Download Problem occured in IDM


Dec 27, 2015
I recently downloaded a large Zip file from internet.
When I reached 99.99% in download progress of IDM of that file , IDM told download is complete and appending all downloaded file parts into one file as it usually does.
What happened is , when IDM appending those file parts nearly at 10GB , a mistake was done by me.
I became happy and sit in the chair very fast. Then the power code of the system unit which leads to the system PSU is shooked highly by hitting my hand and power is gone suddenly.
I felt to kill myself as the downloaded file will corrupt after next restart because file is half-appended.
This means some downloaded files are in IDM temporary location and some other parts whose appended by IDM previously are in other location when I chosen to save the file after download completed.
The UPS shut the PC down well and I started it again.
A file called "" is in the location where I chosen to save this file which is 17.3GB............
I tried to open it with WinRAR and it said archive is corrupt as I thought because it is incomplete.
I went to IDM download list to see what happened.
I saw that file with 99.9% percentage downloaded which is 58.85GB WinRAR Zip Archive.
I clicked properties and resume download.

As I mentioned there is no need to resume as this was at appending condition before power is going so.................
When I clicked resume download at properties ,
IDM spent more than 30 minutes telling that rebuilding old downloaded file parts............
After long time , IDM started downloading the file again from 75.8% percentage..................
I thought my DATA will not become wasted...............
Before I continue , I need an advise which should I do..............

Resume from 75.85% percentage now and continue with this download or download the 58.85GB whole file from beginning again ?

Thanks in advance.