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    Question Connecting External speakers to a monitor problem

    Hey guys, stumbled upon this site while trying to find a fix for my problem, so I thought I would ask here too. I have recently bought a monitor, LG UltraGear 27GL850, so I can connect my laptop and Xbox One to it. The monitor has no internal speakers so I bought a Logitech Z407 speaker to...
  2. B

    Question Please, help me to choose a laptop

    Hello! I'm trying to choose the most suitable variant. I need a laptop for video editing, in DaVinci Resolve (not only for this, of course, but it's the most demanding process). And I want a convertible, a 2-in-1, because it's very comfortable for me. Now I'm choosing from 3 variants. New...
  3. L

    Question HP laptop screen fades at angles - lcd cable already replaced

    Hi, I have a HP bs100na and accidentally dropped it a few months ago (out of warranty). The screen has started to fade black/white at different angles and so I replaced the LCD cable, however this has not solved the problem. The fading is happening more frequently now and it's difficult to...
  4. Conquest90

    Question Laptop shuts down when under load

    My laptop is HP Pavillion dv6-6b56er (core i7-2670qm, Radeon 6700m, 6g RAM, Windows 10). I've had it for some time. Battery stopped working on it long time ago, I've been using it as is. After my house had a power surge I had to replace charging cable, managed to find one with exact same...
  5. laptops 12308

    Question Sony laptop has major crack in back and I'm afraid to close it now. Also coil whine.

    There is a huge crack on the back of my parents Sony Vaio Fit laptop, on the bottom right. Every time I touch it or try to fix it, there is a big pop noise that makes me very nervous. When I try to close it slightly, wires and the inside of the laptop show, and I think if I close it any further...
  6. 1

    Question Laptop shuts off while under heavy/light load

    Hello, For many months now I have had issues with my laptop turning off without notice whenever it is under relatively heavy load (lately, having several internet tabs and Photoshop has been enough). As if somebody pulled out the battery, without any warning or crash message/log. After it has...
  7. E

    Question How to Find Which Component is bottlenecking a Program?

    If I am running a program or more specifically, a game, how do I know that which component(CPU/GPU/Disk) is affecting the gameplay? Please Explain in detail with examples.. Thank You
  8. E

    Question My Asus laptop won't power on

    I have a problem with my Asus (F543MA-DM695T) laptop, I can't turn on my laptop without connecting with Adapter Power Cable or without removing the battery from inside (non-removable battery) and putting it back, but after turning it off I need to unplug and plug the Adapter cable again in order...
  9. C

    Question Looking for a new laptop

    Hi, Im going to university in September to study computer science and dont currently own a laptop. Ive done lots of research and may have a couple ideas but wanted to ask on here in case anybody has any insight. Im trying to find a laptop that will have a dedicated GPU (I mostly play esports...
  10. D

    Question Gaming laptop cant handle game and take time to restart.

    Hello, i have a gaming laptop, the asus rog strix gl 753ve, 8gb ram, 1050ti, i7-7700hq 2.8gz.the problem is that it cant do anything without lagging really bad. i have a lot of stuttering in game, sometimes 40 fps on games with everything on low (while meeting the specs requirement) map dont...
  11. E

    Question Execution of Processes taking too much time on SSD/HDD

    Whenever I am playing a game, despite good FPS, the game lags a lot when moving mouse especially in starting, when its loading textures and also when it is executing some new processes behind the scenes(note that FPS is 30+ the whole time).. My specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit...
  12. A

    Question Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH Slow Performance Trouble

    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH, i7-2675QM @2.2GHz, 8GB RAM. System in great condition, largely unused over last several years. Several years ago this laptop began giving me trouble by randomly freezing, so it went into storage. Tried at one point to clean it and found some possibly-related issues...
  13. X

    Question Acer predator triton 500 Laptop speakers issue(No Sound)-Only clicking noise while audio is playing.

    the laptop was working great the all time just suddenly speakers stopped working and only doing weird clicking noise while audio in the background is playing, ihave hard reset the pc and try other solution updated drivers etc. nothing is working, ihave no idea what its suddenly stopped working...
  14. K

    Question Laptop suggestion under 2000 pounds in UK

    Please suggest a laptop within 2000 pounds in UK for motion graphics and 3d content creation. best website also from where i can purchase LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: within 2000 pounds country...
  15. Question CPU Underclocking when I plug in power

    Whenever I plug my charging cable to start playing some games CPU clock stuck at 1.15GHz and never raise up until I unplug it this is screenshot shows that my power plan and heat are totally normal.
  16. CharlesMG

    Question Docking station for two 2K monitors at 144Hz refresh rate?

    Hi, I am after a docking station which would allow my XPS13 7390 2in1 to power a dual monitor setup where each monitor is running 2K (2560x1440 or also known as QHD) at 144hz refresh rate. One of the candidates is the Dell Universal Dock - D6000. However, the sales team cannot confirm and the...
  17. C

    Question Can I run Xenia Emulator on my laptop?

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 with Intel Core i7, 12 GB of RAM, 500 GB of Storage, and an Intel Iris Graphics card. Can I run Xenia Emulator and Xbox 360 roms on my laptop?
  18. C

    Question Can I play PS3 roms on my laptop?

    Lenovo IdeaPad 5, Intel Core i7, 500 GB SSD, 12 GB Ram, Intel Iris Plus Graphics. I don't want high-end graphics, any help is appreciated.
  19. N

    Question My laptop sometimes run games at high FPS than normal.

    Hey so i have a laptop with a dedicated Nvidia MX250 gpu and an integrated intel gpu. Whenever i game mostly i get like for example when m playing COD WW2 i get average fps of 30. BUT sometimes when i start my game the game runs at like 60+fps. This happens entirely randomly like whenever i...
  20. Jcano2605

    Question Asus Vivobook X512 Backlight Keyboard not light up

    Hi, i recently i swap the keyboard of my asus vivobook x512, originally was not come with the blacklight keyboard, i get it and i swapped The problem is the backlight doesnt work, i update AKT, several times, i check the connector, there are fine There's any way on the Bios or on the Hot Keys...
  21. Navneet Gautam

    Question laptop fans not running as fast as they should

    i have an asus tuf fx505ge which i just updated to windows 10 20h2, after updating i have noticed that my laptop is hitting the 95 degree mark really easily in throttlestop, the reason looks like the fans, when entering my password into windows to log in, they go to the highest rpms possible but...
  22. ss1999

    Question Dell latitude slow charging + other issue

    so i got e5570 second hand. This battery is weird. it charges normally up to somewhere 28 percent then it just stalls, and charges where slowly from there. like it takes 6-7 hour until 100%. battery drain estimates of win 10 is also acting weird. Sometimes it says 4 hours then it drops to 2...
  23. V

    Question Laptop battery light keeps blinking white

    Hello, I have an ASUS VivoBook S14 X411UF and when I'm using it (not charging), the battery light (right side of the laptop) keeps blinking white, it blinks 4 times then stop for about 2 seconds and repeat. When I charge the laptop, the battery light doesn't turn orange and it keeps blinking...
  24. N

    Question My laptop turns off when internal HDD is attached

    my laptop didn't have this problem before though, it just started yesterday that when I turned it on it turns on a few seconds showing the laptop brand logo then turns off afterwards. I tried to fix it by removing the HDD and it turned on afterwards bringing me to the laptop's boot system then I...
  25. M

    Question What refreshrate can I have on an external monitor?

    I was wondering how much refreshrate i can have on an external monitor? It looks like i only have HDMI and two USB-C ports (Not thunderbolt). Can I then only have 60 Hz External monitor? The laptop monitor is 144Hz. Hope someone can answer my question :) This is my laptop...
  26. Question Weird image showing up in ASUS Vivo book

    Hi I got this laptop for a week now. It was smooth at first but yesterday morning when I pushed the power button this weird image showed up. at first I thought it was about monitor but saw pointer working. After restarting for several times problem got solved but when I open my laptop after shut...
  27. D

    Question Laptop battery died, suddenly booting straight to bios, boots too fast to see any error messages. CMOS seems fine, SSD HDD 1st Boot, No changes made

    So I'm using my laptop to listen to music, and general web browsing. I had not installed anything or did anything weird. I unplugged it from the wall to do some house cleaning in the area, the battery is older so the laptop died... like it's done 100 times before. Later, I plugged the cord...
  28. Chreeshg13

    Question Can Anyone help me pick a new laptop

    Hey everyone long story short was in a very stressful finance job and decided to take a month or so out as it was affecting my health. My last laptop was a work laptop so obviously had to give it back when I left. so I need a new laptop for everyday use, maybe some light photography editing...
  29. itsadisood

    Question Lenevo Idepad 330s TV static screen when on battery [HELP]

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 330s laptop purchased a few months ago. It works fine but when I disconnect the AC cable, the screen flickers and immediately goes to a grainy TV static like display. The only way to restore is to plug-in AC back and sleep/wake the scene again. help, please.
  30. I

    Question What is this icon?

    Its on a Windows Computer. There is a green rim and four boxes, one is 2D and the other 3 are 3D.
  31. F1yingSquid

    Question Lenovo Y50-70 Touch Only Chargers When It Feels Like It.

    I got a new official Lenovo charger fit for my voltage and everything to replace an off-brand one I used for a while. About 1-2 weeks ago, the laptop would charge but only if a monitor was plugged into the hdmi and only for about 10 mins. A couple months before that, the laptop would charge...
  32. beret43

    Question wired earphones dont work after connecting bluetooth earphones?

    the sound just comes out of the speaker when my wired earphones are plugged in. this issue only started after I connect my new Bluetooth earphones. The only sound output device listed is speakers/headphones (Realtek(R) audio)
  33. crispybarkhands

    Question Requesting help with low CPU speeds when under load

    My question is about a HP OMEN 15 gaming laptop. I've had it for less than a year and I'm experiencing massive FPS drops from around 100 to 20-30 fps in games when playing for less than an hour. This only happens in generally taxing games where the computer is clearly under a big load like Rust...
  34. smartchin77

    Question Laptop keyboards (yes, multiple) malfunctioned a few days after replacing them. What should I do?

    I have replaced my laptop (Asus R558U) keyboard thrice but faced the same problem every time. After a few days of replacing the keyboard, some of the keys get pressed automatically. They keep pressing until I press some other key. Again, I don't think keyboards are the root cause here, it is...
  35. P

    Question My HDTV Won't Recognize Old Camcorder

    I have an old Sony 8mm camcorder with the yellow and white audio/video Jack's. Yellow is for video and white is for audio so I guess I simply book either the red or white cable there and just let the other hang loose. The other end of this cable has an HDMI that goes to my LG TV. However when I...
  36. Erhad

    Question Laptop turns off after 10 minutes on battery, with 100%

    Hello, i have an HP Laptop and when i play games on charger they starting to lag after about 10 minutes. But if i unplug charger they work fine, but my laptop turns off after maybe 3 minutes on 100% I tried changing power management settings from other people that had same issue but nothing...
  37. B

    Question looking for a glossy laptop 15 or 16 inch

    i am looking for a 15 or 16 inch laptop, i want one with a glossy screen not matte. i need it for streaming videos and browsing the web. i have had a dell inspiron 1545 for a very long time so i dont really know much about laptops nowdays.
  38. T

    Question Can I have 3 external monitors connected to my laptop?

    Hi there, I currently have my HP laptop connected to 2 external monitors - but was wondering if I can add a 3rd. My current setup is: 1st display - Laptop (intel graphics card 520) 2nd display - 2560x1080 ultrawide via HDMI 3rd display - 1920x1080 monitor via mini displayport I was wondering...
  39. L

    Question Asus not turning on

    I have Asus x751lx laptop ,I got it 4 years ago,I have cleaned it multiple times this time wasnt any different,I opened it up carefully unplugged the cables,unscrewed the motherboard and took off heat sink with fan,cleaned it and placed new thermal paste placed everything back in,screwed it and...
  40. Solved! Microphone broken after screen repair (fix or portable USB alternative)

    I tinkered with the screen of my Thinkpad 540E to fix a broken column of pixels. A few weeks later, I noticed that the internal microphone is no longer picking up any sound. I have tried on both the preinstalled Windows 8 and my Ubuntu 16.04 systems. It was working on both before. The internal...
  41. mhyss3

    Question UEFI BIOS for Asus Vivobook s532f

    I recently got an Asus vivobook s532f (i7 10th gen and 12 gigs RAM). It has a very basic Aptio Setup Utility as the BIOS. My question is can I upgrade the BIOS to a more advanced BIOS with more options? Current BIOS version is 305.
  42. PhoenixFlock

    Question When I Plug my BM800 Mic into my laptop the built in speaker don't work

    In my Laptop there is only 1 Audio Jack and I am Forced to use a Audio jack splitter for the mic then the mic works but my built in speakers of the laptop don't work and then I hv to wear Headphones which is irratating so is there a way i can use the mic and also use my built in speakers I hv...
  43. C

    Question HP EliteBook won't let me update BIOS and doing weird things on boot.

    I recently bought an HP EliteBook x360 830 G7 (second hand, probably thats part of the problem) and it's working flawlessly when windows has started up but before that is doing really weird things... On boot it shows the messages: warning: Your system is not fully configured. Please contact HP...
  44. computersaidno

    Question ASUS laptop not turning on.

    ASUS laptop is not turning on. No lights come on even when plugged in. It has done this a few times then a few days later it turns on again. I have tried removing the charger cable and holding down the power button to reboot (doesn't work). Please help with any suggestions.
  45. buzzybabii_1

    Question my msi was wiped & is stuck in bios loop

    help a girl out. im not in the slightest tech BF wiped his MSI GT72VR before sending it to me. when it arrived it wouldnt boot at all. the windows became corrupt so i downloaded W10 on usb and successfully transfered to it wont boot at all, it goes straight to the bios menu...
  46. Meleles

    Question Keyboard

    Some keys on the keyboard of a laptop are not working and as the switch on button is one of them the laptop turns off or goes to sleep randomly. When the cable of the keyboard is not connected the laptop is working properly. Can I fix this issue somehow without changing the keyboard?
  47. AstroAvocado

    Question Acer Swift 1 SF114 wont boot up, but keyboard lights up.

    So my Acer Swift 1 won't boot up, there are no sounds of fans or hard drives loading however the keyboard will light up. Here are the troubleshoots I have done with no success. Reset button on the back for 60 seconds. Power button for 60 seconds at various times. Removed battery then heled...
  48. JBH81194

    Question My newly installed ram is fine, but my laptop restarts randomly.

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 330-15ARR, it has 4GB DDR4 2400mhz ram (soldered). I decided to upgrade it with another 4GB DDR4 2400mhz ram. When I first installed it, the first thing I did was to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and there was no problem at all, the newly installed ram is fine...
  49. Tinbin

    Question ASUS N500J won’t power on

    Hey all, I’m having trouble powering up my ASUS laptop. I just came back from Korea and I got home ready to use my laptop, except for how cold it was. I powered it up and the lights turned on, the drive sound came on, oh how I missed this sound. And then it powers off and i hear a click. I sat...
  50. Mauriciowi100

    Question DropFPS while Playing CPU 100% GPU Down Usage

    I have a laptop Dell 7567 with i7 7700 HQ - 1050 Ti - 16GB RAM I've change the thermal paste and clean it about 3 weeks ago. The laptop was working fine, but when I formatted and reinstall w10 from 0, started the issue, when I playing, for seconds the CPU Usage goes up to 100% for seconds and...
  51. L

    Question Is it worth it to replace my SSD?

    I currently have a 3 year old Lenovo thinkpad T470, with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. However my SSD crashed and now I am wondering whether it is better to buy a new laptop or only a new SSD (the costs are about a 100 euros). Any thoughts on this? CPU: Intel i5 7200U
  52. shujinko45fox

    Question Toshiba Satellite 1805-S203 Problem

    I purchased this laptop from a thrift store so I was expecting issues from the get-go. The machine apparently runs Windows Millennium, but I was unable to tell. It's able to be charged along with the lights working fine. The screen is also fine, being able to light up. Now to the problem...
  53. abraracs

    Question My laptop turns off after a click sound - Water spilled

    Hi guys. 2 days ago, my bottle slipped on the table and water got spilled over my laptop. I quickly switched it off but my impatient soul tried to open it after 15 mins, it worked but gradually screen started to fade and I quickly turn if off again. Since then, when I try to switch on my laptop...
  54. TheMaxFort

    Question Not getting much FPS in any Game

    one month back i bought asus tuf a15 model name :-FA506II with 8gb ram,4gb 1650 ti graphic card,512gb ssd,8cores,16threads,ryzen 7 4800h i was very excited about it and when it came i tried few games and was happy . At that time i didn't knew it has in game fps counter but now few days back when...
  55. M

    Question Asus Zenbook 14 UM425IA warm tint

    Hello everyone, i recently bought this laptop and as you can see on both the pictures theres a clear warm tint to my screen. Now ive done some research and i know this is common on Asus laptops, but ive already disabled the asus splendid feature through the MyAsus app and the tint persists...
  56. yashovardhanshrivastav

    Question Is minor cosmetic damage normal on new laptops out of the box?

    I recently bought a HP Omen 15 which has a deep scratch on the left edge of the laptop it is very small, barely 1 mm but it is deep and I can see the metal underneath the paint. I am very sure that I haven't caused it as I noticed it right after the unbox. Just to get myself cleared, I would...
  57. Evans Azrial

    Question HDD Caddy not showing up

    Hi I'm using HP laptop that i bought back in 2017. It came with 1TB HDD, and now it's starting to slowing down. I recently bought an SSD and a HDD Caddy, I've clone the Local Disk C from the old HDD to the brand new SSD and it's working fine now. The problem came up when I replace the DVD...
  58. H

    Question Can my asus vivobook15 run sims 4?

    i have an asus vivobook15 x540BA processeur AMD A4-9125 RADEON R3 4 COMPUTE CORES 2SC+2G 2CPUS 2.30 GHZ 4GO RAM 64 BIT WINDOWS10 CAN I RUN SIMS4 ON IT WITHOUT IT BEING DAMAGED? i only want to download the base game AND THANKS
  59. Himel5551

    Question Laptop goes off when the charging cable move a little

    My laptop : acer aspire v3 471 It has no battries no display. I use it using directly with a charge and a monitor using vga cable. The issue is that now when i use it if the charging cable gets touched or get a little moved or disturbed it turn off instantly and i have power on again to use. I...
  60. Jph5674

    Solved! My HP omen laptop wont use dedicated graphics for internal display

    I have the HP Omen ce018dx. It will only use the integrated intel gpu and not the nvidia 1050. The nvidia gpu will only work on external displays. I've tried disabling the Intel graphics and restarted PC. Thinking this would force it to use nvidia but it didn't. Instead some generic...