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  1. Royalikor

    Question Fake charging on Samsung NP270e5e

    Hello, my Samsung Np270E wont charge after a power outage, it just says charging but no power is added, battery led turns on and shows Orange=charging, but when i take off the battery with ac plugged in the laptop goes off immediately, I've tried several ac adapters still no way, ive had the...
  2. P

    Question Asus laptop shuts off without AC

    Hi, I have this Asus N76VB laptop for quite a long time now. The problem is that my laptop wont turn on without the AC adapter. I have this problem for a long time now but i didnt bother to fix it. When i hover over my mouse on the battery icon with an X in the right bottom it says: No battery...
  3. A

    Couldn't reassemble power button ribbon cable

    I recently took apart my HP laptop to clean four years of dust from around the fan, but putting the laptop back together again I noticed that I could not reconnect the power button to the main board because the ribbon cable was too short. It was running from the power button, *above* the metal...
  4. S

    Better FPS in games on Power Saving?

    So I always put my power plan on High performance but accidentally today I switched to Power Saving! And the surprising thing was that I had like +15-20 FPS in all of my games! What's wrong with my laptop?! It's a G551vw Asus gaming laptop. whenever I switch to high performance, my fps and...
  5. N

    Laptop screen won't come back on

    My power settings are set so my screen turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery. However, when my screen turns off I cannot get it back on again without turning the laptop off via the power button and turning it on again. I've tried hitting every key, clicking, pressing the power...
  6. P

    LG TV 37LD655H restart loop

  7. C

    Distorted screen after using

    HELP!! After using my laptop for about 5-10 minutes, the laptop hangs and shows vertical with distorted colors and stuff. The windows is inaccessible on that stage and the only way to turn the laptop off is to turn it off with the power button manually. I really need help. I'M JUST NEW HERE...
  8. D

    Public Meeting Sound Setup

    I work for a school district and am currently responsible for setting up a camera and managing the sound for school board meeting recordings. They often take place in gymnasiums or cafeterias (maybe even a gym-eteria) The equipment we have was picked well before I started and I'm curious if...
  9. G

    Looking for best solution to fix my battery.

    my laptop battery says it was plugged in and charging but the power is still in 0% and not increasing.
  10. D

    Laptop Freeze after 10 minutes when plugged in

    Hello, i brought a Laptop last year in january 2018 and worked fine, after 7 months my Laptop started to Freeze after 10 minutes of inactivity (only when plugged in) and after the freeze (2-4) minutes my Laptop automatically reboots. After few weeks this problem was solved, i don't know how then...
  11. I

    Factory reset of Galaxy Tab A

    I tried to this but it just got stuck downloading. I was waiting for this for hours. I ended up powering to off, although it says not to, I waited 16 hours. Now it will not power on. It had not battery power when I did it, but the unit was plugged in. Would this have something to do with...
  12. E

    Asus vivobook x542un not turning on

    Hey, Today i switched a hard drive to an ssd drive, and after this, the laptop is not turning on. Everything is plugged in properly, when i plug in the power cord, the indicator with a lightbulb flashes for like half a sec then nothing happens. Same happens if i press the power button...
  13. D

    No Power Vizio D55u-D1

    I have a Vizio D55u-D1 that is not responding to either the manual power button or the remote. No power light, Vizio logo light up or anything. Trying to figure out whether it is the main board or the power board. Both boards are cheap in comparison to purchasing a new TV, just want to make sure...
  14. J

    Locks at password

    Tablet will reboot using power and volume buttons, it then asks for password and locks up and then goes black
  15. A

    Pls help! My HP Pavilion screen is blank (not displaying), but fans working fine, and keyboard lights seems OK

    Since yesterday, I can't power my laptop. I've tried different methods, but none worked yet. Here is the problem: After pressing the power button, the keyboard lights on; The CAPS lock and NUMBER lock lights starts to blink; But the screen will not display anything; Moreover, the system won't...
  16. M

    On then off TV power

    My 1994 50 inch hitachi won't stay powered on.
  17. R

    flashing blue power light - reboots

    I'm working on an Acer E5-511P-C9BM, I've tried most everything that people have listed on here. The power (blue) will come on, along with the fan, momentarily and then go off. It will continually cycle this way. I've pulled the memory, hard drive, battery, hard reset the system as indicated...
  18. 2

    My rca tablet is not working when I hold the power button and the volume down it doesn't take me anywhere

    When I hold the power button and the volume down button it does not do anything.
  19. A

    ASUS Laptop stuck sometimes

    I have ASUS Vivobook X407UF with windows 10 home installed on it. Sometimes it stuck. I don't know the trigger because it's randomly stuck. Sometimes when i open firefox or when i watch video or when i type in microsoft word. But, when i'm on battery mode, i try to plug in the charger and the...
  20. H

    How do I upgrade My tecno c8 camon

    Any time I power my tecno c8 camon on it alway show upgrading android.......what can I do to stop thia
  21. T

    Is it possible to use a 12V3A (36W) power supply for a 20x2W stereo amplifier without any problems?

    Hello, I have 2 of the mentioned power supply, and I have an amp thats rated for 12V 2x20W, and an other one which is rated for 12V 2x50W. Is it bad for the amps to use them with a power supply like this, or I should buy a bigger one? (I know it's gonna be "less effective", but that's not the...
  22. J

    Tv screen will not turn on but power button comes on and you can hear it click on.

    My 55 inch powers on the power button comes on and you can hear it click on and run but the screen never turns on. Tried serveral things to gettin it to respond with the remote, and turning it on and off over and over again but nothing happens i am absolutely clueless to this.
  23. S

    Unresponsive USB ports send power but will not recognise any devices

    If I plug anything into any of the USB ports on my laptop they will receive power but not respond, I receive the message "this USB device is not recognised" while my phone or other device is happily charging. I only have one unrecognised device in device manager, under the name of "unknown usb...
  24. L

    Heavy Programs won't respond after using Asus Ai Charger.

    Hi Today I've installed an old software called asus ai charger because I wanted to charge my ipad quickly through my usb port of laptop. I was playing Euro truck simulator until I installed the ai charger, and everything worked perfectly. The ai charger worked too, which allowed me to charge...
  25. P

    Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Charger Port Damaged

    Hi and thanks for reading, I cracked the bezel of my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 which now prevents the charger from connecting ]to AND remaining in the port. I feel that the port might have been pushed deeper into the computer than it should be. I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up, re...
  26. A

    MSI Stealth Pro Laptop Power Issues

    Hello, over the past few days I have been experiencing issues with my power jack on my laptop. Sometimes when I am working on my laptop, it just loses power from the chord and will not charge. Adjusting the chord will sometimes fix the problem, and other times it will just start charging again...
  27. M

    Panasonic Views blinks light but won't come on. I tried the unplugged power, hold the power button on, does not work.

    My Panasonic Views won't come on. When I hit the power button the red light starts blinking and it makes a static crackle as if to power on but won't. I had it unplugged a couple of days and held the power button on for a minute and then plugged it in while continuing to hold the power button...
  28. R

    hp pavilion entertainment notebook has not been used for while. i tried to turn on but it wont turn on. power light and charge

    Laptop wont turn on even when plugged in. no lights showing on front of laptop saying its charging or power on. do I need new battery and charger
  29. P

    55 in Hisense tv

    Hi I have a 55 in Hisense Tv it was working until a power outage. When power came back on. It wouldn't. I have the red light and get a click sound but it will not work from remote or power button strip. I took the power strip off cleaned and still nothing can anyone tell me something I can do...
  30. T

    how do i take the battery out of the asus r541n?

  31. S

    shutdown when turns on power

  32. M

    65"LG 4k TV no picture or sound just red power on Led

    Howdy I have a LG 65uh615a TV without power or sound. I only have the lower red led light flash when using the remote. I have read that it's a possible t-con board .. which I have ordered.. nothing looks damaged or blown.... Any ideas??
  33. S

    Acer laptop power button blinking n CD player light blinking

    I do dry battery n try can't power on still blink I check ram also still blink
  34. C

    Pioneer elite remote only works with vol and power button on ant mode

    Hooked up ant to cut cable. Remote only works for vol and power. Pioneer elite plasma tv
  35. D

    Laptop Not Turning On

    Hi. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad SL140, and it will not turn on. When I connected the charger to the laptop, the battery indicator would flash green a single time, turn off, then turn solid green. The laptop would not turn on even with the charger plugged in. No other lights, drive noise, fans...
  36. A

    My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my

    My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my volume keys are not working please help....
  37. K

    Clean DC jack with no visible marks or crumbs etc.

    So, my laptop stopped working a while ago. So I held the power button and plugged in the charger. But soon I realize that I have to apply pressure to the charger for it to actually charge my laptop, and my laptop still isn’t really charging. So, I was just wondering if it has to do with the DC...
  38. S

    My vizo TVE48 - C 2 Power on and off button is broken and I don't have a remote how can I get my TV on?

    My video TV model number E48 - C 2 Power button is broken and I have no remote how do I get my TV powered back on?
  39. B

    Blinking Lights on my Lenovo Laptop

    Hello I have a Lenovo ideal pad 100-15ibd and I recently had the power Jack replaced cause the old ones prong broke off well since it's been replaced it hasnt been wanting to turn on when I plug the charger into it it does charge it but now the power white light is blinking every 7 seconds same...
  40. C

    LG smart TV - power button problem

    Why is my LG smart TV power is coming on an off with no Picture or sounds. A few days ago it would show a black Screen but no p
  41. Y

    Laptop won't turn on after turning off suddenly

    I was watching a movie with my Laptop but suddenly the screen stuck even the audio started to repeat making an annoying sound, i held the power button to turn it off and it turned off but when i tried to turn it on again, the power key's light turns on for like 1 second and after a faint sound...
  42. M

    Acer Aspire 5742-7645 won't turn on

    If I press the power button to turn it on, the power button lights up blue, and so does the light at the bottom left, and the can also audibly turns on. This only lasts about 5 seconds, and then it all shuts off. If I have it plugged in, the battery charges all the way, and the cycle of the fan...
  43. L

    MY dell latitude laptop power button is on but it's not coming up. No display. I have tried to remove the battery and Press's

    The power button light is on. But the laptop not coming up. It's a dell latitude. I have tried to disconnect the power cable and remove the battery still doing the same thing
  44. C

    Vizio won’t turn on with back button

    First the remote quit working (again) so I tried the suggestions of push and hold the power button on the back of the tv to try and drain it. Well now that button is almost fixed in place. It won’t press down when I push it. Therefore doesn’t turn on and off anymore. Waiting on the new remote to...
  45. M

    My computer shows blue colour and cursor when I power on

    My Dell Vostro 1510 using windows 7 shows blue colour and cursor when I power it on
  46. P

    My Laptop keeps on shutting down when switched on

    My laptop keeps on shutting down when the power is switched on
  47. H

    N148 power butten not working

    N148 not workig i play games in morning in evening it was not start what problem give ans
  48. J

    fix laptop not powering on

    hey. my laptop model is asus a43sj. the laptop is not showing any signs of power (no leds no fan no dvd). I can measure a 3v across the motherboard on ICs pins. the circuit in the images attached to the motherboard is the power button. I tested the led in it and its working fine but its not...
  49. ririx4268

    laptop troubleshooting help!

    my laptop has froze for the first time ever browsing 9gag, it Completley froze. nothing worked, it wasnt an unresponsive program. even holding the power button for 10-30-60 seconds didnt do the trick, i had to poke the force shutdown button through the hole on the back, im pretty sure its just a...
  50. B

    Shows lenovo startup but keep on restarting

    So i was rebooting my laptop and suddenly it turn off , i pressed the power button but nothing happened but after 4 5 hours it opened by itself now my computer shows the Lenovo startup logo but keep on restarting. I cant turn it off do nothing just it restart again and again.. help me out.. tech...
  51. A

    No lights showing it's charging or it won't power on

    My Acer aspire won't power on bought new charger and still no show of any kind of trying to power on Light blink on charger while plug in when unplug it stays green what is my problem
  52. A

    How much power comes out from the phone aux

    I want to connect some speakers for my phone aux... they are 0,5W and 32Ohm. Can I do that? I need to have loud speakers from my phone aux.
  53. J

    dvd not powering on

    my hdb-dz350 player was first getting stuck at hello text but it resolved itself and then it suddenly cant turn on it blinks anytime i press the power button....what can i do
  54. D

    Acer Aspire ES 11 won't start

    Power won't turn on, yet the battery is not drained. It just blinks blue everytime I push the power button. I charged it for an hour and got the charging light blinking too. I unplugged it and surprisingly, it worked. After some hours, it happened again. The unit can't be turned on, the power...
  55. J

    M17xR4 onboard power failure

    Suddenly the computer went dead. It wasn't a crash as after the event, there was a short circuit and when applying power, the blue light goes out, only to reappear when the power supply is unplugged from the R4 IOW the short circuit is already before the power switch is pushed. How to solve this?
  56. J

    Samsung Laptop Power Issues

    Hi, I got a laptop the other day (Model Samsung NP550P5c) with unknown faults. I did the usual troubleshooting methods and the laptop does work but not without issues. I bought a new battery and a new charger both with the ratings needed for the laptop and i'd tested them on my other Samsung...
  57. G

    Get Anker's Excellent Qi Charger for $19 While You Can

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  58. S

    system is going down for halt now power button pressed

    system is going down for halt now power button pressed