Question Please help my asus laptop wont start and then keep restarting while playing

Sep 17, 2019
have a gaming laptop Asus Rog GL753vd everything was working fin I've never had a problem with, I don't move it a lot always on the desk and never been open .
yesterday, I tried to turn it on but it didn't want to, when I press the ON button the keyboard just flash and nothing happen no noise no nothing just a keyboard light.. In order to make it turn on I have to press the ON button many times like 15.. the biggest problem is when I play games or browsing the laptop suddenly restart without giving any error or crash message, like it losing all the power and restart not shut down just restart, there is no specific time to crash or something you can't tell when its going to happen with or even without charging cable .. the only error i got is in the windows event viewer "kernel power event ID 41 this error occurs when the computer is shut down, or it restarts unexpectedly". with no more informations .
evreything is updated , original windows 10 , did all the checks , disk prefect stat , memory check stress test, update bios , CPU and GPU temperator and fan test which i can control the speed .. the battery LION (built in) working very well, I've checked like everything, i've also disabled the automatic restart option to view error messages but nothing ..
i don't think its a softwar... i can't figure out what is ... :'(
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Sep 17, 2019
Sounds like a motherboard issue. Did you try doing a clean Windows setup?
Yes i think so 😢 its a motherborad issue , not the Windows. (Ive been told that laptops need only one energy source when you have two energy sources and still restart or losses power means that something is wrong with the PSU and the switching between on the motherboard )
This is what I've did so far:
Opened the laptop ,everything is clean inside, unplugged the battery (cable inside) and the charging cable pressed the ON button for 60 second , then I i turned it on without the battrey didn't want to at first but I've managed to after 2 tries , ive played some games for like 4 hours no restart I thought I've found the issue because the laptop didn't restart for a while so I decide to plug in the battery to see and .... restarting again , at this point Ive concluded that the problem is comming from the battery, so I unplugged the battery again running only on cable and .... the laptop kept restarting randomly even with or without the battery on it . Ive check the others cables, and ive noticed something weird on the cable coming from the monitor to the motherboard this cable has a transparent plastic so you can remove it easily, this plastic is touching the motherboard components like small 4 chips and have (the plastic) a melting dote on it just on one of these 4 chips (Click to see image of the melting plastic) , because of the conact between the plastic and this part of the motherboard I've removed it and still same problem, I've told the technicians about the plastic from the cable which is touching the motherboard , I thought it shouldn't be there and is causing the restart, he told me that in normal circumstances this plastic won't melt even if there's a contact it's here just so you can remove the cable easily(he's right cause it been there for like ever and didn't had problem) but melting is not normal,he concluded that there's something wrong overpowering the motherboard ,the chip that control the balance between the charger and the battery or there's a problem with the component (smal chips) it self which is touching the plastic .he will check all the motherboard I hope this problem will be soon fixed .
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