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  1. kursat42

    Question Blank screen then no power

    Hello everyone, My laptop model is toshiba satellite c660 and I use it without battery. Both of shift buttons of my laptop weren’t working. I cleaned the keyboard and narrow lines that are full of dirt of my laptop with toothpick and toothbrush. However, when I plug the cable in and press the...
  2. X

    Question Begging for help in choosing laptop!! (Asus M16 vs Omen 16)
  3. J

    Question Dell Precision series 7xxx (7510) - Recent experience tuning performance - Optimus, NVidia Graphics, Drivers, General System Responsiveness (Latency)

    As I've been deep-diving performance on my Dell Precision 7510, I thought maybe I'd share some of my experiences on tuning system performance - graphics AND overall system responsiveness. This post will go a bit further than the "normal" basic stuff you can read anywhere like "clear the cache"...
  4. Yaya123123

    Question Laptop to external 144hz monitor

    Hi, I have everything to display 144hz on my external monitor but for a reason advanced display settings show only 60hz in 1080p I tried asking HP support they seem lost. my laptop is: HP Omen 16-C0004NJ My screen: BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 and I used hdmi 2.1 I would really apreciate your help
  5. W

    Question Razer blade 15 potential hardware charging issue

    Hello, I am new here and normally never post anything as I can always find someone who had the same issue and find the solution but not this time, so here I am. :D I have a: Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Early 2020) - RZ09-033 and it worked perfectly until 1 day it did not want to boot...
  6. T

    Question Which one provides better value for money?

    Lenovo Ideapad 3 5500U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 60Hz TN Panel ~8hr battery 680$ vs Lenovo Legion 5 4600H 1650 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 1TB HDD 120Hz IPS panel ~3 hr battery 980$ I'm a fresher computer engineering student
  7. N


    What do u think about this Laptop Acer Swift 3 SF314-42-R66Z Win10/14"FHD/Ryzen 5 4500U/8GB/512GB SSD ? I need it for GAMING, but dont want spent more money...
  8. Question GT73EVR Second PCIE

    Hi all, I have a GT73EVR, and I want to add the second nvme SSD, but it seems that the second PCIe connector has not been soldered on the motherboard. As far as I know, GT73 EVR and GT73 VR have the same motherboard, but GT73evr has one PCI-E slot, and GT73VR has two. As you can see, the...
  9. T

    Question Laptop (asus s15 s530) won't turn on after charger sparked

    The laptop did continue to work on battery after the spark occurred, but once the battery died, the laptop could not turn on even when plugged in (with a different charger from another laptop of the exact same model). I'm looking to see if it's possible that there is an easy fix to this problem...
  10. F

    Question Is my laptop charger safe to use?

    I have a white hp laptop that my parents got me for my birthday and around a year ago I dropped it while it was charging which made a crack and damaged a good part of the charger hole so whenever I tried plugging the charger in, it wouldn’t fit and fall out. I thought it was all over until I...
  11. Toma_Tsvetkov

    Question Will a X751 dc cable work on G551 laptop?

    I have a X751 dc cable and a G551JW laptop, will it work that way, because my dc in on my laptop is loose and frequently it loses contact.
  12. Veeb

    Question My GPU is not pulling power after a screw fell near a capacitor while cleaning it help.

    I was cleaning my laptop fans the other day due to high temps and excessive fan noise and while screwing back the components I dropped a screw near a capacitor and it caused a small discharge/spark I'm not sure what to call it. Fearing I shorted my entire board I ran to close it up and switch it...
  13. lejan

    Question My Windows 10 Computer/Laptop has a blank screen, what to do?

    I let the Windows 11 update install on my Windows 10 while I was sleeping, and when I woke up the screen was just blank. The charger light is on, and 1 of the 2 lights on the side turn on. The light for power turns on but the one (three circles on top of each other) for computer hardware(?)...
  14. Mikisaya

    Question Laptop lag spikes when playing on emulators

    Windows 10 HP Laptop 15-da0xxx processor i5-8250U CPU @1.60GHz BIOS Insyde F,35 9/12/2020 basically every 10 minutes I get weird lag spikes when playing games on DS or 3DS emulators. They worked just fine few months back without any lag, I have no idea when or why exactly did the problem start...
  15. P

    Question Acre laptop shut down while performing disk cloning for SSD. Now laptop won’t turn on, power light blinks blue 5 times. Battery light not on.

    I’ve been using my laptop’s hard rive and it slows my Acer Laptop’s performance. The model is Aspire 3 A315-41-R2W5, with Ruben 5 AMD graphics card. My friend was helping me clone the disk drives into a new SSD card, where the SSD being cloned as an external hard drive. The laptop was plugged...
  16. SSGB8

    Question Laptop charger port problems

    I use a multimeter to take the charger and charger port to see if it getting power. And it is showing that it getting power. But there one thing I noticed that the two pin for charger port is not in properly. Will this cause the motherboard to not receive power?
  17. J

    Question HP Envy battery not charging and charging led blinking

    Hello! My HP Envy model 15-as031nd is not charging its battery. It defects the charging cable and it looks like it’s charging but the battery percentage is not increasing. Also the charging led is flashing orange. Every 2 seconds it’s quickly flashing off and on again, and repeats this. So...
  18. S

    Question Crashing + flashing colours/static

    Hi, I have an old laptop, sometimes it just randomly crashes and goes flashing colours like the attached image. Might be when I’m processing lots of things. A diagnosis and solution would be very helpful. Please look here: Image Video
  19. M

    Question Laptop Using IGPU Instead of DGPU.

    I just reinstalled Windows because It was corrupt. I already have installed the newest drivers for my card (GT 540M). It no longer shows up in task manager after I installed the driver. The option to see GPU is shaded in gray. It worked before. I know GT 540M is not powerful at all but I...
  20. S

    Question Is it good to put your laptop on 'Battery saver' mode 24/7?

    Okay, I know this sounds stupid but I used to put my laptop on 'Battery saver' mode 24/7, and I had been doing that for some months now. But a month ago from today, I stopped doing it and I no longer manually put my laptop on Battery Saver mode 24/7. So, now that I no longer put my laptop on...
  21. T

    Question ASUS laptop booting issues

    I have started learning hardware and fixing laptops in my spare time. I am at a loss with this one. Was hoping to get some insight as to what is wrong. The laptop is an ASUS VivoBook X403FAC. Originally the keyboard was broken (no keys worked at all) however, this turned out just to be a loose...
  22. D

    Question Laptop screen flicker and has multiple horizontal lines on it.

    Got myself this Gigabyte Aorus 5MB about a year ago, worked fine until December where the screen suddenly starts to flicker and shows some horizontal lines on the upper side of the screen and when this happen, the screen below the lines will freeze and shows some faint overlay images of previous...
  23. Abbas27

    Question Need experts opinion for Laptop ASAP please.

    I am posting the form that was mentioned to be posted when asking for recommendation, i dont wanna waste my money This form makes it easier for us to recommend you a laptop, so we don't have to ask you lots of questions. Please copy and paste these questions into the thread you post, and we...
  24. M

    Question laptop msi ms-16r4 - spilled wine - no power

    Like a numpty I spilled wine on my laptop msi ms-16r4. Now no power comes on. I tried taking the battery out, flushing the power, putting battery back in and still no power. I followed a Youtube tutorial and took the whole thing apart. Cleaned everywhere that had wine stains with isopropyl...
  25. P

    Question Spilled water on my laptop, but it’s working fine.

    So I recently spilled some water on my laptop. It wasn’t a large amount, but enough to cover around half of the trackpad and some of the keys. I dried it with my shirt and stupidly forgot to turn it off. Somehow though, it was working completely fine and I didn’t notice any problems with the...
  26. Lucc1ano

    Question Alienware gtx 880m Issue

    Hello all, i have laptop Alienware with graphic card gtx 880m, yea i know its old graphic but its working its job, well at least it should be, i have a problem, my gtx 880m doesnt give a half perfomance it should give, as i looked over internet, graphic cards with the same name gives way better...
  27. plshelpmygateway

    Solved! I downgraded my gateway laptop but I need drivers.

    I downgraded my laptop to Windows 8.0 because windows 10 is slow. I need drivers so I can use it again. Gateway's website is completely useless, since when you click "Download Drivers" It just redirects to the purchase screen. Please Help! My model is GWTC116-2BL
  28. Mantonio

    Question My laptop wont start Hdd indicators are red

    my HP laptop wont start, i tried everything it just keeps turning on and off, the Hdd indicators are red and keeps blinking my HP notebook 15 wont turn on after i cleaned it, i removed the battery, the screws and the ram, i couldn't unscrew 3 flat head like screws since my screw driver won't...
  29. F

    Question HP Laptop shut's down after new ssd and more

    Hello i have a HP laptop with Intel Core i3-5010u No Dedicated GPU 8GB Ram DDR3 and recently got a New SSD PNY CS900 240 and my 2ndary HDD 1TB. After installing the new SSD my laptop booted windows 10 everything installed and Today when there was no Charger connected my laptop shutdown on me 2...
  30. S

    Question I'm worried I may be overusing my dell laptop.

    So I got this laptop on June, 2021 and this laptop is fookin' awesome. It was really expensive but it works perfectly, totally worth its cost. The only time this laptop ever "hanged" was a month ago when I was watching a YouTube video and all of a sudden it froze, I pressed every key but it was...
  31. Anderdid

    Question Laptop freeze when connected to monitor

    Hello, I have a problem with my laptop freezing when the monitor is connected. When it freezes for example if I watch something on youtube audio in my headphones still works but it has some robotic voice. Keyboard is not working. Only way to get my laptop back is by restarting it. It only...
  32. VJK

    Solved! Why does my laptop have internet access only when it is connected to phone's hotspot and not when it is connected to a normal wifi?

    The problem started after I got my laptop's screen repaired (which had gone blank). The technician had mentioned that he had replaced some component of my laptop to make the screen work. Now my laptop gets connected to a normal Wi-Fi, but it says that the connection is limited and I am unable to...
  33. SSGB8

    Question Laptop is not Turning on

    I use a multimeter to take the charger and charger port to see if it getting power. And it is showing that it getting power. But there one thing I noticed that the two pin for charger port is not in properly. Will this cause the motherboard to not receive power?
  34. Y

    Question Horrible FPS in all games.

    Hello, like 6 months ago i bought a laptop (Predator Helios 300 2018) Processor – 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core Processor (Up to 4.1GHz) Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB RAM – 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz Display – 144Hz Refresh Rate, 15.6 inches, 1920 x 1080 Resolution Weight –...
  35. SweetFountain178

    Question Is this hard drive noise normal? Is it normal'cause I'm kinda worried.
  36. SweetFountain178

    Question Bright spot on my laptop screen. Dunno how or when it happened, but just yesterday I noticed it. I honestly kinda wonder if it's normal for something like this to happen since I practically baby my laptop (I dunno if putting the charger on top of the lid while storing it in the bag or the weird towel with water droplets and microfiber cloth combo cleaning thing I did...
  37. P

    Question Laptop without screen shuts down after 30 secs

    Yes, I understand this is all my fault but I wonder if there is a way to fix it. I have a Dell Vostro 15-3568. It was given to me because the screen was bad. Showed gray with a white line across center. Worked fine with external screen, however. So I decided to physically remove its screen...
  38. IamYoyogaming

    Question extreme performance loss on hp omen 15. how to fix?

    My hp omen 15 gaming laptop decreased so much in performance i even upgraded to ssd and ran many anti viruses. Still nothing happened. I was play MINECRAFT BEDWARS then it suddenly got from 180FPS down to 9 and it barely even passed 25. GPU: RTX 2070 SUPER MAX-Q CPU: INTEL I-710750H 2.6 SPEED...
  39. F

    Question Razer Blade 14 browser tabs crash on PSU

    New laptop, 3070 Razer Blade 14. When plugged in to wall power, all browser tabs (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) are unstable; crashing a few seconds after opening (or even as they load) with out of memory errors (see below). If I reload a tab a few times it will usually eventually stabilise for a...
  40. Wayss37

    Solved! Battery capacity vs CPU wattage

    So is the CPU tdp relevant to the laptop's battery life, or is the battery capacity the most important factor, since any CPU can lower it's power consumption if needed? Say 6 core Ryzen vs 2 core U CPU Thanks!
  41. Wayss37

    Question Reducing the CPU frequency to prolong battery life?

    I'm curious if (as I understand that's possible), it is a good idea to do it to prolong battery life? Namely doing it in a laptop with Ryzen 5600h and 45Wh battery Thanks!
  42. llama_glue

    Solved! Can battery wear level decrease? Or are the sensors uncalibrated?

    Can battery wear level decrease? I own a lenovo legion 5, and I've been using it extensively for both gaming and schoolwork. It can easily run most modern games, and multitask flawlessly, but recently I've come to know about this thing called battery wear level thanks to HW info. At first I...
  43. tronichub

    Solved! Laptop turns off automatically on first few attempts of power on

    Hi, my Compaq 610 laptop automatically turns off in few seconds when I press the power button to turn it on. When I turn on about 3-5 times it loads windows and works fine without any issue. I checked by removing hard drive, replacing RAM, removing all extension cards, and even re-flashed bios...
  44. CuriousFox123

    Solved! Keyboard keys getting pressed automatically.

    Ok. So I got a new hp laptop about two months ago and it's been working fine except for one thing. So I started seeing this issue in games. If I've been playing for a while in the keyboard, when I'm fiddling with my keys ( I was using wasd) and I pressed the D key for a while and was pressing...
  45. S

    Solved! My laptop got restarted randomly

    I noticed my laptop ASUS ROG STRIX G531GT got shutdown suddenly and restarted then automatically, twice. Both of the time, I was watching movie on KM player and the laptop was running in battery. I used to always plug-in the laptop to the charging socket. But for last few days, I tried to use...
  46. C

    Solved! Should I buy a laptop or tablet?

    Hi My Apple IoS tablet is approaching the end of its life and consequently I am looking to replace it, but I’m not sure if I should get another tablet, or buy a laptop/netbook instead. Ideally I need something with both Word & Excel (or similar applications such as Libre Office), and a...
  47. lukaleluashvili

    Question can i order from lenovo US with other country's card?

    hello i am trying to order a laptop from Lenovo and would like to use my Georgian (country) card. can anyone tell me if this is possible?
  48. Do_oby

    Question ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT - Screen backlight not working despite replacing LCD panel.

    Hi everyone. As the title suggests, the screen backlight on my laptop (ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT) is no longer working. I've replaced the screen entirely with a (confirmed working) spare, but it didn't fix the issue. From what I can tell, it's likely to be a fuse on the motherboard that's blown...
  49. I

    Solved! Upgrading Laptop graphics Card

    So, I have an ASUS F17 Tuf laptop model FX707LI. I've seen in some places that the laptop used to come with an rtx 3050 but now only comes with the 1650TI. I have the one with the 1650 TI but I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade it to the rtx 3050?
  50. R

    Solved! Connecting Rode smartLav+ microphone to Asus UX303LA-C4320H Conundrum

    Hi! So here's the backstory. I'll try keep it short. Needed a simple microphone that could connect to my laptop. Did some quick research, came across Rode smartLav+ by watching this video. Video mentioned it could connect to laptops and I thought great. Bought it. Plugged it in. It did not...
  51. Justin.grewal

    Solved! Reset my laptop now stuck in a loop.

    I reset my laptop because it was freezing and I would be forced to shut it down with the power button. During the reset process it froze and I was forced to turn my laptop off. Now my laptop is stuck in a loop of starting screens probably cause the reset was left unfinished. Is there anyway that...
  52. K

    Solved! Asus microphone. Device detected, but does not pick up sound

    Asus X540UV laptop. Only using the internal audio device (realtek high definiation audio). Thursday i had my laptop upgraded, added RAM. Since then my video and mic stopped working. Now my video is working again. The cable (same cable for mic and cam) connecting from top to the motherboard was...
  53. S

    Solved! Could someone please recognize anything of this laptop...?

    Hello everyone, Could someone please recognize this laptop's brand, or series, or model number, anything? I don't have a habit of photographing people around! I saw this young man sitting in the bus as he took...
  54. Laptop7273728

    Question Laptop repair cost

    Laptop problem Problem (2) click My laptop hinge has broken, how much do you think a repair will cost? I heard I will need to replace the top part of the laptop and not just the hinge.
  55. CarlsoNegro

    Solved! 1 USB Headset 2 Laptops

    I work remotely with a laptop provided by my company with a USB headset. (laptop 1) I would like to test an AI program that is responsive to key words from both myself and my callers using my other laptop. (laptop 2) I’d like to test this before making it a suggestion to Corp. Is It possible...
  56. ricndraaa

    Solved! can HDMI 1.4 on 120hz laptop get 144hz refresh rate on external monitor

    Hi, here is my laptop specs: MSI GE 63 RAIDER i7 8750H GTX 1070 16GB RAM Mini DP (i dunno what version is) HDMI (i think its 1.4 because my VGA is GTX 10 Series) i will choose Lenovo G25 10 or Asus VP249QGR i would ask if its possible to get 144hz refresh rate on external monitor from...
  57. tgbao2703

    Question Laptop charger disconnects at 98%, reconnects itself shortly after.

    Hello guys :D I'm very glad to see you. After a night, my laptop got a wired issue ...: When my HP laptop's battery reachs 98%, it automatically disconnect from charger while it is plugged. When my laptop's battery reachs 97%, it automatically connect, it charge up to 98% and then disconnect...
  58. E

    Question Laptop won't power on

    Hello I have a laptop MARK: HP Model ; 15-f1233wm It stayed one month without powering on, now when I power it on, nothing shows on the screen. the light that indicates the power supply light on white for 2 secs and goes off and the light that indicate the hard drive light up red for 2 secs...
  59. piwakawaka

    Question Laptop CPU stuck at 0.4 GHz

    I've got a problem with my Swift 3 laptop and I've spent a couple of hours searching for a solution, to no avail. I have a Swift SF314-41 (N17W7) which has a Ryzen 3500U CPU. The problem started yesterday without any obvious changes (no Windows updates, no damage, no new software, etc) and is...
  60. R

    Solved! Playing games at low quality graphic card

    Can my graphic card get damages as i played very high minimum requirements games? Ex: i played sims 4 on my toshiba laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000, many says, will run it well with lowest graphic settings but will encounter some issue such as lag, glitch etc.... Does will hurt my gpu?