pc since then thanks to you guys. So just like title said, is there a way? In case you are wondering what i want to download Im planning...
  2. M

    Unzip and zip my android Galaxy Amp Prime

    What is unzip and zip in my file on Android Amp Prime
  3. C

    Solved! Questions about downloading a zip file - virus/malware

    A friend is sending me a software zip file. Supposedly it's a clean copy. I am not sure how much I trust the person. How difficult is it to add in a tracker, spyware or malware to the file so that she reads all of what i'm doing. Obviously i'm a novice user. Is something like this difficult...
  4. M

    is there a small hole in SM-T280 which factory reset the device?

    my sis have putten a zip wallpaper in her tab. now the zip is not opening and her tab is not power offing so that we do hard reset. can u please help me of how to unlock her tab.
  5. samy111

    Big problem with downloads

    Hi guys. I have a seriously problem. When I download any compressed file in zip format, when I open it, it show me another zip which in turn contains a .exe with malware (, for example). All files in zip format that I download (example: when download zip repository in...
  6. A

    How to install Gigabyte App Centre?

    I try to download it but the .exe only opens in 7-zip even though its not installed on my pc. I tried unzipping it but nothing happens.
  7. A

    zip help needed

    so i have these zip files i downloaded and first off theres no zip extracter built into my pc so from the store i got an app that can then when its done i open the exe program and it says errer _data could not be found,folder must be beside the program and it is
  8. P

    how do i revert jpg file back to original mp4 file

    somehow when I thought I was using a good program wondershare to zip my mp4 files of my brother in laws wedding, my mp4 files got converted to jpg files and now they are pictures. How do I get the video back?
  9. 1

    Is it okay that I deleted the .zip folders of my drivers after installation?

    Hi, I recently built my first PC and I installed some drivers. I then put all of the .zip files which they came in, into a folder called Drivers, and deleted the folder after. All of those .zip folders had stuff like setup.exe. I don't think I needed them, did I? The only reason I could think...
  10. J

    Antennas and broadcast markets

    I'm cutting the cord and researching antennas and markets, Currently it is only giving me stations for my zip code state , but I live on a state line. Do I have to do anything different to acquire signals/stations from my next door state? Oh, what is the actual distance you can get on the...
  11. G

    Newegg International Shipping Im planning to buy that laptop, but im confuse. I live in Batam, Indonesia. Zip Code is 29464. It says $0.00 shipping and "Free Shipping." But is it really free shipping? Like for real???
  12. G

    I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

    All right, ready for some fun? TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an...
  13. B

    question about 7-zip

    Is there any way to make 7-zip like winrar such that as I right-click on the file the lists of operations like "Open with Winrar.." , "Extract files here" .... show on the first sight instead of having to put the cursor further to 7-zip and show another list of options?
  14. G

    Install many different windows drivers in a zip file

    I have a chuwi hi 10 tablet that I reinstalled windows 10 on. I have a zip file with all the required drivers. This is a bunch of drivers and I don't want to manually install all of them. Can WIndows install them automatically from this file?
  15. C

    the best zip

    Hello, there, Hello, I need to compress a large file, these files are scanned images that I need them in high resolution, but their size does not exceed 2 MB, to send them by email. One question, what is the best compressor? How do I manage it to achieve the maximum compression? Thank you very...
  16. D

    How do you find your phone number with serial number

    My phone is deactivated and it wont turn on, i can only get it fixed if i know the number and zip, but i only have th FCC ID , S/N, ME ID DEC. Is there any way to get it
  17. R

    Zip file downloads dont open in winrar from chrome

    When I download something it shows up as a .zip instead of a winrar file at the bottom of chrome. This means I can't just click on it to get it to open straight in winrar. I have to go directly into winrar and find the file I just downloaded. It used to not be like this. I have chrome on my ssd...
  18. HyperCat

    7-Zip CRC Error

    i downloaded a 3,98GB .exe file on my Windows 8 laptop yesterday and then transferred it to my desktop computer(Windows 10) and when i opened it up i got the 7-Zip CRC Error. I copied the file to my 16GB NTFS USB Drive with TeraCopy and it even controlled the CRC and then transferred i to my...
  19. H

    Download Problem occured in IDM

    I recently downloaded a large Zip file from internet. When I reached 99.99% in download progress of IDM of that file , IDM told download is complete and appending all downloaded file parts into one file as it usually does. What happened is , when IDM appending those file parts nearly at 10GB , a...
  20. N

    Program to auto-zip Files on a Server and File them Elsewhere on the Network

    Hello, As a part of some weekly maintenance, I must check a web server for failed emails. I usually have to go into the folder on that server, compress/zip them, email them to myself and then file them away in a designated location for someone else to deal with. I'd like to know if there was a...
  21. R

    What straight talk 4 g phones work on zip 25414

    I need a straight talk phone 4 g that works in zip 25414
  22. M

    All Archives Have Unexpected End Of Archive

    whenever i open a winrar archive (.rar/.zip) it says unexpected end of archive
  23. G

    7 zip usage/problems

    7-zip version 15.14 (64bit) windows 7 professional 64 bit I have some problems with 7zip: - installation procedure: it does not associates the extensions with 7zip automatically. - had to search on C drive for 7 zip folder: no shortcut created. only context menu was working. - when I tried to...
  24. Moondoggy

    WinZip vs. 7-Zip on Windows 10 64-bit

    I have been a long time WinZip user but over the years I've noticed that although the main function of the program (i.e. to zip and unzip files) remains the same, WinZip keeps adding functionality to their program which some would call bloat. Today, I received yet another notice from WinZip...
  25. P

    Is 7 Zip Safe?

    Need an unzip app and have seen this one in the past. Encountering troubling messages contrary to everything I know. Windows Can't Verify the Publisher is a major warning to me. Is there a trusted unzip app someone can recommend that they have actually used? Guidance sought
  26. G

    OneDrive - What does "Improve upload speed by uploading files in batches" mean?

    I have an internet speed of 100kBps and I need to upload 2 .zip folders which are 5GB each. Will selecting this option improve upload speeds?
  27. O

    Can't Download off Mediafire

    I can't download anything off mediafire. Its not a deleted file or anything like that. It's any file. I've tried all browsers, deleted cookies etc. I've tried save link as and it just tells me unknown file format when i try to open it. I have Norton Internet Security if that makes a difference...
  28. S

    Can't root my mi ridmi 2

    After reaching Mi recovery and selecting install to system,I get this error can't find in sdcard.
  29. L

    Looking for key boards

    Where can I get a hp laptop keyboard in the 11210 zip code and how much
  30. N

    Can't extract files...

    I'm Trying to extract MS Office Service Pack 2.exe with 7-zip and gives me errors: I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x32. Thanks...
  31. M

    How to fix zip??..

    Hi everyone. I have a problem. I compressed my entire computer files or folder in Zip files but unfortunately the Zip file has corrupted or damaged due to virus interruption. So how to repair corrupt zip files? Thanks.
  32. J

    Zip code compatability

    Check iPhone 4 compatibility on ST site states all good. Bought BYOP activation kit and not receive message stating service not available in my zip code.. ST of no assistance. Any advice?
  33. M

    email address extraction from a document

    Hi anyone know how to do the following. I have a zip folder which contains multiple other folders in which contains an attachment document that contains an email address somewhere within the document. Anyone know how to extract the email addresses from the folders in one go as opposed to opening...
  34. kaiteck

    Where should I install WinRAR to? SSD/HDD?

    My system is SSD - C drive HDD - E drive I only extract zip files in E drive. There's no files in my c drive to do with winrar. Not sure if installing it to ssd will make it slower or faster :(
  35. T

    Can not open

    Sir, i try to update my Samsung Galaxy acc gt-s5830 for this reason i was dowload "" from the mention link "" when i try to download this to using SD CARD it was successfully done but after that...
  36. Q

    7-zip password error?

    FIRST: Let me notify to all that the 7zip file has a password AND I KNOW WHAT THE PASSWORD IS OF THIS FILE. if i type a wrong password deliberately, i am not able to see whats in it OR extract the content within. BUT when i use the right password i can see the files in the 7zip file AND then...
  37. shahbaz94us

    Curropted ZIP file

    I need your help. i just had created a zip file in my nokia e5 with its built in default zip manager, that zip file was created a year ago. and i used to store all my images in that one zip file. i protected it with a password when i created it. So as usual i was saving more images in that zip...
  38. clutchc

    Win Zip Registry Optimizer

    Has anyone used this program? I'm thinking of trying it out. I ran CCleaner and then ran WZRO. It found 547 more items that needed attention. But is it maybe too thorough?
  39. M

    ZIP file recovery

    I used a zip recovery tool called ZIP Recovery Toolbox found at that recovers my files well but it doesn't repair the ZIP file itself. Can anyone familiar with the software show me how to do this?
  40. T

    cell phone service

    I am trying to see if Straight talk work in my home area good or at all. The zip code is 39140
  41. CxRizzle

    Can a Trojan within an unopened zip file be harmful?

    Earlier I downloaded a game trainer and before I opened it, I scanned it with my Bitdefender security. Bitdefender detected a Trojan called Trojan.Generic.(bunch of random numbers). Anyway, I of course cleaned the Trojan, then used the file shredder option within Bitdefender to destroy the...
  42. J

    Batch File Execution problem

    Hi, First post. I have written a very simple batch file to copy outlook files and the contents of a single folder on a desktop to a shared drive folder on our server. Works great on W7 machines. I've adapted it for XP machines (mainly 7zip executable path as well as outlook files path and...
  43. J

    how to make zip on mac from winrar files? zipeg winrar winzip

    I have macbook and use zipeg to open rar and zip files. Problem is with rar files, if I want to make a folder (i do right click>new folder)... it only allows me to transfer 1 file (drag and drop) at a time from raw to new folder. If I try highlighting all and drag and drop it freezes. Even if...
  44. F

    What android straight talk cell phone uses verizon

    Does the optimus zip have ties w/ verizon? How good is the optimus zip cell phone?
  45. R

    Delete 7 zip from the system

    Hello, the 7-zip files have been uninstalled they wont go away from the controll panel. Please help me to remove it entirely from the system
  46. G

    Corrupt ZIP archive

    I need your help. I downloaded 4GB ZIP archive file last week. I extracted it in my computer and saved the ZIP archive in my Pendrive. Next day my brother formatted our home system. We had backup files for our data which were stored in external hard drive. I restored the backup files...
  47. G

    7z extension

    I have this problem is a 7-zip extension and i couldnt open it with nothing, winrar, winzip, 7zip, winace. The name of the file is something like this ”DIABLO.III.PRELOAD.7z.010” one of the files, any suggestions plz. It says is not an archive...
  48. S

    Create ZIP file that auto extracts to C: drive

    Hello All, Anyone know how to create a zip file that will automatically extract to the C: drive so that the end-user doesn't have to specify the location? I plan to use 7-Zip or WinZip... Thanks!
  49. Marcus Yam

    Chinese Smugglers Use Zip Lines to Import iPads, iPhones

    Faster than FedEx. Chinese Smugglers Use Zip Lines to Import iPads, iPhones : Read more
  50. R

    ZIP multiple files at once, while each has its own password.

    Hello, I need to ZIP, password protect and send approximately 300 files. Every file has to have its own unique password and has to be in single archive. I have been doing it one by one which is tedious :). Do you know of any free or paid application that can do this at once, as a bulk...
  51. Y

    Extracting files from zip file?

    Hello to all: I downloaded a zip file from net but when I am extracting it an error message apearing that (CRC faild). how can i extract the file completely. thank you in advance.
  52. R

    Software to edit ISO files like a zip file

    I have a bunch of old ISO's that I just need to replace a few files inside. I know I could go through the long process of extracting the ISO, replacing the files, then rebuilding the ISO. But is there any program out there that simply lets you open an ISO and add/remove/replace files inside of...
  53. Tamz_msc

    Best Compression software?

    What do you guys think is the best compression tool?I use 7-zip and find it pretty good.
  54. K

    How to make folders on my laptop

    Hello, I need to make a folder, then I need to add two subfolders within it, and zip them.
  55. S

    Solved! Directv questions

    Hello, I live in Oklahoma City and have a lake house at Lake Texoma. I have Directv service at the lake house (zip code 73439). I would like to get the Oklahoma City local TV stations at the lake so I can keep up with the local news, weather and sports while I'm at the lake. I've been told...
  56. G

    Quicksset error on Xps m1730/ vista 32 bit

    Hi i wanted to use Quickset for my XPS M1730/ vista 32bit.But if i want to start the quickset.exe (R180762) i get an unzip problem. "This self-extracting zip file is a part of a multidisk zip file.Please insert the last disk of the set." .I dont know what i can or should do..i...
  57. E

    Software to make individual ZIP-files of 3000 folders?

    I've got about 3000 MP3-albums in as many folders, and I want to make ZIP-files of all of them so I can back them up to Rapidshare. Is there any software that can make 3000 ZIP-files of all these 3000 folders in a batch operation, so I don't have to do it manually? I'd really appreciate an...
  58. R

    7-Zip very slow

    I've upgraded to a Intel E6400 system recently. Overall the computer runs great. However, the compression program I like, 7-Zip, totally sucks on it. The average decompression speed is 3300Kbps. My old P4 3.06GHz averaged 13-18Mbps. I'm using the latest version of 7-Zip and have the newest...